Subject: NET NOTES November 18 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

I5TDJ is now a silent key. 

K2UYH see notes WD5AGO..

W4RDI:  nice wx in Southern Fl.. not feeling too well.. was on the moon
        earlier this morning.. heard echoes, but no takers.. 

W2UHI:  was not on this morning .. 

WA1JOF: was on 23cm last night ..worked OZ6OL, F2TU, K0YW, HB9BBD & N2IQ .. 

K5JL:   waiting for VK5MC .. slow going on 23cm .. worked WAC 11:43 AM 11/18/00

WA4NJP: bad wx .. covered in ice .. 23cm amp died.. may get on tomorrow
        if wx is better.. 

K2DH:   wx is good.. worked on 23cm EME till 1130z this AM when the driver
        p/s failed. Now all systems go.. 

WD5AGO: Asian window very limited.. only 1/2 hour.. did not work any new
        ones.. most likely will not be on tonight.. 30 on 23cm.. will try
        to get on tonight 0900z-1000z around 1296.033 .. Did Al, K2UYH,
        modify the FT-726 in any way for frequency tracking of sorts???

W3XS:   was on last night and made 5 contacts.. waiting on Asian window..
        will be on tonight.. 

K9BCT:  was on a few hours.. Murphy struck.. 0800z the azimuth hangs up..
        and can't get past 170 deg .. had lot of fun.. good reports etc..

W4OP:   had electrical problems last night.. then overcast, and had 
        trouble finding the moon.. then could track using moonise.. 
        0.86 db moonnoise on 10ghz. did hear a I5 on 10ghz. ??? 

VE6TA:  was on for 1.5hours and worked 7 stations.. then very very highs
        winds and had to shut down.. 

WA9FWD: stayed up last night.. worked HB9BBD with moon at -.1 degree..
        worked DJ5MN for a new one.. tried to get on 70cm, but preamp
        appears to be bad.. will try to fix 70cm and also try to get
        back on 23cm..  John votes for daytime hours for contest

VE4MA:  was not on last night.. will be on 23cm tonight.. 

K1FO:   ..

W7QX:   not much .. worked 5 last night.. can hear JAs now.. 19x13 so far..

K9ZZH:  not on.. in Fl .. trying to sell property in Fl.. 

K9RUD:  Bob.. 

PA3CSG: not too active this morning .. was on 70cm this morning.. will try
        to be on 23cm tomorrow.. looking for info on VTR-6324A4 (Data sheet)
        looking FM19qt .. EM79 FOR KB8RQ.. 45w & wave guide switch for VE4MA
        on 6cm 

DL9KR:  Kudos to W1ZX & VE9DW .. OH2PO and DL9KR are tied at 111x38 .. 
        KE2N worked at 0751z .. ??? 16x22 LA-70B .. looking for W7MEM
        and Jan thought he heard him, call again tonight .. 

RW1AW:   QRV only on 2 meters (42 contacts)... 70cm preamp problems .. 

DJ9PC/EA8: looking for DL9KR..

DK3WG:  was not on 70cm today.. but will be on 70cm tonight/tomorrow..

SM2CEW: QRV on 70cm & 23cm tomorrow.. looking for WA1JOF..

K0YW:   31x11 so far this weekend .. 

N2IQ:   good luck but slow going.. 110x38 70cm, 52x24 23cm.. 

KA0RYT: 12x10 on 70cm .. 2 new initials.. hearing well.. good condx on 70cm. 
        all is working well..needs a bit more gooo.. 

W7SZ:   70cm last night 4 inits on 70cm .. 23cm tonight.. 

VE1ALQ: did work some in the Asian window.. 40 on 70cm.. will be on 23cm

W7MEM:  will try to be on 70cm tonight.. 

KB8RQ:  on two meters only..

ON5OF:  did hear KE2N .. also N9AB..VE9DW .. 27 stations one night.  13db 
        sun noise .. heard K2UYH and will look again tonight.. 

AL7OB:  wind still blowing.. hopes to get on tonight.. 

AL7EB:  waiting for 2 meter net.. working hard to get system on for
        tonight. if all goes well will be QRV 0930z.. still working 
        towards getting on 10ghz.. maybe in spring.. 

W7CNK:  not active right now.. all systems working.. 

W4AD:   looking for info on condx .. things are rocking.. hearing well
        on 23cm..

W4FF:    not much on moon 2 meters..  

KA0Y:   looking for info on K4EME & KE3N ..

Subj:    will not make net today 11/11, look for those on 23cm next week
Date:   11/10/00 10:12:24 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hi Joe:
On the Nov contest weekend I will be on 23cm calling CQ on or about
0.033  with out RIT tracking it makes it a pain for the new opp's here
to calculate RIT after station is heard calling CQ.  My window is
limited to start at 25 deg on rise to 4 hours after that.  After contest
I will reconfigure station which may take some time (months).

73 Tommy

Subj:    QRV de K6JEY
Date:   11/11/00 1:27:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Millar)

Things have finally worked themselves out. My antennas had lots of problems 
with water in the feedlines and positioning, but after testing on the moon, 
I feel everything is up to snuff for the contest. I'll be on tonight and on 
full tilt for the contest. Hope to move up from 500 watts to 1,000 by then. 
Open for schedules.
Doug, K6JEY
4x25el K1FO's, .22db nf, 500w

Subj:    HB9Q update
Date:   11/11/00 3:16:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (HB9Q, Dan Gautschi)

Hi Joe
would you please inform the net
that HB9Q will be QRV on Saturday on 432 and on Sunday on 1296. We will be
calling CQ between 432.015 and 432.040 and between 1296.015 and 1296.040.
Hope to work many new stations!
vy 73 es happy moonbouncing

Dan, HB9Q

E-Mail :

Subj:    NET NOTES for NOV 18, 2000
Date:   11/18/00 7:37:39 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

9.2 meter dish progress:  I fabricated a brake for the elevation drive,
fixed a few odds and ends, full system checkout and all set to go on 432
for the contest, except for mother nature.  We are experiencing high winds
to 65 mph (I believe they have hit 80 at my place).  If the wind subsides,
I may be able to get on for moonrise on the 19th.  If I don't get to
operate on Sunday, I will be traveling to Chicago and Indianapolis next
week through the 30th, so probably no chance to get on until the next SW.
The 16 X 12 yagi array is officially decommissioned.  I will try to update
the webpage this weekend.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 9.2 Meter; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS