Subject: NET NOTES September 2 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

NET BEGINSK1RQG:  still working on dish project with W1ZX.. we are now putting the
        screening on the dish .. 

W2UHI:  nothing new.. lots of activity.. all systems go.. 

K0YW:   ??

VE1ALQ: been busy .. not much on EME .. worked an initial W2WD .. any info
        on this 70cm station ?? 

W1ZX/M: nothing for the net.. working on dish with K1RQG.. 

WD5AGO: not much for net .. worked DJ5MN last weekend.. needs to work on the
        az motor control..  working on 2 meters, 1296, 5.7ghz, and maybe 222
        for contest.. will put together a 4 yagi array for 220 mhz if anyone
        going to be on 222.. 

K9BCT/M: doing more checks on the 23cm to 28mhz rcv converter.. no noticeable 
        problems .. seems to outperform the 23cm to 144mhz to 28mhz.. looking 
        for more info on xverters/converters from 23cm direct to 28mhz.. still 
        looking for GR-1236..   did SSB Electronics ever make one ?? 

W5LUA:  did work WA5ICW on 5.7ghz.. been very hot down in Texas..

KL7HFQ: heard KA0Y with big signal.. has a National 600 crane bearing .. no 
        use for it yet .. 

KB8RQ/M: all moved out and tired.. now comes the barn work then the house.. 

SM2CEW: working on cavity amp for 70cm.. W2WD is using 20 foot dish and 1kw..
DK3WG:  KA0Y was good signal on moon .. new one .. will be on EME 23/24 Sep 

MW0TJD: Tom.. South of Wales .. 

F5KDK:  70cm EME last year for F1CH was last on 70cm  .. and now going on 23cm 
        F5KDK will still be on 70cm.. 

VE4MA:  been pretty slow.. went to Calgary (VE6NA) and went over some items with
        Brian.. needs to mail out stuff from CSVHF still.. hopes to spend some
        more time at home.. 

W4TJ:   not much progress. starting from scratch again.. been on 6 meters.. 
        52 countries so far.. also working on 23cm amp .. Hi to all..  

W5ZN:   nothing new.. hit 111 degrees last week.. 

W7CNK:  was on a little last weekend on 70cm.. worked 1 JA .. not much from EUR.
        Lucky back for good.. has a new dish 16' aluminum.. 

W7QX:   will be on after 1900z on 23cm.. looking for any activity..