Subject: NET NOTES October 15 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    TNX
Date:   10/15/00 10:13:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   alkatz@TCNJ.EDU (Alan Katz)
To: (

Hi Joe:

Everything worked out fine last night.  I was able to reach Don on the
telephone and move the sked to 0300.  I needed the extra time to get
setup.  Unfortunately I heard nil from Don during the sked.  I thought I
heard someone on frequency, before the start time, but nothing during
the sked.  Around 0320, I gave up and went down to .010 to call CQ.
After a few CQs, WA1JOF showed up calling CQ.  Signal strength was not
bad, but he had a big "wuuup" to his signal.  The signal sounded more
like arroura then EME.  It took a 2nd transmission before I could
identify him.  We completer a good (O/O) QSO.  After we finished, G4CCH
showed up and called Don several times, but Don did not reply.  I then
had a quick SSB QSO with Howard.

TNX for the help.

73, Al - K2UYH

Subj:    1296 eme success
Date:   10/15/00 2:02:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bruce Clark)
To: (joe demaso)

Hi Joe, Well, we are almost there. After a lot of trials and tribulations
with a recalcitrant tracking controller box...Long story,,,but it was a
bad ground on the S-100 offset encoder...We gotr calibrated and up on the
moon tonite..Just in Listening mode...After I learned how to correctly
dial in the track offset...I found the Moon and heard J, K5JL 579. He was
2 khz higher than he said he was...No problem...Just like his scatter sig
on 6m...High by 2 khz!! He then cq'd and was answered by Frank, W2UHI,
nice 559 copy hr in my 500 hz BW with no audio processing. Don, WA1JOF
then called J...He was dirt weak here until I decided to check the elevation
manually as J was down a couple of S units...Up he came to a solid 519...After
a telephone hiatus...I tuned across Allen K2UYH in SSB QSO with G4CCH...Both
had nice Q5x5 SSB sigs....I then heard G4CCH do a couple of 2.5 min cw
CQ's. He was a steady 559 on the meter. I had a chance to manually tweek
the dish and set up the rx....It is nice to remember to put the 500 hz
stuff back in!! altho he was q5 in the 2.7 SSB BW of my old TS-850S. All
in all a fun night...Thanks especially to J and Darrell, VE9DW, for their
help in figuring out the tracking box problem!! And to J for all his efforts.
The TX stuff is close!! 73 Bruce K0YW.

Subj:    Maki Denki 1296 transverter help..
Date:   10/15/00 12:01:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jordan Arndt)
To: (eme)

Hi does anyone have info on the Maki Denki UTV-1200 B II U  1296 Nhz
transvetrer...??? If so please let me know... 73 de Jordan....

WA1JOF: playing with uwave mod, then later worked K2UYH random.. also
        worked K5JL.. Did not hear G4CCH, but will be on tonite 0230 .020
        will drift down 200 hz each time he xmits, but will return to 
        original freq each transmission.. 

K5JL:   was on the moon last night .. sun noise is 22db+ today.. 

W2UHI:  had a problem with relay contacts welding together.. was on last
        night and all working fine. new azimuth drive is working fine ..
        worked N2IQ, K5JL, DF4PV, nad then gave up around 0230z .. 
        hopes to be on tonight as well.. 

N2IQU:  (ex N2IQU) working on the system.. all is well. may go single band
        on the ARRL contest, but not made up mind yet.. heard WA1JOF well
        last night  23cm .. 70cm worked UA3PTW & JA6AHB  this morning.. 

K0YW:   was on listening last night and many stations heard .. rcv seems to
        be working very well.. see e-mail above.. sun noise 23.9db .. will
        be working on the transmitter today and hopes to have 300w+ tonight.
        moon access is around 0300z ..

KA0RYT: a week or more away for the yagis to be operational.. may not make
        next weekend 8x24el need to be lashed up .. did spend last week
        taking down 12' for K0PW (NJ0M) for future use on 23cm .. 

N5RAM:  sig rpt .. Little Rock.. Pegasus rig.. 

VE4MA:  nothing new.. wx good, will work on dish .. not sure what band will
        be on next weekend.. where does N2IQ stand on 10ghz.. looking for 

W4KAW:  ...

K9BCT:  was hearing W2UHI on Friday night well.  Blew a p/s fuse and when got
        it replaced Frank was gone.. also heard W2UHI well last night.. 
        did finally get a GR-1236 .. and still checking out different rcv
        combinations and the 23cm/28mhz still outperforms by .5db on sun
        noise. hopes to be QRV on contest.. second weekend with higher power.
        is anyone using a TS-711 Kenwood ?? 

W4OP:   comment for Randy about xit for 10ghz ops.. need to consider the 
        large doppler shift.. also ran a 10' dish on 23cm with success..
        working on house projects and then full speed ahead on 10ghz..

KB2TXR: ...

W5AA:   just checking in .. no VARO ..looking for station Europe (Czeck)

KD4LT:  been busy.. won't be on next weekend .. maybe on 2 hours on moonrise
        only, then leaving for Colorado.. 

W7QX:   will be on around 0500z.. was not on last night.. 

W7MEM:  will be on next weekend maybe.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. hope to be QRV on contest.. 

W7SZ:   is leaving in about an hour .. 70cm good echoes but no activities..
        will be on both 23cm & 70cm for contest.. 

KJ7F:   will be arouind for the contest 

N7MLD:  just listening..

VE1KG:  2 meter net..