Subject: NET NOTES October 22 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    DJ5MN in EME-Contest 23cm
Date:   10/22/00 8:32:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time

DJ5MN in EME-Contest 23cm

Dear Joe, dear 23cm-EME-enthusiasts

I enjoyed the october part of the ARRL-EME-contest on 23cm very much.
Conditions were fine, despite lots of very wet fog on my side with the
moon only seldom visable. But neverthe less it was big fun even with
my small 3m-dish for 1296. The following stations I heard but could not
get them for several reasons (23cm): JA7BMB, W1QC, WA4OFS, JA8IAD, F2TU,
OK1UWA (??), JF3HUC, K4QI and W1ZX. Due to local situation (trees) my
windows to Japan and North America are very short, but I hope to work
the above mentioned stations and many more (MANY!) in the november part!

I did not hear at all: OE9ERC, KB2AH, HB9BBD, WA6KBL,VE6TA, LX1DB, F5AQC,
EA3UM, KD4LT, ON5RR, and many more regular 23cm-EMEers. I wonder if they were
QRV at all? They are easy to copy and work.......hmmmmmm???

See you in the 2. part!!

73 de Bernhard DJ5MN

Bernhard Dobler
Breslauer Str. 7
D-85435 Erding

W4RDI:  did not xmit this morning.. heard many on the air.. went to the wrong
        location for hamfest, and got to fest late and missed Randy.. cannot
        see moon.. cannot get on at this time.. 

K0YW:   39x25 .. nowa at 100w output.. new system working good.. CWNR: W7SZ,
        WA8WZG, WA9OUU ..     WD5AGO, WA8WZG, W7SZ in the log.. 

K5JL:   worked hard for todays contacts.. lots of QRM and lots of stations.

WA4NJP: 17x13.. missed a lot.. WA9OUU, W2UHI, lots of F stations.. up to
        about 75w .. band was full and spread out .. 



VE1ALQ: driver went down in power.. and looks like a water leak .. now has
        the driver apart and rebuilding.. also very high winds ..

W2UHI:  had a good time on moon.. 39 stations worked so far.. all systems
        worked well.. band full up to 1296.040 .. 

W1ZX/M: lot of stations calling and not spread out .. tooooo much QRM.. 

K2DH:   not much to report.. around 60 QSO .. no VKs yet !!

WA8WZG: lots of fun .. 13cm 0900z.. no ZS6AXT !! 23cm very busy .. 
        "will have big amp running by next contest weekend" 

WA1JOF: looking for W7QX.. 

WD5AGO: tired.. doing fine .. was on the moon and now going to 23cm.. 

W7SZ:   14 ON 70CM 20 ON 23CM .. blew a water pump and lost time in beginnig
        of contest.. got on late this morning.. 

DL9KR:  last 3 hours no West Coast stations.. same report from SM2CEW..
        not worked any W3 or W6 .. seems as though polarization is not good.
        who is W4ZRZ ?? worked 14 initials .. 96x33 so far .. 

DK3WG:  one new station HA5BDJ  37x21 on 70cm 42x22 2 meters 6 initials .. 

PA3CSG: nice wx.. DK0MM club station JN49 .. PA4FP JO32?,   K4EME FM07 .. 
        3 QSO on 2 meter.. 3 new initials on 23cm ..    did WA1JOF call??? 

DL7APV: 38x20 on 70cm.. lot of fun on contest.. will be on second leg.. 

DL4EBY: will be still be doing the DUBUS directory and also updating dir.skd

W7FN:   was not able to get on this weekend .. still has an intermittent
        rcv at the feed .. needs to pull the whole thing down to check it
        out .. 

WA9FWD: was on 23cm this morning and worked 9 stations .. good echoes.. 
        power is about 250w out .. 

K9ZZH:  had a tough time .. tried to work a number of stations and had 
        troubles .. 

W4OP:   not much .. still working on dish controls.. now down to .25 deg

W3EME:  ODL0A??? is this a correct call.. 

KG4BRY: 432.090 wed night 9pm..

W7MEM:  nil for today.. called K1FO & N2IQ..