Subject: NET NOTES June 17 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    Dish project at OZ9AAR
Date:   6/11/00 1:45:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Carsten Groen)

Hi Joe,

just to let you know, I have just started construction of my new 8M dish. I lost my 8 cross yagi's
for 2M last December, and now I'm jumping back up on the higher bands, 2M was VERY noisy here
anyway. So, sometime in the future, I will be QRV again on 23CM to start with, and hopefully also
some of the other bands, have already a 20W TWT for 3CM and 6CM.

  Carsten Groen, OZ9AAR

Subj:    back on 432
Date:   6/12/00 5:36:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (hb9sul)

Hi Joe .
Just a short note to let you know that I am back on 432 for a while., Running 4*13WL M2+ GS35b H.M.+LNA 432 h.m.+TS950+LT70S from JN46LA.
I have been tuning and looking for echoes SUN 11th around 2355 on 432.015 and herd somebody but did not recognize it.
Still have to finalize my El. reading.
Will be on random when free time will permit.
The idea to go to Turkey for a ARRL is still alive. The menpower is still missing.
73 de Andrea es CUL
HB9SUL,  Andrea BIANCHI                                 email: 
Via Arbostra 23E                                          homepage :
GSM + 41-79-310 44 21
Member and QSL manager of HB9MS DX GROUP  email: 

VE1ALQ: nothing new going on.. waiting for wx to make up it's mind.. 
        available on EME .. 

W1ZX/M: still waiting for 20 meter beam.. available for skeds on 23cm EME most

W2UHI:  moon is not around during waking hours.. lot of rain, wind, etc .. 
        about 16 inches of water since first of May .. all systems go.. 
        playing around on 10ghz.. 

K5JL:   was on 6 meters last night .. into FN43 .. lot's of rain.. worked lots
        on 6 meters during contest.. 

K6IBY:  still working on cabling the actuator for the array.. antennas are up 
        and hopes to have things back in operation in a week or so..

VE3JAS: Jason.. Toronto.. 

WD5AGO: not much going on .. working on some LNAs.. did work OX2K on 23cm .. 
        may be availble next sked weekend.. has a couple of xtra feedhorns
        for dishes in the .37-.42 f/d range.. one has 3 ring scaler and one
        is single ring scaler. No polarizers.. needs hy-brid .. Tom has one
        hy-brid available .. These are VE4MA style.. 

WA4NJP: all is well.. 

VE4MA:  busy with conference stuff.. working on more 24khz gear.. 
        raining every day scince Saturday.. 

WA2WIM: call Tom 918-438-0099 for feedhorn info.. needs feedhorn.. also needs
        other info regarding 23cm dish operation.. UHF microwave projects manual
        volume #1, look for article by KD5RO.. 

K2DH:   not too much to report.. been raining all the time.. was going to get
        on the moon last night but the trees were in the way.. 

WA9FWD: raining for month or so.. 9" in May.. picked up used microwave mod
        xvtr and found bad mixer.. now has it replaced.. needs to dry out the
        feed line etc for 70cm.. still has preamp problems on 13cm.. 23cm feed
        is not in at this time.. working on the GI7 amp for 70cm.. has old
        Southbend lathe and the motor burnt out.. now looking for motor 
        replacement. actually just needs the centrifugal start switch.. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

W7QX:   talked to Lucky .. He should be back around Tuesday.. (W7CNK).. needs a 
        sked with someone tonight to check out condx on 23cm in Southern dec.. 
        from 0700z-1000z.. 0800z K2DH/W7QX 1296.010 .. LF K3AX.. 

K3XZ/M: Ed.. Md.. 

W5EWF:  just checking in.. 

AL7OB:  been working on the big dish project. 30' dish .45 f/d.. shooting for the 
        end of July. hopes to be active next schedule weekend. has a 30" crane
        bearing for the dish (off a 70 ton crane) .. also has an extra one .
        contact Mike for info ..  Hs HP-8559 spectrum analyzer that may be available.

KD7BHY: Bend .. GM.. 

WB0GGM: survived the VHF contest.. now back to work on the 70cm array.. when that
        project is finished, will work on 12' dish.. 

VE7BQH: 12:02 PM 6/17/00