Subject: NET NOTES December 2 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

KD4LT check @@@@@ for NL mailing changes.

        Send logs in for ARRL EME CONTEST in any format. Your log will be 
        counted. Even if you made just a few contacts.. All logs for all
        bands are needed.. Deadline is December 19 post mark. Just a 
        reminder that these logs help document activity for future band use.

W2UHI:  As always, system is ready to go. Waiting on KA0Y to get cranked
        up.. will be on sked weekend.. available for any skeds..

VE1ALQ: been inside working on shack project. low score this year. 1st
        weekend was a bust. There is a lot of discussion about log entries
        new address:    VE1ALQ  FN65VH  
                        Darrell G. Ward 
                        3 Windsong Court
                        Grand Bay-Westfield, 
                        NB, E5K 2S5     
        (Dave, G4RGK, Please make sure that Darrell's address gets into the
        NEWS LETTER) The EME DUBUS directory is OK..

WA1JOF: needs sked with W1QC .. ****** (done) new skeds with W1QC, WA8WZG,
        K3AX .. needs K4QI ..

WA8WZG: not too much to report.. working on 23cm amp.. will make it on 23cm.

K5JL:   not much going on.. 

W5ZN:   send logs in for ARRL EME CONTEST in any format. Your log will be 
        counted. Even if you made just a few contacts.. All logs for all
        bands are needed.. Deadline is December 19 post mark. Just a 
        reminder that these logs help document activity for future band use.

WA4NJP: expecting lousy wx.. not much happenning .. 

K9BCT/M: at Hamfest. nice day.. not much activity.. WA4OFS passes greetings

K5WXN:  was on 70cm last night.. K1FO & K4EME were on with very strong signals
        but almost impossible to copy.. S5-6 .. libration was terrible. 
        Dan thinks K4EME was calling, but could not copy.. 

W4OP:   not much new to report on 10ghz.. did pick up 110w termination for 10ghz.
        looking for copy of Microwave Update 2000.. using WR0I noise program
        and with info for 23cm, it looks right, but for 10ghz, it indicates
        that Dale should see at least 4 TO 5 db more sun noise than he is 
        actually seeing.

KA0RYT: not much going on.. QRV on 70cm.. working on preamps etc.. will be on 
        70cm tonight... 

NU7Z:   has the latest microwave listing .. and checking for accuracy. for those
        that wish, send request or corrections to NU7Z.. it is on the NTMS web
        page. North Texas Microwave Society web page

DL9KR:  Seasons greetings to all.. received e-mail from K1FO & N4GJV .. The
        NL from KD4LT was in readable format.. 

W1ZX:   moon too far South .. 

W5LUA:  just removed a birds nest from wood stove vent.. plans on remounting the
        3 meter dish for better control .. have been very busy .. 

KL7HFQ: nothing for net at this time.. QRV anytime now.. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. will be on next activity weekend.. for KD4LT, please 
        keep Geert on .txt NL dist list, but add him to .pdf list at this
        new e-mail address ..     @@@@@@@@

CT1DMK: now on 70cm .. not on 23cm .. have to cancel sked with W7QX.. 

DJ5MN:  lots of work and no sleep.. some questions .. why is next weekend 
        sked weekend ?? any info on DK0ZAB 23cm station ?? lookin for 
        addrss of this station.. was running a 10 meter commercial dish,
        but needs more info.. during contest, DJ5MN worked 14 new ones
        and now at 93 inits.. heard PA3DZL on 23cm but just in noise..
        heard him call, but was very bad wind condx as well.. 
        for W4OP.. looking for ideas for feed on .36 f/d for 10ghz..
SM4IVE: has ordered material for building a new dish. was inspired by
        K2AH web page.. KD4LT please send NL to Lars in .pdf @@@@@@@

DL9MS:  adddress for DK0ZAB:  
        DL1HSC operator
        Lindenstr  155
        06847 Dessau 

FR5DN:  have been out of circulation for quite a while .. thinking about
        getting back on EME .. Tower up for 2 months.. looking for web
        information for EME 70cm..
        Looking for amp info for 70cm..
        Hopes to be back soon on EME .. greetings to all on NET..

