Subject: NET NOTES August 13 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 


G4RGK is NOT qrv on 23cm.. I cancelled DJ5MN sked.. Thanks Dave for the

EME schedules, last update 12 Aug 2000, 20:42

Skeds for AUG 26
Time   432.040        
1030z  K6IBY -DK3WG   
1130z  N7LQ  -DK3WG   
1200z  K6JEY -DK3WG   

Skeds for AUG 27
Time   1296.050       
0930z  DL6YDH-DJ5MN   
1030z  K9ZZH -DJ5MN   
1100z  WA9FWD-DJ5MN   
1130z  KD5FZX-DJ5MN   
1200z  G4DZU -DJ5MN   
1230z  W4AD  -DJ5MN   

W2UHI:  did work K9BCT last night on 23cm..

K0YW:   ..

K5JL:   commenting about 23cm>144mhz>28mhz vs 23cm>28mhz rcv systems..

W4RDI:  Tucker 1236a may not work correctly

K9BCT:  made several comparison rcv tests .. SOTA converter with FT-1000 was
        much better than FT-736, but sun noise seem to be the same.. 

NOTE!!!: today there was a great discussion on the 20 meter net regarding
        receive systems, converters, etc.. This is a great reason to join
        or just listen, but contributing comments from those on the net
        are extremely valuable. I really encourage all of you that receive
        these notes and that read the NL, to drop in on the 20 meter net
        and contribute to the discussions.. This is another reminder that 
        net is not just for scheduling as some may think. 

        (Dave, G4RGK & Al, K2UYH, Please include the above comments in NL)

N8HCM:  ...Bill Melvendale, Mi.. 

W7SZ:   been working with DSP-10 on 23cm .. working towards QRP ops off the
        moon.. bandwidth of 10hz is goal .. progress towards doppler 
        tracking etc..

N2IQU:  not much to offer.. thinking of new call sign.. nice wx today..

KA0RYT: setting up 70cm yagis.. many projects going on .. 

VE1ALQ: nothing in particular.. trying to rewire the shack so that there
        is no interference.. 

KB8ELG: Bryan.. Ohio.. working towards 6 meter EME ..

N8GCD:  Ken.. commenting on running 

ON5OF/MM: out in the Med.. 

CT1DMK: ???

PA3CSG: no traffic.. some AU on 2 meters yesterday.. 

WA2PHW: Tom.. 3com reports speed before negotiation complete, and others
        report speed after negotiation complete..

W1ZX:   ..

VE7BQH: 12:05 PM 8/13/00