Subject: NET NOTES August 5 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES JUL 30, 2000
Date:   8/1/00 3:48:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Sergio Bergonti)
Hi All this is Sergio IK2MMB.
I'm sorry to have lost K3AX.  I noticed I have a problem of overheating to
the preamp box, this is induced by the Sun, not the electronics inside.
Once this happens I definitely loose amplification in the rx line, most
likely also rx performance (NF). A cooking preamp is no good. So the good
season it's bringing some problems... Can't wish for rain anyhow, hi!  I
have enough experience that tells me not to use plastic boxes for
Sun-exposed mountings but sometimes I make that mistake again... After the
qso with W2UHI I definitely had to give up, will catch you later AX.  Had
the same problem in the morning with a station around 013 which was making
very long CQ's, listened for 40 minutes but couldn't copy the callsign, was
it still you AX?  It's going to be fixed soon anyhow.

Best to all,

Sergio MMB

Subj:    For NET NOTES August 5, 2000
Date:   8/5/00 5:24:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum)

Hi Joe,

Great progress on the big dish project.  Outlined in detail on the website,
but in a nutshell, I have the AZ/EL mount almost ready to start assembly of
the steel angle.  The pilings are in place, ended up with three 8 inch
schedule 40 casings, driven to 18 feet deep with 12 feet out of the ground.
 I plan to construct the dish on top of my trailer.  I will position it
tomorrow so I can start putting trusses together.

As can be seen on the website, the pile driving thing was a real hoot.

Erich, OE9ERC and Werner, OE9WRS, visited as planned on 7/28.  Very nice
visit.  I hope they enjoyed Alaska.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB  BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; FT-767; 16 X 12 NBS2.2; DEM 0.4dB; 700 WATTS

Subj:    items for sale
Date:   8/5/00 11:55:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Joe;

I have an extra 4 tube (2, 2 tube phased) 7289 watter cooled 23cm AMP.
With metering and p/s (1300v at 1A) all in a rack mountable 6" * 19" *
17".   Also 23cm LNA's, all horns and hybrids are gone.

73 Tommy/WD5AGO

K0YW:   tower bases are ready for concrete.. will then have 90' VHF tower
        and 150' HF tower as well as base for the dish.. 
        For Sale: KLM 3 element 80 meter beam 60' boom ($1500) ..includes
        vacuum relays to switch from phone to cw.. 

K5JL:   not much going on .. Hot in Ok .. will look on moon when it comes
        up.. 23db sun noise on 23cm.. 

VE1ALQ: working on xvtrs.. not much else new .. 

W2UHI:  have a nice day today.. moon will be out during some reasonable hours,
        so will be on after the net on 23cm.. did put some new low loss 
        cables between hybrid and dish monopoles.. Frank feels that he
        improved the pattern of the horn from eliptical to circular ..
W1ZX:   FOR SALE: HP-415E swr meter, HP-431B power meter(iwth cable & head), 
        4 ELE cubical quad & GR-1216A IF amplifiers. anyone needs HP-432A
        Willie knows the availability..

KB8RQ:  has to be out of current house in 30 days.. 

W5UN:   no traffic.. 

K6IBY:  computer control went screwy .. now needs to re-do this aspect..
        all else is ready .. 

W7CS:   had to spend a few extra days in ND do to auto problems ..

K2OUB:  Bob..

KF8OJ:  Ron.. Cincinatti, Oh.. 

QST:    K5JL ordered 2000 QSL cards !!!!!!!!!!!! maybe in 2 or 3 years 
        Jay will QSL.. 

K0FF:   George .. been slumming .. been on 6 meters a bit.. 

DL9KR:  no traffic.. very busy .. 

K4AR:   Bert.. have a 20 meter antenna now.. just checking in and will
        be available on 432 EME and activity should increase as fall
        approaches.. autotracking now working .. not taking skeds at this 
        time.. but will single sked for Tennessee.. send e-mail direct to Bert
        e-mail:   @@@@@@@
        for directory:  
        Bert Rollen   K4AR
        1620 Hidden Hills Drive
        Clinton, TN  37716
        Grid: EM76vc
        8xM2 9 wavelength 28ele 70cm
        865-241-4343  work with voicemail  

KA0Y:   working on feedhorn.. and hopes to be back on 70cm and then 23cm soon.

W7QX:   not much going on.. will try to get on 23cm @ 2000z today.. if anyone
        going to microwave update in Philadephia on NW Airlines, email Jerry
        for possible better rates.. 

WD5AGO: no traffic..

VE4MA:  just mailed 80 copies of CSVHF proceedings out.. looking for response
        from W7QX .. 

N7EIJ:   may have the KLM sold.. 

K9ZZH:   wx problems and health problems .. QRV on 23cm .. 

VE7BQH: 12:00 PM 8/5/00