Subject: NET NOTES November 19 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Get your sked requests in to me ASAP for December sked weekend..

73 de Joe

KA0Y:   looking for K6JEY or K6IBY .. looking for a 6 for multiplier.

ON5OF:  38x22 on this weekend.. running GS-35B and doing well.. bad condx
        this morning in Belgium.  K1FO is drifting about 100hz downward
        in about 1 minute.. used FT-100 on EME and it did very well with
        the DSP & NB .. NB is better than any other radio tried. Cleaned 
        all connectors, etc on system before operating and seems to make
        an improvement. cross pol with states ??? Will be going to France
        and will be on EME from there.. 

K4QI:   still on the moon on 23cm.. snowing pretty hard.. still on moon looking
        for VE4MA & W7GBI.. 

W4RDI:  been listening to moon and fair amount of activity.. 

K2DH:   looking in Asian windows.. looking for KD4LT and VE4MA.. very pleased
        with operations.. 84x33 on 23cm.. still in Asian windows.. 

WA4NJP: doing good.. no ice .. raining..Furnace crapped out.. now using fireplace.
        on 70cm and worked several.. 21x17 on 23cm this weekend.. 4x4 on 70cm 
        for 1 hour ops. 

DK3WG:  K8ISK was new one.. and complete with K6JEY.. 

KA0RYT: on 70cm and good condx.. 21x13 .. 

VE6TA:  on 23cm 25x17.. 70cm 45x16 .. looking for W7QX & W2UHI..

K5JL:   still on the moon.. things are getting slow.. 

K5GW:   looking for 3's and 6's on 70cm .. 

WA1JOF: 15x10 on 23cm .. did work K5GW.. 

W7MEM:  finally worked DL9KR.. 529 .. tried to work N2IQU.. running about

KD7FPV: Mike.. TS-520 .. 

K3AX:   just got off the moon about an hour ago 42x26 with 3 initials .. 

VE4MA:  no more window.. worked 4 .. lots of CWNR and running 75w 10'dish.

N2IQ:   0600 on 18th .. 589/589 .. for K5GW.. lots of dupes .. needs W7MEM..

KD4LT:  having tracking problems .. Only 4 stations.. no time and equipment
        malfuntion (equipment ?????) N2IQU, K5GW, K2DH, & K5JL.. 

K1FO:   needs W7MEM .. 

KB0JKX: ?????????

W7CNK:  was on 70cm this morning.. condx were up and down .. 

WA8WZG: got up early and had tracking problems .. no luck on moon.. snow
        and wind on Fri/Sat .. 

DL9KR:  I5TDJ was first ever EME contact.. EA8/DJ9PC heard N2IQ & DL9KR..
        good exchange with W7MEM.. another init NQ2O ..?? 118x38 final..

Subj:    RE: NET NOTES NOV 18, 2000
Date:   11/19/00 6:09:31 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Carsten Groen)

Hi Joe,

got myself a new email address:

my web address is still:

Wish it was spring now so I could get my hands on the dish construction again.... :-)

Best 73's
Carsten OZ9AAR

Subj:    For Net Notes
Date:   11/19/00 8:34:38 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Darrell)

Hi Joe;
Please insert this in your Net Notes for me. I have received 5 QSL's all 
looking for a VE9DW QSL card form the first half on the ARRL contest, 
problem I do NOT have made up at the moment for VE9DW....soon perhaps.
The second point I wish to express is this: If the Stations requesting 
VE9DW QSL card are NOT an Initial and simply card collectors I believe it 
would be prudent to enclose return postage as well. Cost, especially 
overseas, if very high and I do have to maintain friends with my XYL, hi hi.
Regards & Thanks, Darrell, VE1ALQ 

Subj:    NET NOTES
Date:   11/19/00 8:56:46 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Ian White)

Hello Joe

Just a quick note before heading for bed - ended the contest with 77x32.

Very slow on this second weekend - partly the result having had such a
good first weekend. Thanks to everyone who stayed up late / got up early
to give some points away.

Initials now stand at 311 (if KE2N is a new one - very good signal).

Now the contest is over, can we give some thought to the EME QSO
procedures? They haven't been published since 1992!!!

A draft for comment is at Klaus's site,  This is
the same as the Rio paper. The main difference from older drafts is that
it's much more about random QSOs, with more practical advice on "how to
do it".

Allen is publishing the paper copy in the NL, but I hope we can start a
good discussion on 14.345 and on MOON-NET. Remember, it's only a *draft*
at present, and anything can be changed if someone points out a good
reason why. 

So please, EVERYBODY make suggestions and comments!

73 from Ian G3SEK

Subj:    Final score
Date:   11/19/00 9:46:46 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Howard Ling)
Sender: (Howard Ling)
To: (K1RQG - Joe)


Very difficult to find new stations to work in the last session.... many
very loud stations crammed in between 1296.000 & 1296.025 all calling CQ
and very few qso's happening until someone new turned up... then the
massive pile up!!

I managed to work Don WA1JOF 529/539... he called me earlier than the
proposed sked.

Didn't find  F1OAT again so only partial QSO with him.... would like to try
again, perhaps a sked would be a good idea fo next month.

Someone called several times between 0900 & 0915.. but I was unable to
identify them, very very weak.

Barry VE4MA was not much louder but we completed OK O/RO.

Gotaways were JH3EAO and W0KJY... both heard easily in QSO's but never got
to work them.

Worked K4QI with 2 deg elevation, and heard K2UYH, VE9DW and my own echoes
down to moonset.

Made 3 extra initials this weekend... now standing at 139, 28 DXCC
Countries, 22 US States and WAC.

My final score in the contest was 84 x 32.

This was obviously my best EME contest ever ... many thanks to all who took
time to work me and the odd station who called and I failed to hear them.
84 QSO's is one more than the total initials worked with my old 8ft dish in
16 years !!!!!

We'll see how it all pans out after its all over.

Best 73 & GL with the dish project 

Howard - G4CCH

Subj:         DL0AO: 70cm random with 80W
Date:   11/19/00 9:42:32 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:   Thomas.Hoeppe@ASAMNET.DE (Thomas Hoeppe)
Sender: MOON-NET@LISTSERV.STLAWU.EDU (Amateur radio EME (moonbounce) communications)
Reply-to:       Thomas.Hoeppe@ASAMNET.DE (Thomas Hoeppe)

Hello EMEèrs,

for the night from friday to saturday I went to bed early, as my son
normally likes to play with me specially during the night. This time he
prefered to sleep, so I fell out of the bed pretty early, and I decided to
go to the DL0AO location. The moon was still over 45 deg. elevation, so I
could not bring the 2m antennas in position.
I pointed our 2x 38 El. M2 to the moon. At the time we use a IC 202 with
transverter, as my 432/28 MHz TVTR died after testing 2xGS35b on HF (got
some RF inside). The amplifier is a brick running 90W out.
I made a very easy QSO with N2IQ with 0/0. K1FO was so kind to pick me out
of the noise, too.  We made it with o/m report.
I was very pleased to see the antennas working. Unfortunatelly I have not so
much time to work on the TH327 amp. for 70cm.
Called and got "QRZ": HB9Q, OH2PO
Called but no reply: KA0Y, K5GW, OZ4MM, OE9ERC, G3SEK.

Hope to be really "on air" one day.....(never ending story, hi)