Subject: NET NOTES July 1 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    432/EME
Date:   6/30/00 7:41:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Trevor Benton)

Hi Joe - will be available for anything going incl skeds over 
the present perigee period apart from Sunday when the sun
is in conflict.
Tnx for the posting.  Regards, Trevor, VK4AFL.

K0YW:   6 METER opening to Japan .. lots of activity.. mount is taking

K5JL:   sun noise was 22.7 on 23cm yesterday.. Reports that VK4AFL is 
        looking toward 23cm activity..

WA4NJP: lots of 6 meter activity.. 


K2DH:   looking for QSL from RW3BP (DK3WG?).. will be on moon tomorrow.. 

VE1ALQ: nothing new EME wise.. not going to be on net long.. may be on 
        the moon tomorrow and Monday... 

W7SZ:   completed the DSP-10 weak signal xcvr (20mw) 2 meter computer
        controlled and DSP operated.. W7PUA design. in Sep, Oct, Nov

W2UHI:  may be on the moon tomorrow. 

WA5TKU/M: Wes... looking for W5LUA.. 

VE4MA:  lots of conference arrangements .. 1st hotel is booked.. Hellscriber 
        is a soundcard program that may be useful on EME and other. 

W1ZX:   nothing for net.. 

WA0WPJ: will pick up a couple of 23cm yagis and hopes to try horizon EME .. 
WD5AGO: (W5LUA).. working on CSVHF stuff.. 

W5ZN:   no traffic.. working on the 23cm terrestial equipment.. 

W5UN:   looking for some 4cx250r for Gabe OD5NJ ..

KD4LT:  problems with 20 meter beam rotor.. will be on EME next weekend.

VP2V/W6JKV: just getting ready to hook up amp .. will be on moon tomorrow..
        144.110.. 2300/2400 FK78.. On 6 meters as well. 

N2IQU:  no traffic.. working on 20 meter.. 

W7QX:   looking for WA4NJP, VE4MA & K3AX.. 2000 W7QX/WA4NJP  1296.025 ..
        VE4MA did rcv e-mail. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. will be on 22/23 Jul for sked weekend. 

WA2WIM: looking for WD5AGO..

AL7OB:  will try for a couple skeds for 4th of July.. added a status page to
        web site.. 

WA2PHW: for Hellscriber information


W5UN:   2 meter EME net 

12:11 PM 7/1/00