Subject: NET NOTES September 23 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 


EME schedules, last update 23 Sep 2000, 11:05

Skeds for SEP 24
Time   1296.035       1296.050       1296.080       2304.150       
1000z                 W1QC  -DJ5MN   
1030z                 KD5FZX-DJ5MN   
1100z                 WA9OUU-DJ5MN   
1130z                 W7GBI -DJ5MN   
1200z                                               W5LUA -OK1UWA  
1300z                                W5LUA -WA1JOF  
1400z  WA1JOF-KD4LT   

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES SEP 17, 2000
Date:   9/17/00 3:34:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (OK1DFC)

I will be QRV trough Italy EME contest, 1296 MHz, 1,2kW out, 3,8m dish,
0,4dB N/F.
Regards Zdenek OK1DFC

Subj:    70cm-skeds
Date:   9/17/00 4:28:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jurgen Fiedler)
To: (K1rqg)

Hello Joe,

I not worked this stn: W2WD, K3FA, KR5V, K6IBY, K6JEY, W6TE, W6WE,
                                 K7XC, K7XD, N7LQ, W7EME, W7KK.......
When a stn is qrv, you can taking sked for me. My windows startet 90
>From 240 deg - moonset I have a single linie trees (poplars), this is
not optimal.....,
when it is ok sked before.....hi

>From Russia/Europe is QRV 70cm:  RW1AW, RA3LE,  RW3PF, UA3PTW,
                                                       UA4API and
>From Russia/Asia:                            UA9FAD
>From Ukraina                                  UT1PA, UT3LL, UT5DL,

No skeds in moment for UA9FAD-busy with qrl,
RA3LE + UA6LGH + UT3LL+ UT5DL - I have no contact for qsp.
UT5EC-qrm-problems, likeing no skeds

The russian boys in St Petersburg working on the equipment for a
for 70cm and higher......more info later

73,see you agn, tnx fer the sked-coordination



WD5AGO: looking for info on FT-726 to have the clarifier track with the VFO.
        Any means of VFO or clarifier tracking????

W5LUA:  European OK1UWA is on 2320 .. 

W7QX:   worked SM2CEW on Friday.. 

W5UN/M: comments for Gary

K0YW:   finished counterweights, manual controls are now hooked up, working
        on grounding system. going to start putting the dish together today.
        also working on the power amp.. 

K2DH/MM: on a motor ferry .. vacation for 2 weeks. NC.. the article on pg 62
        with the band plan on pg 63 may be in error. The author is unknown
        to the Rochester VHF group.. 

KB8RQ/M: raining.. wiring today at new place

WA1JOF: hearing echoes at times.. completed with W5LUA. 

KD4LT:  heavy rain.. sked with N7AM @ 1645.. 

KA5SMA: Mike. will have 14.8dbd gain 

K9BCT/M: W1ZX sounded loud this morning. still comparing the SOTA on rcv.
        will be QRV tomorrow.. 

N7EIJ:  good news that heard signals on 432.010, but no xmit.could not ID
        the 2 stations on .010 between 1200-1300z..

KA0RYT: wet, rain, all inside work. worked at KB0PYO last weekend. still
        making preamps on 432. 

W1ZX/M: made a few contacts this morning. heard quite few .. anyone in Europe
        need Willie ? 

W5ZN/M: will check articles in QST. 

W2UHI: was on the moon this morning. conditions on 23cm good worked 
        ON5RR, G4CCH, IK2MMB, FT2U, W7SZ, G3LTF, W7QX, W7SZ.. 
        (439 report to W7QX). 

W7QX:   no changes in power .. only worked 4 stations.. heard 12 stations..
        HB9Q, W2UHI, G3LTF, G4CCH. heard calls from and sent O to HA5SHF..
        heard F2TU & IK2MMB for the first time.

VE6TA:  looking for WA4NJP.. picked up a 4 tube cavity for 23cm. (HB K4QIF
        23cm 4 tube amp)

W5LUA:  did work OK1UWA on 13cm at 1100z.. worked about 8 stations on 23cm.
        nil heard from N7AM.. 

KA1BC/M/VO1: will be home tomorrow night.. 

CT1DMK: worked W1QC, G4CCH on 23cm .. will be on tomorrow on 23cm.. 

PA3CSG: was on 70cm this morning.. worked 3 new ones RZ3BA/1 (KO56), IN3AGI,
        OE9ERC .. will be on 23cm in morning.. 

DL9KR:  had a wonderful 3 weeks US.. did not have chance to get to MKE..
        all is well. will be on 70cm tomorrow. comment for N7EIJ to call 
        Jan if heard. 

DK3WG:  no traffic. worked K8UC 559/559 . has free time tomorrow.

RW1AW:  K8UC new initial.. 0950z  new initial OE9ERC 569/569 random. also
        K5AZU & RW3PF   new initails.. will be QRV 2 meter and 70cm tomorrow.

M5WJF:  5/9 .. 5/7 ..

WE2Y:   been busy and not on moon during summer.. need to clean up antennas
        for the winter.. got a lot of rain.. 

W7SZ:   worked 9 stations this morning .. will be on 70cm as well.. did hear
        K3AX very well.. 

KA0Y:   was on for a while and then T-storms .. will be back on today.. 
        on 70cm only .. will try 23cm later on in fall. 

KL7HFQ: heard OE9ERC but could not work him.. there were others as well that
        Roger heard.

VE4MA:  a bit cold.. working on 24ghz preamps.. will be around tomorrow..

W3TOM:  just checking .. 

K8UC:   worked RW1AW (random not on sked) & DK3WG.. nil from S52CW .. may have
        heard something on first sequence.. 

KB8IFE/M: Jim.. have 16' foot dish.. 20 miles north of Frank.. 24dbi on 70cm.

K5UGM:  Bill .. 10' dish 300w available.. hopes to be on in 3 or 4 months..

VE7BQH: 12:08 PM 9/23/00