Subject: NET NOTES September 16 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

********* Please submit any sked requests for October now *********

The Net sends their condolences to Darrell, VE1ALQ, for the loss of
his youngest brother Thursday afternoon.

Subj:    EME
Date:   9/15/00 3:45:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Cowles Andrus III)
To: (

Hi Joe,
It has been some time since I have been QRV. I was down due to a move. I
just got my 70 cm EME array back up and heard a faint Echo on Monday
September 11. I am not quite ready for Skeds at this time, I need to
tweak the system a little more and check sun noise. I don't want to
waste anyone's time until I think I have the system up to snuff. I am
working also on getting the HF system going. I have been tuning in your
20 meter nets from time to time on a indoor wire antenna. I hope to have
some type of temporary HF antenna up so I can take part in the nets
before winter. It has been raining a lot here in Virginia and all I seem
to get done is mow grass. This has slowed down my antenna project
progress a lot!

My new address is :           ########
Cowles Andrus III
73 Hundley Mill Rd
Staunton, VA

I decided to upgrade to Extra class and I changed my call from KB4CNI to
I think my new call will be easy for this net to remember.

Thanks Joe and 73's,
Cowles, K4EME

K1RQG:  ******* October 2000 QST ******* 
        Read "Correspondence" article "Seti is not amatuer radio" and also
        on page 62, Microwave bands: Use em or lose em. Check out the band
        plan for 23cm. And read the SETI article completely.

K0YW:   mount is painted, wired, and ready to go. crane coming Monday to
        put up tower and mount, Then assemble dish next week. Hopes to
        be operational by October ..

KD4LT:  was onn Tuesday night on moon.  will be on next weekend. looking 
        for G4CCH on 23cm. see W1ZX..

WA1JOF: should have feed line problems resolved by Tuesday and doing more
        checks on 23cm

K5JL:   band plan of 23cm in QST not entirely correct. Need to get word out
        regarding beacons and also proposed.

WA4NJP: the band plan in QST !! beacons ???  16.5db sun noise on 222 so far.
        2 db cold sky to dummy load. (info for VE6TA) ..

VE4MA:  Working on preamps. trying to get some outside work done. Looking
        for W5LUA. 

WA9FWD: also feels QST article should be responded to. Working on amplifier.
        will not be on this coming sked weekend .. but will be on the ARRL

W7QX:   surprise contact on 23cm just now with W6HD. good signals. major flare
        reported recently. flux=159 a=12, k=4 .. 

VE6TA:  having trouble with SWR on 222 when rotating to vertical, will operate
        horizontal only and fixing up dish for winter. 

NU7Z:   not much traffic. will be on 5.7ghz through the contest. available
        for skeds. looking for WA5ICW  and others on 5.7ghz. 

DK3WG:  will be on next weekend .. 

W7SZ:   not much going on .. 

K8UC:   not too much .. 25' dish on 70cm .. can take skeds. has a pair of 
        Dynamics Research Corp encoders and looking for information. model
        # 771-40-b04-1000 .. 

W1ZX:   putting storage shed together.. will be checking out the 23cm ..
        Scotty.. KD4LT .. please send NL to Willie in .pdf format... 

W0KJY:  expect to be on 70cm next weekend .. 

W0HEV/M: ..

N7EIJ:  have 4x9 wavelength M2 in air.. will be listening next sked weekend.
        only 60w now.. swl at this time.. 

W0GBM/M: ..

W7CS/M: in Az.. on way to ghz contest today.. 

OZ9AAR: dish is still in progress. will be on 23cm first .. .25 x .25 galvenized
        steel mesh.. 

VE7BQH: 12:04 PM 9/16/00