Subject: NET NOTES June 10 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

NET BEGINS<< K5JL:        worked the OX2K on both 23cm & 70cm .. who is F5IQA ?? on 23cm ??? >>

Hi Joe,

F5IQA is part of the F6HYE group.
No more info, especially on any possible 23cm activity. Maybe
something set up for the OX2K activity. See F6HYE for infos.
On my side, I put up a 16x23 F9FT array with 400 W to try with
OX2K. I completed the QSO quite easily on june 03.
I previously had a partial with F5PAU and a O/O QSO with
F1ANH on random.
Heard HB9Q rather strongly on sunday 04 evening. Heard some
other unidentifed signals.
I plan to be active from time to time in the near future. No skeds,
my opinion is that EME sounds like random !

Vy 73's de Hervé F5HRY 

W2UHI:  nothing new ... may look around during contest.. all systems go.
        LW5DX is LU8EDR.. HB9Q is a new station (club station)...EN73ah

VE1ALQ: not too much to report .. working in the garden.. put a new feed 
        system for 23cm & 70cm .. 

K5JL:   23cm feed is in .. will be looking around for contesters.. wheat is
        in and ready to play on all bands.. 

K0FF:   reports 6 meter opening to Italy Friday night ..

VE6NA:  Was on 6 meters and 2 meters during openings.. lots of activity..

K0YW:   has been making progress on the mount.. will be on 6 meters.. 

K0FF:   looking for FN55 on 6 meters..

W7QX:   nothing going on.. was on 23cm for a couple hours .. nil .. will be on 
        after 2230 today.. W7CNK is in England right now.. may get on 6 meters
K5WXN:  was on 70cm last night .. S2 echoes but no takers.. will be on around
        0000z.. looking from 0000z-0300z.. 

KB8RQ:  working on house.. and building a barn at new QTH.. will change 70cm 
        antennas when moved to new QTH and improve the crossed yagis..

NE8I/M: LLoyd in Dearborn Mi.. looking from WW8M on contest.. 6 mtrs to 47ghz.. 
        EN72xf.. also playing with 10ghz at home .. EN82ig (home) 

W5UN/M: looking for power supply components.. pwr xfmr, fil xfmr, and bias/screen xfmr
        with 220v primary .. pwr xfmr 220/1500-2000, fil xfmr 220/6vac   
        screen 220/300v ct, bias 220/250 ct this is for the OD5NJ .. all must
        be pro bono.. this is for a pair of 4cx250 amp.. must be all 220v primary.

WA0WPJ: will not be very active on VHF/UHF.. 

PA3CSG: worked OX2K, RW3BP on 70cm and PA3DZL & OX2K on 23cm.. 

DL9KR:  any activity this eve .. ?? looking for WB4BKC on 70cm.. 

VE4MA:  T-storms most of the night .. still T-storms in the area.. will be on 
        during the contest wx permitting. 

W7FN:   did get on last Sunday and worked 4 stations.. 2 new ones .. back on 70cm
        and system seems to be working correctly.. 

KA0Y:   windy.. waiting to paint the dish.. 

W1ZX/M: will not be on from home on 20 meters for a while .. has 4 ele quad 
        spreaders, boom, balun, mounting hardware.. 

K6IBY:  nothing for net.. just put the 70cm ant back up yesterday .. 4x32FO 
        and will be getting back QRV soon..