Subject: NET NOTES November 25 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 


K5JL:   still waiting for confirmation on how to submit EME contest log.. 

KB8RQ/M: always handwrites log and then types it up in word and submit then

K0RZ:   "cabrillo" is an ascii file format.. descibed in NOV 1999 and again in
        NOV 2000 QST.. 

W4OP:   cold rain.. last Sunday, found moon and coptied WA7CJO 579 on 10ghz, 
        also heard HB9BHU & OK1? .. has wave files of WA7CJO and anyone wants
        copy, send Dale an e-mail <> 

K1FO:   not too much going on.. EME contest should be exempt from "cabrillo"
        format.. turned on 6 meter rig this morning and heard HC9N .. 108X36
        N2IQU 113X37 .. 

KA2COM: ???

WA4NJP: worked a JH1XUJ and not clear on call.. Eur into Ga on 6 meters.. 

VE6NA:  back from traveling.. worked 11 last weekend .. 

W5LUA:  no comments .. 

W5ZN:   says to wait till Monday on log format, and Joel will resolve the issue
        of log submission.. The League has the issues under advisemnet and will
        report back ass soon as clarification and final info is available..

WA1JOF: gained a lot on sun noise 9.5db to about 13db.. open for skeds with
        any one on 23cm.. 

KA0Y:   no traffic.. things are about ready on 23cm ... 28db of sun noise 
        will also be working on 222 stuff..

VE4MA:  been working away on 23cm stuff.. making progress.. may smoke test it
        this weekend .. did get 8' offset dish up last weekend. looking for 
        jackscrew rubber boot.. 

W1ZX:   hope to be on 70cm next sked weekend .. 

VE6TA:  not too much.. just listening for 6 meters DX.. looking for bias ckt
        for 4 tube amp.. needs W7QX, WA1JOF  ******  

DK3WG:  needs skeds.. 

DL9KR:  needs W7MEM address.. not active after contest .. slept a lot during 
        contest and missed at least one.. DL0AO, JA2JRJ, DK3BU,  missed .. 
        at least 122 stations on 70cm EME..  N3FA?? 118X33 for final.. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

G3LTF:  will send sked requests via e-mail.. will be on next sked weekend .. 
        some major flares predicted.. 

DK0TU:  Updates to dir.skd and DUBUS directory are current.. 

DL5MH:  5w QRP.. 

W7MEM:  Mark McMillan       ########     (was N7EIJ) 
        West 5943 Hwy 53,
        Rathdrum, Id  83858
        Grid: DN17nt

SM3CEW: working on dish feed.. had hi SWR last weekend.. squirrel chewed thru
        some coax.. 

KL7HFQ: looking for skeds on 70cm.. JA 6 meter opening yesterday. worked 52
        in 33 min.. No changes to system.. 

W7SZ:   hi winds on second leg of contest.. was on on for and hour.. 
        55x35 8 initials.. on 2 bands.. 

W7QX:   had power problems on Sat/Sun night.. 25x15 total.. wx was good but
        power out was down.. heater opened up on 7289.. for skeds weekend
        need PY5ZBU & LU8EDR & VK5MC   ******* (LU6DW) CT1DMK, 

Subj:   F5HRY ARRL EME 23cm
Date:   11/19/00 10:12:34 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   F5HRY
To:     K1rqg

Hi Joe,

I spent a little while this morning (11/19) on 23cm EME with
my weaky rig and worked OE9XXI, N2IQU and OZ4MM.
OE9XXI was the loudest, peaking 529 on my modest
16x23 F9FT, phased with RG213 and "T" N couplers,
and amplified with and old 0.8 dB BV preamp ...
Heard also F5PAU and others unidentified signals.
TX power was less than 500W from a TH338.

I am looking forward to find the time to set up my
3.10m dish waiting in the backgroung of my garden !

73's to you and the EME community

Herve F5HRY

Subj:    EME Score
Date:   11/19/00 2:09:37 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Grant Furnald)
CC: (Al Katz)

Hi Joe:
Noticed that there was a communication error on my score.  My totals are
as follows.
70cm 25 x 16 with 5 ones : GW3XYW, G4YTL, KA0Y, K5AZU, UA3PTW.  Of
course these guys were worked in October.

23cm 26 x 18 with 3 new ones: K5GW, IK2MMB, EA3UM.  Was only really on
for the second pass of this November weekend as the wind was really
howling for the first pass.  Wish I would have had more time as 1296
really sounded good with lots of activity. 
I plan on being on 1296 for the next few months so will be sending you
some sked requests.  ie I0UGB, HB9Q, LU8EDR??.   ********



Subj:    December Sked
Date:   11/19/00 4:30:06 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Millar)

Had a good time in the contest, worked more stations. Hope to upgrade 
antennas by next year. In the meantime am working on getting the new 1kw 
amp on line. All set except for interface.
        In know lots of people are working random, but with my small array, I 
should run skeds and then random if I can hear them.

Open for skeds in Dec.
Hope to have new amp on line by then.
        Doug K6JEY

Subj:    WA6PY on 1296
Date:   11/20/00 5:36:27 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Paul Chominski)
Sender: (Paul Chominski)

WA6PY - On Friday I decided to try on 1296 in the contest. At the afternoon
I unpack all my 1296 rig from moving boxes packed back in Sweden, and
mounted 4 ft dish f/D 0.37 with W2IMU feed. I was ready to go at Moon rise,
but I could not hear any body. Then I measured deepness of the dish and
found that focus should be at 50 cm. Original mounted 14 GHz feed had
distance 65 cm. After mowing feed to the calculated focus I immediately
heard N2IQ and OE9XXI, but I could not get attention with my 300W at the
feed. Next day I spend on optimising feed position. Finally I've got 4.5 dB
CS/G and 6 dB Sun noise. Next night I heard OE9XXI - loudest, N2IQ K5JL
OE5JFL, two other stations with #5 in the callsign, one of them F5P?  and
SM3 probably AKW.
I could not get attention of OE9XXI and N2IQ, and later my only TH328
flashed over.
I am in desperate need of TH328 in good shape. I can test those tubes. My
old 3xGI7B PA I sent back to Mike SP5CJT when I was moving from Sweden.
My installation is temporary, due to the fight with the neighbours who do
not like that I built fences around my property. For now I can not erect
big dish before they will calm down. Mean time I am searching for big gear
for rotating the real dish.  I visited almost every junk yard in San Diego
without result.

VY 73  Paul WA6PY  DM13LA
Paul Chominski

Subj:         ALL: Cabrillo Format
Date:   11/22/00 2:36:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   ve1alq@FUNDY.NET (Darrell)
Sender: MOON-NET@LISTSERV.STLAWU.EDU (Amateur radio EME (moonbounce) communications)
Reply-to:       ve1alq@FUNDY.NET (Darrell)

Hi Folks;
 From all the information I can dig out of ARRL the Cabrillo Format applies
to the following contests ONLY, and contest name using the above format
MUST be one of the following. Note: EME is NOT one of them??????

Regards, Darrell
Copy from ARRL Web Site

The contest-name must be one of the following: