Subject: NET NOTES October 29 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 


I was not asble to run the net on Saturday 10/28/00. We now have a large hole for 
the dish support. As a matter of fact, due to the nature of the land (ledge), the
hole is rather large, so need to do some filling etc.. 

KD4LT:  just worked EA8/LA8LF on .010 10:15 AM 10/29/00 .. 

WA1JOF: no luck on 23cm .. still snowing .. just hearing bits and pieces on
        23cm .. 

W4RDI:  not much going on .. all systems go.. 

K0YW:   all seems to be fine.. system up and running .. will check sun noise..

VE1KG:  .. 

W2UHI:  sun noise 18' dish = 19db ( a bit high ).. did work EA8/LA8LF.. played
        with optimizing feed and made more improvements. tweaked the preamps etc..

W5AA:   VARO..

KA0RYT: all H-frame is up for 70cm.. will hang yagis today.. went to Hamfest
        has (2) 2500E .. send e-mail to Ron for info.. has 2 yagis and will
        the rest going by contest weekend.. 

W0KJY:  was on (except) for the first 7 hours.. did not find condx to be that
        great .. 70cm activity is down .. did work on the dish for 23cm, but
        not quite ready.. 

W7SZ:   70cm activity light 14x12 Eur H and Asia V.. on 23cm 22x18.. without 
        cross polarization some contacts would not be possible.

W4AD:   hello to all.. got the sun noise from 9 db to 13 db.. worked about 
        6 during the contest on 23cm.. spent a lot of time on 23cm.. needs
        to find another preamp.. 1999 microwave update papers has W7CNK
        preamp.. please send e-mail info to Jack .. .. 

VE4MA:  not too much to report.. lousy wx.. no dish work .. hopes to be on
        23cm 2nd weekend .. 

W4OP:   hoping to get rcv working on 10ghz.. now has the GR-1236 and going to
        be making sun noise measuremnets.. 

W7QX:   reporting 14 QSOs on 23cm .. will be in London on Saturday .. and will be
        visiting G3SEK, G4CCH, G3LTF & G0RUZ and will be back for contest weekend..

K2DH:   air mounted with ATF 36077 .. choke to gate, lo-pass design, grounded
        source, DEMI single stage bias board.. was also written up in uwave 
        update quite a few years ago..ARRL UHF Uwave projects manual VOL 1,
        chapter 7 .. The device may have been ATF 35076 now ATF 36077 fits
        right in.. not too much to report.. 

W7MEM:  needs to set up skeds .. not much .. looking for and AMP for 70cm.. 

PA3CSG: worked EA8/LA8LF on 23cm .. difficult contact.. but complete.. 

K5JL:   22.6 sun noise.. nothing new.. just got in from hunting .. 

W5LUA:  ATF 36077 is available from DEMI.. did work EA8/LA8LF .. TH-327 amp
        blew up.. will be around first night on 2nd weekend .. got Reaktrak
        running with Mendleson a/d board.. now will work towards auto trak..
        Thanks to K2DH help.. 

Subj:    ARRL 1
Date:   10/22/00 1:54:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hi joe,

The contest was due to badly circumstances a run against the time.
The new mechanic parts were not ready so I put up so old 8x11wl 9BV with coax. 
Klaus DL4EBY joint the contest and helped on Friday to put up all stuff. We were 
ready 1 hour after contest start. The new PA gave us 750W at feed and the new 
preamp with 0.28dB seemed to work. Most of the time we could copy the echoes 
good, on sunday morning at the US window most of the stations copied better on 
the 4x21el vertical (extra rx array!).
The secound night we found conditions better, but activity was very low for some 
hours, especially on Saturday. (maybe all on 23?!?!)
We missed some stations, but with an improved system we hope to catch you all 
next month.
We ended up with 37x20 in the first leg , not bad and room for more ...

73 Bernd DL7APV
& Klaus DL4EBY

Subj:    Oct Weekend
Date:   10/22/00 2:20:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (iain.gm0onn)
CC: (Ron Adam)

Joe, Worked DL9KR, OZ4MM, OH2PO.   Sunday morning started well (0230Z) with many stations heard but much QRM with many stations on top of each other, over a narrow area. Made it difficult for Ron (GM4ILS) and myself with such a QRP station. however, we both had a good weekend with much learned and repaired. Eventually all worked well with normal O/P power, but from 0630Z the band went very quiet. Faraday perhaps????? We tested my system with my beacon but all well...... No sign of many of the big guns we were looking out for, OE9ERC, OE5JFL etc. Will report later on but expect to be QRV in Nov on 23cm from home. 
                     Plans going well, look out for Large multi Op station from GM next Oct / Nov. Myself GM0ONN, GM4ILS Ron, GM4TXX Jim, GM4ISM Mark and GM3WOJ Chris. It's a long way off but we have much renewed interest all around. 70cm planned, but 23cm also a possibility.       
               Catch you guys later, Iain.

