Subject: NET NOTES October 21 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Date:   10/21/00 8:12:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Dear EME-enthusiasts, dear Joe,

just for information for the net and all those who are interested in
23cm EME......

DJ5MN will call CQ as follows:
22. Oct,  0600 UTC - 0700 UTC   1296.025 plus minus QRM, for Europe-QSOs
          1000 UTC - 1115 UTC   1296.025 plus minus QRM, for stateside-QSOs

At 1115 UTC I loose moon immediately due to trees blocking!!
I would be happy to hear you in QSO soon!
73 de Bernhard

K5JL:   been on since 0730z .. worked 50+ so far.. condx good .. DL66LAU        
        had a good signal.. 

K0YW:   40w at feed .. 18x17 so far .. Murphy at work.. did not run amp
        last night.. had much stuff go wrong .. but still making noise..
        did not get on till 0930.. rcv working very well.. 

WA8WZG: worked on 13cm equipment .. will be on 13cm tonight to start.. 
        then switch to 23cm.. still recovering from the storm dammage..
        90az 15el 

VE1ALQ: was on early and then the Flu caught up with him.. will be 
        on tomorrow morning. 

W7QX:   total of 11 .. looking for WA4NJP

N8G:    Jamboree .. on the air for Girl Scouts.. 

KB7OUZ/M: near Denver .. 

K9BCT:  looking for Don W4RDI at hamfest.. 

W4OP:   got the 10ghz dish up.. but cannot track the moon yet.. did not
        receive GR-1236 this week.. so delays on operation.. .. 


W5ZN/M: had to work this weekend .. will not be on EME tomorrow either
        hopes to be on the second leg.. 

WA1JOF: looking for Jay.. at perigee there appears to be a blanket over
        the North East even on 2 meters.. SPREAD OUT .. lots calling 
        on same freq.. 11 initials.. 

K2DH:   doing very well.. Don called and Dave QRZ'd but no reply .. 
        so far. 36x21.. 

W7MEM:  heard a lot of stations .. called DL9KR many times.. called N2IQ ..
        no one answered.. will be back on tomorrow.. ex-N7EIJ .. seems 
        as though 2 meters faded out and went to 70cm and found rcv condx
        better.. someone on .020 as well.. 

WA4NJP: good QSO WA1JOF & W7QX .. hopes to have more power toomrrow..

W1ZXM:  spread out .. lots of stations calling .. be patient .. call often..
        called Don, WA1JOF, no response .. 

DK3WG:  3 init on 70cm .. LA9NEA, K4EME, RZ3BA/1 (single yagi) .. split time
        with 2 meters.. 

PA3CSG: on contest all day long and much fun.. 23cm and 70cm . ?? HA5BDJ on
        70cm & DK0MM .. 

SM2CEW: was on the moon most of the day.. 30 on 23cm 4 new ones.. nill from
        EA8/LA8LF .. will bee on tomorrow .. 

GM0ONN: preamp problems and flashovers in PA.. 400w into feed .. will be on 
        around 0600z.. need to spread out .. 

OZ9AAR: dish construction is on hold till spring .. 

OZ4MM:  was QRV on 70cm and 23cm as well as 13cm.. missed W5LUA very strong 
        on 13cm .. also worked VE4MA, HB9SV & ZS6AXT on 13cm.. will be on 

K8OV/M: ...

KJ9I:   need some help .. 2 meters 8 yagis .. nil heard .. preamp may be 

WD5AGO: was on till 1330z .. good signals off the moon .. will be on tomorrow.. 

K8UC/M: shack rig is down.. worked about 20 stations.. will be on tomorrow
        on 70cm.. 

VE4MA:  was on 13cm last night .. worked W5LUA & OZ4MM.. bad libration..

NU7Z:   on 5.7ghz .. was hearing echoes. will be on tonight.. 1100z ..

AL7OB:  did not get the dish on yet.. hopes to be on with the dish today
        on 70cm .. azimuth rotor is temp.. but it is working.. (HD-73??)

F/ON5OF: antennas are up.. will be on 0200z on 70cm .. 450w .. good wx
        today.. help from F6AOI, F5SMW, F1RFC to put up antennas..JN33mr