Subject: NET NOTES June 4 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:    Update and further Elecraft K2 Discussions
Date:   6/4/00 6:27:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Harry Price)

Hi Joe,

Just a short note as I cannot be on the net today. 

Worked OX2K on CW 559/569 and SSB 55/55! Also worked G4CCH on Saturday.
Heard many of the regulars working OX2K as well. Along with the regulars,
heard many stations not heard before on 23CM: HB9Q, K0YW/5, W5ORH, etc.

Further the discussion on the net about the Elecraft K2 and its excellent
receive performance, but lack of sufficient RIT for 23CM EME work. Roger,
W3SZ, not to be confused with Roger, W7SZ, who is also been a player,
posted a message on Moon-Net that might be interesting to the net relative
to the  Elecraft K2.

As you remember Larry and I mentioned this equipment at separate times on
the net during the last few weeks. As a result of these discussions, Emails
to Elecraft, etc. Elecraft is making available an option which will provide
sufficient RIT range for 23CM EME use. It is known as the K2XRIT and costs
$29.95 extra when a K2 is ordered.

Thought you might like to post in the Net-Notes the availability of this
option. W7SZ, W3SZ, and K3AX are not employed by Elecraft, hi hi.

73, Harry K3AX 

Subj:         Elecraft K2 for 1296 EME
Date:   6/4/00 12:16:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   rrehr@EPIX.NET (Roger Rehr)
Reply-to:       rrehr@EPIX.NET (Roger Rehr)

Hello, all!

Harry Price, K3AX (formerly K3HZO) has asked me to make all of you aware of
an option for the Elecraft K2 which he arranged for Elecraft to make
available.  Several of us have been very happily using the K2 as IF for EME
for nearly a year now.

I have been using the K2 with my SSB Electronics LT2S Mk II Transverter on
144 MHz EME and have been very happy with it.  Harry and Larry, W7SZ are
interested in using the K2 as IF for 1296 EME, but were put off by the
maximal RIT of +/- 1.2 kHz given the potential doppler shift on 1296.

Here is what Wayne Burdick, of Elecraft has offered:

I took a look at the firmware, and what is doable is to make the low-range
RIT +/- 1.2 kHz at 10 Hz resolution, and high-range +/- 3.6 kHz at 30 Hz
resolution. You can assign the RIT range switch to one of the programmable
function buttons as usual. (This may or may not be useful: the offset is a
function of the pot position, so switching ranges will also induce a
frequency shift unless the pot is at dead center.) For what it's worth, the
K2 also has XIT, with ranges identical to RIT. You can turn both RIT and
XIT on at the same time, too, which is useful in some circumstances.

I wish we could give you 10 Hz resolution at the high range, but that would
require a hardware change, i.e. swapping the pot for a small shaft encoder.

Anyway, if the above scheme seems satisfactory, we'll go ahead with a
special version of the ROM, which will set you back an extra $29. Let's
call it the "K2 Extended RIT/XIT Range Option," order number K2XRIT.
---end of Wayne's post.

The Elecraft site is  for those who are interested.
This option is hot off of the press
and is available now.

I understand that there was an interesting discussion on the 432/up net
regarding the K2, but I don't have the summary of that to post.

My K2 tested out as follows last August (tests by K3BFA):
---start K3BFA data:
FREQ           PRE-AMP ON           PRE-AMP OFF

 28.2                 -147dBm                   -144dBm

 24.1                 -141                          -137

 21.1                 -147                          -141

 18.1                 -147                          -144

 14.1                 -148                          -143

 10.1                 -147                          -144

  7.1                  -148                          -144

  3.5                  -149                          -144

 All tests performed with HP-8656B signal gen, confirmed with an
 HP-8662A signal gen because the numbers were so good I began
 to suspect the accuracy of the 8656B.  I also had a witness in Ed,
 WA3WSJ (who I noticed had his fingers crossed behind his back
 in the hope his was better).

 We also looked at the output on all the bands at the 1/2 watt level
 and found no spurs whatever.  That 23 mHz osc is about 55dB
 down in the receive mode on 28 mHz, but goes away when on

 Interesting to note the poor(?) performance at 24.1 mHz.  Do you
 remember perhaps rushing the alignment on that band?

 Results shown were the same regardless if the AGC was off, fast,
 or slow, and all measurements were made in USB mode, with

 Guess I'm just going to have to order one!
---end K3BFA data.

Questions/comments welcome.

73 from
Roger Rehr  W3SZ ex-AA3QK ex-WA3JYM        FN20ah
2 Merrymount Road, Reading, PA  19609

Subj:    Still Around
Date:   6/3/00 8:11:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Darrell)

Hi Joe & Gang;
I am not trying to avoid the Net believe me...have been very busy and in 
Nova Scotia a couple of time over the past week or two.
Just a quick note to tell you we have been doing some work on my dish 
feeds....getting the winter salt air out of them, hi.
We were able to work the OX2K Expedition in Greenland on 23 & 70 cm this 
past week... both bands with very good signals.
If I am around I will check into the Net perhaps tomorrow...busy moving our 
Thanks & Best 73, Darrell

K5JL:   worked the OX2K on both 23cm & 70cm .. who is F5IQA ?? on 23cm ???

VE1ALQ: see email above.. worked OX2K on both bands.

W2UHI:  worked OX2K on 23cm .. will be on looking for new ones today.. 

W7QX:   worked OX2K 7 times .. open for skeds .. looking for skeds during
        the week.. moon at 1630 today and 1 hour later each day.. 42 stations
        worked on 23cm as of Thursday.. nothing logged for the 3rd.. 

VE4MA:  was on 23cm yesterday and worked OX2K.. 

W7SZ:   looking for info on CSVHF.. F1ANH, OX2K, K0YW/5, GW3XYW, K2UYH,
        G4CCH, PA3CSG, OK1CA.. 3 new inits.. 

W5LUA:  did worked OX2K on both CW & SSB.. did DD1XF show up on 13cm..??
        needs resked with DD1XF.. *******

KA0RYT: only ran once with OX2K, did not work him yet.. will be QRT for 
        about a month.. 

VE6TA:  did not work OX2K on 70cm but did work him on 23cm.. 

W7FN:   did get on 70cm yesterday and worked KU3T .. no JA stations .. will be
        on at 1900 today.. 

WA4NJP: worked OX2K on 3 bands.. 70cm was most difficult band.. 

K5GW:   looking for info on OX2K operation on Sunday.. 

KD4LT:  did work OX2K on 23cm .. 

W5UN/M: yesterday, OX2K was doing good on 2 meters .. 

DL9KR:  Last heard OX2K at 1400z, not complete with UA9FAD.. Then no word from
        OX2K.. any info on K7LNP.. 

W8TN/M5: In Baton Rouge.. 

VE7BQH: 12:15 PM 6/4/00

LU8EDR: Looking for e-mail for DK7LJ