Subject: NET NOTES July 8 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    RE: NET NOTES JUL 2, 2000
Date:   7/3/00 9:16:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (David Robinson)
To: ('')

        I have now worked 7 people from texas on 6m that I have heard or
worked off the moon on 432. Is this why 432 eme is so quiet?. The only one
to escape besides persistant trying is K5JL!



Subj:    Re: NET NOTES MAR 21, 1999
Date:   7/8/00 7:53:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Hi Joe;

I will be out of pocket the next 3 weeks due to neck surg on Tuesday.  I
will pickup all 23 cm skeds in August. The 4 m System seems to be
working well, echo's not as loud as the 5.5 m but are there nearly all
the time as compared to the 3 m dish.  I have been working on a new High
IP LNA for 2m and 70cm, with good results, these boards will be avalable
soon, I still have the 23cm boards.

73 Tommy / WD5AGO

W2UHI:  big T-storms went thru this morning, but all seems ok.. have not
        checked the LNA on the dish yet.. all beacons are still functioning..
        hopes to be on the moon this eve .. working on 6 meters as well..

VE1ALQ: nothing new or exciting.. been painting ..not much as far as EME
        goes.. still all systems working 

K0YW:   not much.. still working on the dish control ckts.. 

KD4LT:  not much on EME .. sked weekend is 22/23 .. 

W5LUA/M: up in Ill.. will not be around for sked weekend.. will be at CSVHF..
        also on 6 & 2 mobile .. EM51 .. Cancel DD1XF sked..  will be at CSVHF.

VE6TA:  wx been damp.. still has 23cm feed in .. may be on 222 in August.. 
        VE3AX is back on 222 looking for EME contacts.. 

K4DHT/7: from Tn.. Danny .. 

NU7Z:   not too much.. working on a camper.. setting it up for a contest
        station.. still has 5.7ghz feed in the dish..

VE4MA:  got a lot of rain this past week.. precipitation is far above normal.
        hopes to be on 5.7ghz in August.. 

WD5AGO: No traffic.. 

W5UN:   No traffic.. rcvd pkg..

K2DH:   not much to report.. changes the IF to the 23cm staion .. has TS-930
        in ckt now.. 

N7EIJ:  now will sell 2 30LBX 70cm antennas.. 2 for $215 including shipping ..
        looking for a PA .. 

N2NJJ:  Audio.. 

I5TDJ:  ran sked with K4AR.. nil heard from K4AR. now have up 6 meter antenna
        up .. on 6 meters with 100w and 4 ele (W2PV) antenna.. will be on 
        for 22/23 July.. worked RW1AW #118 station.. met W1JR when Joe was
        Europe trip.. regards to all..

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

DL3OBY/M testing mobile ..      

RW1AW:  02 July I5TDJ worked #78 on 70cm.. also working 2 meter EME after 1700z
        today ... UA3PTW good random QSO 2 yagi 1kw .. 529.. looking for DL9KR.

LY2AE:  5/9 Leonas .. Kaunas . 5/7

WA0WPJ: ..

W1ZX:   ..

K1KV:   ..

W7CS/M: checking out mobile.. 

K3YTR/M: Pottstown, Pa.. 20w Ed ..

OK1MS:  .. no traffic.. 

KA2YEY: Jim.. 

KA0Y:   got hit by lightening and wiped out some stuff. 

KB8RQ:  finally hit water at new place.. 

VE7BQH: 12:06 PM 7/8/00