Subj:    For Sale Listing
Date:   10/23/00 1:26:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time

 Hi Joe, 

 WB4BKC: FOR SALE or Trade. 432 KW Amp using 8938 
 tube with H/V P/S and metering. Contact Andrew at 
 770-529-6600 or for details.


 Thanks Joe. 

Subj:    For Net Notes from EA8/LA8LF.
Date:   10/27/00 12:53:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (A.M.Thorrud, Milcom AS,Norway.)
Reply-to: (A.M.Thorrud, Milcom AS,Norway.)

I am now QRV from EA8 on 1296 MHz. EME. Unfortunately I could not make it for the ARRL contest. Worked 10 stations on Tuesday, 12 stations on Wednesday and 2 stations on Thursday before the sun got up and gave me problems. Too close moon to sun. Smallest station reported to hear me was PA3DZL with his tiny 2.5M dish. I will be QRV again on Sunday from 09:30 to 17:30Z. No skeds! Will be on 1296.015 MHz. Log and details at   

Dish goes down for storage on Monday and will not be up untill DUBUS contest in the Spring.

73 de Anders.

Subj:    eme-results
Date:   10/27/00 2:28:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jurgen Fiedler)
To: (K1rqg)

Hello Joe,

I be next 2 weekends not home, can not lucking in the net.Will qrv in
the contest agn....
Skeds wellcome.....


Hello EME friends......
here the 2m-EME report from from R/U stn - October:

RU1AA      ufb results with this initials: IK0BZY, OK1DIG, DL2HWA,
           JR3REX, KB8RQ, W3SZ, N0AKC, W4AD, W7MEM, LZ1ZX, PA3CEE,
           G7RAU, JA5NNS, I3EVK, SL4BP, SM7WSJ, K1UHF and HA2RG.
           first part 114 QSOs

RW1AW      had complete with RA3QTT, DJ6FU and LZ1DP.
           On 70cm after the contest PA4FP (449).
           first part   2m:  38 QSO,
                      70cm:  19 QSO

RA3IS      verry pleased for SM5FRH qso.

RA3QTT     added RW1AW, 7K3LGC, UA3PTW, G3ZIG, RZ3BA/1 and RV3IG

RV3IG      had good result with 7K3LGC, OK1MS, N5BLZ, W0AG, G3ZIG,
           RA3QTT, W3EME and OE5EYM.

UA3MBJ     had this initials : LZ2US, IK1FJI, EA2LU, VE3KH, G3ZIG
           and N5BLZ.

UA4AQL     is glad to work JA0BLU #47.

UT5ER      had this new: W4AD, DJ6FU and DL0AO.

DK3WG      wkd new initials with PE1LWT, OK1DIG, PA3CWI, 9A2PT, IZ1BPN
           and I3EVK #735.
           On 70cm with RZ3BA/1 (single Yagi!), LA9NEA, K4EME and
           HA5BDJ #376.
           first part   2m:  42 QSO, 22 multi
                      70cm:  37 QSO, 21 multi

Info:      - I closing the log of R1MVZ end 2000 !
           - I received the first QSL cards from RX3QFM and start
             the service

73, gl via moon
               Jurgen, DK3WG@FFO.OBDG.DE               E-mail
                       DK3WG@DB0FFY.#BRB.DEU.EU        P.R.

QSL-Mgr for:   R1MVZ (Oct 99), RU1A/RZ1AWT, RU1AA, RW1AW, RV3IG, RX3QFM,

               UA3MBJ, UA3TCF, UA4AAV, UA4API, UA4AQL, UA9FAD, UA9YLU,
               UR5LX and UT5ER.

               Please, send your QSL and SASE to:
               J.Fiedler, P.O.Box 1531, 15205 Frankfurt(O), GERMANY

Subj:         NEW ADRESS!!
Date:   10/27/00 11:40:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   vmnilsen@ALFANETT.NO (Viggo Magnus Nilsen)
Sender: MOON-NET@LISTSERV.STLAWU.EDU (Amateur radio EME (moonbounce) communications)
Reply-to:       vmnilsen@ALFANETT.NO (Viggo Magnus Nilsen)

     Dear EME friends!!
     If  we had EME qso, please send your crd to my new adress!

LA9NEA   Viggo M. Nilsen

                 N- 1348 RYKKINN      Norway