Subject: NET NOTES 16 January 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

A reminder to check all skeds for accuracy. More have been added.
73 de Joe

W2UHI:  was on 23cm fore a few minutes.. nothing heard except echoes.. 
        Frank will be on around 2330z calling CQ .. did experience some
        libration fading.. 

W4OP:   3" of snow.. looking for e-mail of DJ5MN ..

DK3WG:  need sked 9 DEC IN3AGI 1800 ... RZ3BA/1 not availble till spring..
        KO56bc 1x38 ele 800w .. 

RW1AW:  not active on 70cm next weekend . will put up better ant later.
        ES6RQ will have Alex old antennas.. 

DL7APV: QRT now and will put up better ant system in spring.. 

VE4MA:  not having much fun.. 23cm 2 tube driver is acting up.. 

KG4EQC: ..

WA1JOF: new sked with G3LTF .. Peter, please confirm to K1RQG via e-mail.
        all stations tune around for Don.. 

K1FO:   not much.. was on 70cm last night.. KA0RYT was not as loud as in the
        past.. also mentions libration fading was quite noticeable..

VE1ALQ: no traffic.. 


KA0Y:   nothing much new.. may be on tonight on 23cm.. 

NU7Z:   not much .. will be back on 5.7ghz, then hopes to move to 10ghz around

W0KJY:  Get your standings in to ARRL as well as Jim..

KA0RYT: was on moon last night .. libration was bad last night .. 1100w 
        4x24 ele antennas.. now playing with Icom-402 on rcv.. 

DL9KR:  checked with K1FO about contest participants.. will send info later.
        does agree to try contest, counting first two letters of grid square 
        as multiplier instead of ARRL sections.. using grid locators only
        would be good to try.. 

SM4IVE: comment about ARRL contest multipliers.. may not be feasible to exchange 
        grid squares.. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

KJ7F:   needs skeds 70CM .. WB0GGM, W0KJY, 

N2IQ:   sked with with WA6PY.. working on the mount for the big horn.. hopes
        to have it up this week.. 

W7QX/M: no traffic. 21x14 for 23cm contest.. looking for any skeds on 23cm .

WA6PY:  will be able to put up another dish in acouple of months..
        home e-mail

WA9NGO: .. 

NC1I:   will take sked with KJ7F.. 


K0RZ:   no traffic.. 65x28 in contest.. 

KB1CLC: Dave..

W1ZX/M: no traffic. 

VE7BQH: 12:02 PM 12/3/00

EME schedules, last update 3 Dec 2000, 11:58

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC  8
Time   432.040        
2330z  UA3PTW-K2UYH   

Skeds for DEC  9
Time   432.040        432.045        
0000z  IN3AGI-K2UYH   
0030z                 WB0GGM-SM3AKW  
0100z  DL5LF -K2UYH   WB0GGM-HA1YA   
0130z  DK0MM -K2UYH   WB0GGM-ON5OF   
0200z  KE3N  -K2UYH   WB0GGM-DL8OBU  
0230z  KJ7F  -K2UYH   WB0GGM-DJ3FI   
0300z  KJ7F  -WB0GGM  
0330z  KJ7F  -W0KJY   
0400z  KJ7F  -NC1I    
0730z                 JH1XUJ-WB0GGM  
0800z                 VK4AFL-WB0GGM  
1800z                 IN3AGI-DK3WG   

EME schedules, last update 3 Dec 2000, 11:58

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC  3
Time   1296.025       
2300z  K2UYH -WA6PY   
2330z  K5JL  -WA6PY   

Skeds for DEC  4
Time   1296.025       
0000z  N2IQ  -WA6PY   
0030z  W2UHI -WA6PY   
0100z  KA0Y  -WA6PY   

Skeds for DEC 10
Time   1296.040       1296.050       1296.060       
0000z                 WA1JOF-G3LTF   
0030z  I0UGB -K3AX    WA1JOF-WA8WZG  
0100z                 WA1JOF-K3AX    I0UGB -VE6TA   
0130z  WA9FWD-K3AX    WA1JOF-W1QC    HB9Q  -VE6TA   
0200z  WA1JOF-DJ9YW   W0KJY -K3AX    W7QX  -VE6TA   
0230z  WA1JOF-VE6TA                  LU8EDR-W7QX    
0300z  WA1JOF-VE4MA   PY5ZBU-W7QX    LU8EDR-VE6TA   
0330z  WA1JOF-W7CS    
0400z  WA1JOF-W7GBI   
0430z  WA1JOF-W7SZ    

Subj:    Skeds
Date:   12/2/00 6:41:57 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Millar)

I am open for skeds and testing on Thursday night. I won't be around on the 
Doug, K6JEY
4x25el K1FO's, .22db nf, 500w

Subj:    1296 scheds
Date:   12/3/00 3:16:53 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)

Hi Joe,
I have a sched with Al  K2UYH( he go first ) on 3 Dec 2300Z on 1296.025
I can take few other big guns after that : K5JL, N2IQ, W5LUA
I do not know if I will be heard on 20m net on Sunday. If someone is interested in sched PSE e-mail to me.

At present I have 8 ft dish, 150W at the feed, 11.5 dB Sun noise and 6.5 dB CS/GND.
Unfortunatelly f/D = 0.365 and I am using W2IMU feed, so I have very low noise temperature of my RX system, but not optimum Gain for TX.

I do not know how long I can keep my antenna.

VY 73, Paul  WA6PY  DM13LA, San Diego, CA          #######
e-mail at home:
Tel at home: 858 - 676 0381