Subject: NET NOTES September 17 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 


I know it is a contest weekend, so I do not expect many requests. Please 
check the schedules below. These were made without confirmation by stateside


EME schedules, last update 17 Sep 2000, 15:01

Skeds for SEP 23
Time   432.090        1296.025       
0800z  K8UC  -DK3WG   
1400z                 WA1JOF-KD4LT   

Skeds for SEP 24
Time   1296.050       
1000z  W1QC  -DJ5MN   
1030z  KD5FZX-DJ5MN   
1100z  WA9OUU-DJ5MN   
1130z  W7GBI -DJ5MN   

Subj:    FOR NET NOTES SEP 16, 2000
Date:   9/16/00 1:58:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

I'm down to only about 2 days work left to be all ready for the crane, but
it looks like I won't make the Italian contest with the big dish.  I have
too many interruptions and can't get the time I need to finish.  I will
shoot for the ARRl contest instead.  I may get on with the old array, but
I'm not sure.  The tower top pictures on my web site look like a work of
art,  Check it out.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 16 X 12 NBS2.2; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS

Subj:    Re: Net Notes / VK4AFL.
Date:   9/16/00 8:35:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Trevor Benton)

Hi Joe - will be on during NA & EU windows over the next few
w/ends incl this one - conditions appear to be excellent at the
present time with little or no Faraday but zero activity.
Hope your dish project is going well.

  Regards, Trevor, VK4AFL.

Subj:    My info
Date:   9/16/00 12:20:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Curt Fouse)

    Hello Joe. Thanks for the help from you and the gang. What was the comment you made about having a 1296 amp that you would sell?  I may be interested. I am beginning to heal over from getting the 432 amp. Hi.

My Info:                  #########

Curtis (Curt) Fouse
Route 2 Box 10
Washington, Wv. 26181
Phone 304-863-3597

I use an FT 736-R transceiver.  The 25 foot dish is scratch built from rusty steel tubing formed with a hb bender/roller.  The center 15 feet of the dish is covered with 1/4 X 1/4 galvanized mesh, the outer part is 1 inch chicken wire.  Weight about 1000 lbs. It is elevated through gear boxes with a garage door opener.  Rotation uses a 1/8 HP gear motor driving a gear box from an old German Extruder. After the project I am a little better using my wire feed welder.  Most all of the material was sorted out from what was on hand.  From this you can guess that I have a junky qth.

73  Curt 

AL7OB:  check out Mike's web page. Sorry for not getting the info in 
        yesterday's notes.

VK4AFL: Trevor. sorry not to get your e-mail in yesterday's notes. it
        came in the same session the notes went out. 

W7CI:   new e-mail address for Steve is :   @@@@@@@
        Also Steve is here at the K1RQG shack visiting this weekend.

K0YW:   coming along on the dish project. working on 80' VHF tower as well.

K5JL:   worked WA1JOF last night 529.. observes that Don does drift down 
        during an xmission. (23cm)

NR4H:   comments about Alaska.

W7SZ:   was on last eve and worked G4CCH SSB 52/53 and partial with W7QX

W1ZX:   ??

W7QX:   rcvd M from W7SZ. now detecting echoes. also worked G4CCH.. 

WA1JOF: gained about 3db after replacing the feedline.. (23cm)
        FN44xv 70w 10' .. will listen for others AFTER KD4LT skeds.

KA1BC/M/VO1: about third of the way across the rock. 

VE6TA:  looking for WA4NJP report on 222.. 

DK3WG:  will send tomorrow info. 

DJ5MN:  just return from Vatican yesterday.. looking for skeds for next
        weekend on 23cm. WA9OUU, KD5FZX, W1QC, W7GBI, W4AD or any others.
        had some smoke in shack due to exploding TH-327.. 
        Sunday moonset 1210z.. looking for W1ZX QSL card. Will be in NY
        in October.. DK5MV may be on random 2x70ele 1kw on 23cm .. about 
        same window as DJ5MN.. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

OE5EYM: ARRL contest dates .. Oct 21/22 Nov 18/19

VE4MA:  working on preamps. not much more. 

N7EIJ:  just checking in.. 

KJ7F:   DN13VO, 800w 70cm 4x33fo  Terry .. still tweaking the equipment.
        about 12 initials.. ########

W2UHI:  no traffic.. 

K2DH/M: will be on vacation for next couple weeks.. was on moon last night
        but it was lonely.. will be in NC

KD4LT:  no traffic.. will be on next weekend.. sked with WA1JOF Saturday morn

K6IBY:  not much going on.. computer is down .. QRT till computer is restored
        to service.. 

K9BCT: Don (W4RDI) stopped by and visited. still comparing the SOTA conv
        1296/28mhz and it still outperforms all other combinations. listened
        on 23cm last night and heard nil.. 

W4OP:   in NC.. working on some 10ghz for moon, hope to listen on 10ghz
        during contest.. 

VE7BQH: 12:07 PM 9/17/00