Subject: NET NOTES July 2 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    fs:2m and 432 rf decks
Date:   7/1/00 3:17:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Mark Brown)

Hi Joe
        I have a matching pair of legal limit rf decks for sale for
432 and 2 meters. Both amps use the 4cx1600u/gs23b. The amps
include filament and grid supplies, full metering, and
blowers. Asking $1400 for the 2 meter amp and $2200 for the
432 amp. Will do a package deal on both. Hope to be back on
1296 this fall with a 16 foot dish which is why I am parting
with the amps, need to build a mount and pour concrete!

en24gp 6m through 1296, BBQ rules, icq 41823284

Subj:    New dish
Date:   7/2/00 11:16:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dany B.)

Hi Joe, I'm working on a new dish, 7.4m 0.5 f/D home made.
The four tubes KB2AH amplifier is close to be ready, exiter:
2 X 50W solid state,(DJ9YW design).
Best regards  
Dany LU8EDR 

W2UHI:  tnx to VE1ALQ for apps notes.. warming up for the moon at 1630z.. 
        worked W7SZ on 23cm EME and no others on moon today.. 

K0YW:   no traffic.. 

VE1ALQ: working on shrubbery .. worked K2DH on moon this morning .. 

WA4NJP: 6 meters is open .. all is well.. may be on 23cm later today.. 
        hot and humid.. 

K5JL:   heavy rains now.. no signals on 23cm at this time.. VK4AFL is
        looking for Hi power amp for 23cm.. 600w or more.. will be at 
        Rio and can carry home from there.. 

KB8RQ/M: not really mobile.. but at the new QTH location.. 

N4NV/M: ..

N2IQU:  20 meter beam is up and running.. will not be on the moon today.

WA2PHW/M: Tom.. did download Hellscriber .. reccomends iz8bly program @ .. 14.063mhz..

KD4LT:  moving Realtrak to same computer as F1EHN program.. should load
        it in DOS .. looking for 20 turn pot.. 

KA0RYT: wx is bad.. QRT on 70cm .. still working on yagis.. working on
        preamps for CSVHF.. 

NU7Z:   working with getting W7GBI on 5.7ghz.. will stay on this band 
        for another month or so.. 

VE4MA:  Gas $.61/liter.. still cleaning up shack.. 

VE6TA:  Gas is $.65/liter .. 23cm feed is still in .. will be at CSVHF..

W7SZ:   Working W2UHI with new DSP-10 system on 23cm .. first contact on
        23cm with DSP-10 ?? 

DK3WG:  for K2DH .. QSL direct to RW3BP PO Box 462, Moscow 111555.. 

DL9KR:  sked with RW3PF... any news from WB4BKC.. ??? 

AL7OB:  working on updated drawings for web page.. still looking for skeds
        on the 4th of July.. ran chart recorder on sun noise and found some
        abnormalties.. will post them on web site.. 

K9BCT/M: not much going on.. not been too active.. 

W5LUA:  things back to normal.. no traffic.. 

K9GEC:  Ron.. NW of Green Bay.. 

KB9OGO: Ken .. 

N7EIJ:  going to abandon looking for KLM 30lbx .. no response .. will put
        up 2 antennas and try 432 eme .. 100w .. looking for 2 port power
        divider for 70cm..  



KB8RQ:  ..

N5BLZ:  looking for VP2V/W6JKV 2300/2400 on 2 meters.. 

N7EIJ:  .. got new computer for EME stuff. Dell system for $289 complete. 

K0YW:   no traffic. 

WB0GGM: comment for Mark.. 32 inits with 4xfo22 and 100w on 432..