AL7OB:  working on az drive today.. also going to add focus adjustment ..
        hopes to be on EME next weekend.. 

VE7BQH: 12:18 PM 12/2/00

W5UN:   12:18 PM 12/2/00

EME schedules, last update 2 Dec 2000, 13:08

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC  8
Time   432.040        
2330z  UA3PTW-K2UYH   

Skeds for DEC  9
Time   432.040        432.045        
0000z  IN3AGI-K2UYH   
0030z  RZ3BA -K2UYH   WB0GGM-SM3AKW  
0100z  DL5LF -K2UYH   WB0GGM-HA1YA   
0130z  DK0MM -K2UYH   WB0GGM-ON5OF   
0200z  KE3N  -K2UYH   WB0GGM-DL8OBU  
0230z  KJ7F  -K2UYH   WB0GGM-DJ3FI   
0730z                 JH1XUJ-WB0GGM  
0800z                 VK4AFL-WB0GGM  

EME schedules, last update 2 Dec 2000, 13:08

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for DEC 10
Time   1296.040       1296.050       1296.060       
0030z  I0UGB -K3AX    WA1JOF-WA8WZG  
0100z                 WA1JOF-K3AX    I0UGB -VE6TA   
0130z  WA9FWD-K3AX    WA1JOF-W1QC    HB9Q  -VE6TA   
0200z  WA1JOF-DJ9YW   W0KJY -K3AX    W7QX  -VE6TA   
0230z  WA1JOF-VE6TA                  LU8EDR-W7QX    
0300z  WA1JOF-VE4MA   PY5ZBU-W7QX    LU8EDR-VE6TA   
0330z  WA1JOF-W7CS    
0400z  WA1JOF-W7GBI   
0430z  WA1JOF-W7SZ    

HB9BBD has added 25 new soundfiles on 23cm on:

Subj:         Re: Contest Forms
Date:   11/29/00 6:18:34 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   ve1alq@FUNDY.NET (Darrell)
Sender: MOON-NET@LISTSERV.STLAWU.EDU (Amateur radio EME (moonbounce) communications)
Reply-to:       ve1alq@FUNDY.NET (Darrell)

Hi All;
I have not seen these comments on the Reflector.  Good news, hi.

Regards, Darrell

At 02:07 PM 11/29/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>While the ARRL has gone to the Cabrillo format for most contests, the small
>nature of the EME contest may still use the old reporting forms.
>Thanks and 73
>Dan Henderson, N1ND
>ARRL Contest Branch Manager

E-mail to:

Darrell Ward,  Ve1ALQ, VE9DW on EME
3 Windsong Crt.
Brandy Point Est.
Grand Bay-Westfield
Canada     E5K  2S5

All ARRL contest logs are sent to separate addresses for each contest:
in this case:

Subj:    Sked request and Contest log
Date:   12/2/00 7:32:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Harry Price)

Hi Joe,

It's probably too late for December, but if you can put me on a list for a
sked with WA1JOF I would appreciate it. If I am too late, please make the
sked for  January. 

I have not been able to make the Saturday and Sunday morning nets recently
due to some weekend volunteer committments to our local community center.
However, I expect to rejoin the net regularly in mid December. 

I have been following the net notes but it is still unclear to me if I can
submit my log for the EME contest is handwritten format. I sure would like
it to count as I was able to better my score over past years. Perhaps you
might be able to get a resolution on this and publish it in the net notes
this weekend so I can mail in my results. I will be looking for any mention
of it in the weekend notes. Thanks very much. 

I would also like to sked W0KJY, WA9FWD, and I0UGB when convenient in the
future. Thanks again.

73, Harry