Subject: NET NOTES August 26 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

NET BEGINSSubj:    Re: NET NOTES AUG 19, 2000
Date:   8/21/00 10:10:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dominique und Edith Fässler CH-5642 MühlauHB9BBD)

hello Joe
just returned from the conference in Rio.
It was an excellent event with interesting lectures, professional organization and
fine company!
thanks to Don and Attilana for the marvellous job and the generous sponsoring of
the event.

Will be qrv next sunday, on sat will have some other qrl.
looking forward to hearing all of you soon

Subj:    Rotor E-Z Control for Ham-M
Date:   8/21/00 12:14:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Clark L. Stewart)


      Have you seen the new product for Ham-M and TailTwister rotors?  It 
automates the rotor and even has an RS-232 option so you can interface it 
with the computer.  Here is the URL:


      For $100 (manual version) and $130 (RS-232 version) that makes it an 
attractive addition.

CUL, 73, Clark, W8TN

email:  or
Webpage:  <>

Subj:    WA5ICW on 5760 EME
Date:   8/24/00 9:24:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time

File:  Unknown (2235 bytes)
DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute


GM. We will be camping in EM24 in Arkansas this weekend. I will try to check
into the net also. Been out a bunch.
I worked WA5ICW in EM26 Oklahoma this morning on 5760 EME. He is running a 5
meter dish and about a 100 watts. Jim can clarify if I am wrong. He has a
nice 559 signal off the moon. I gave jim the moon-net info and if you can
add Jim to ur net notes from the EME net that wud be more than great!

Best regards

W5LUA     ........going to EM24 today

Subj:    Re: rw3pf 
Date:   8/24/00 11:58:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Lionel H. Edwards)

Hi Joe:

Can you help me with this request? I sent out a MOON-NET notice requesting
JA 70 CM stations contact RW3PF but I guess he has got no replies. 

Can you give me the call and E Mail of a few active JA 70 CM stations?

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>To: "Lionel H. Edwards" <>
>Subject: Re: rw3pf 
>Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 21:01:42 +0400
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>>Hello Peter:
>>I can help you with 2 Meter EME scheds no problem:
>>Please note the EA6VQ schedule is for SEPTEMBER
>>Please see my other E Mail requesting 70 CM scheds with JA.
>>Good luck!!
>RW3PF  / KO93CD/  73!!! TNX!
Lionel, VE7BQH

Subj:    Re: UHF: W2WD QRV 8/24, 8/25, 8/26 & 8/27
Date:   8/25/00 10:13:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Darrell)
To:     wbutler@HOME.COM (Warren Butler)

Hi Warren;
I don't believe we have worked on 70cm......set me up for a Sked on the 
27th if you will please.

Equipment 7.6m Disk & 1.8KW

Thanks, Darrell

At 07:35 PM 8/22/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Would appreciate any skeds during the following times:
>08/24    1200Z - 1530Z
>08/25    1300Z - 1630Z
>08/26    1400Z - 1730Z
>08/27    1500Z - 1830Z
>432.030 MHz (?), 20ft portable dish, 1kw
>tnx es 73 de W2WD, Warren

Subj:    FOR NET NOTES AUG 27, 2000
Date:   8/26/00 5:33:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

Fired up the old system today and heard my echoes.  I could hear a station
near 432.010 at about 1900z (saturday) but could not pull it through.  I
plan to try at moonset today.  Sunday looks like too much sun noise.

Updated the website with new pictures of the truss and tower assembly.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 16 X 12 NBS2.2; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS

K1RQG:   I am working on my 32' dish and do not have time to run the net.. 
        thanks for your patience.. Willie, W1ZX, is up and driving this
        project (the dish)

WA1JOF: looking for K5JL on 23cm EME .. 

K5JL:   great time in Rio.. worked about dozen on 23cm this am.. signals good 
        from W7QX, K3AX and others.. also HA5SHF, K3AX, W6HD active on 23cm this

W7QX:   Worked K5JL and HB9Q on 23cm.. 

VE1ALQ: suggests that active stations report to the net or to Klaus to update 
        the QRV list with stations heard..

K0YW:   got feed mount made.. also modified the hub.. hopes to have the tower
        and mount done on Tuesday .. 

        K5JL, DJ9YW on 23cm.. please remind those that call CQ and then hear YYYY
        from another station, this means to repeat only your call sign with proper 
        spacing so that the station answering your CQ can dig out your call. 
        (Klaus .. can this be published in DUBUS ?)

N7EIJ:  4x9 wavelength M2 antennas ?? should be adequate ..

WA4NJP: good time .. all went well.. 

KA0RYT: spent yesterday making cavity preamps and mounting hardware for 6 yagis..

WA2WIM: had conversation regarding focal distance.. now going to recalculate
        mount for feed.. 

W4TJ:   just checking in to say hi.. and working towards EME projects.. 

AA5C:   trying to test stuff out for fall and EME contest.. 

KB8RQ:  will be checking out of the old house tomorrow.. will operate from
        new QTH starting next week.. 

K8UC:   looking for info on stations that are QRV .. will be on this afternoon
        on 70 cm for any big stations.. worked KA0Y this morning.. 

K3AX:   called W7SZ many times .. no reply.. worked about 9 staions this am.. 

W7SZ:   10 contacts and 2 initials.. K2UYH on SSB.. 

WA8WZG/M: leaving conference in Ct. 

K5GW:   looking for info for VE4MA feed.. 

VE6TA:  QRV ob 222 till the end of September.. Looking for 4 tube amp for 23cm.. 

W1ZX/M: on the way.. 

K5WXN:  was on this weekend and worked 2 new ones.. fair amount of Europeans..
        good activity .. 

VE7BQH: ....