Subject: NET NOTES May 7 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Subj:    VHF: 2000 ARRL International EME Contest
Date:   5/7/00 3:46:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Lionel H. Edwards)

To all 432mhz & Above EME Stations:  (edited by K1RQG)

I spoke to Joel, W5ZN, ARRL 1st Vice President today regarding the 2000 ARRL
International EME Contest.I offered to do as I did last year which is take a
poll of the 2 meter stations to see what the consensus of the group is
regarding the preferred dates. 

The choices are:

Sept 23/24 

Oct 21/22  

Nov 18/19 

Please send me your choice of 2 weekend dates by E Mail no later than May
20. I will compile the results, send them to Joel, W5ZN as well as publish
them on MOON-NET.  
Lionel, VE7BQH

Subj:    10 GHz
Date:   5/7/00 8:14:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Greg McIntire)

Hi Joe-I've been working 6 day/60 hour weeks for over a months so activity 
has been limited.  Have not heard of any new 10 GHz stations and 
looking.  Last new one was last October before the lighting strike.  Most 
equipment repaired since February or so.   Still waiting on QSLs from 
SM4DHN (1997QSO!), I4CHY, DL2LAC, and S57UUU.


Greg, AA5C

W2UHI:  lot of activity on the moon yesterday on 23cm.. pile-ups on WB4BKC..
        correction on call W5DXL is really LW5DX operating at LU8EDR QTH ..
        wind picked up and did not work WB4BKC..

KC7UGG/M: ...

VE1ALQ: worked WB4BKC .. sked with NU7Z  ON 5.7 will be touchy.. wind and 
        rain.. missed the LW5DX.. but did work W6HD among others.. thought
        sun noise and signals were down a bit .. 

K0YW:   did work LW5DX on 6 meters and had a similar problem with the call..
        Concrete poured and ready to go..  

W7SZ:   QRV on 23cm .. did have the receive on yesterday .. but ready for 
        xmit from now.. hearing well and echoes are good, even on SSB ..

KA0RYT: completed skeds yesterday JA6AHB .. AL7OB .. contacted K1FO and K4QI..
        at 1345z sun noise was 12db .. for DL9KR, Ron has info from Vacation
        guide from Minn.. will send in mail.. 

KB2AH/M: was out to Mich visiting W8MQW and daughters graduation..

NU7Z:   did work OE9ERC and did not complete with CT1DMK. needs to use
        dead reckonning.. needs to talk to someone who has has worked on
        GR-1236 meters.. (check with W1ZX) will be on 1930z 5760.100..
        RECHECK: found problem to be oscillating 2 meter preamp..
        13.5db sun noise on 5.760..

W5ZN:   Suggest that KD4LT send to his e-mail dist list the VE7BQH POLL.
        Joel needs the valid voting input.. Sep at perigee ..

WB4BKC: worked VE1ALQ was running 8 watts.. Called CQs with a lot of QRM replying..
        Dish will be available again and hopes to be on ARRL contest.. Also hopes
        to be on again with 100w .. Had sequencing issues .. worked the following:
        8W G4CCH CW/SSB, W6HD, DJ9YW, VE1ALQ, OE9ERC (LOUDEST 589 8W), to QSL, send
        to Andy's home QTH in Ga.. grid was EM72. did try calling W2UHI 3 times,
        but not complete.. had to work on the system in the begining .. so did
        not get on at moonrise.. 

K5JL:   no traffic.. could not put the 23cm feed in.. worked about 20 on 70cm..
        Europe and Jay were V and US H..

WA8WZG: not too much to report.. has a problem with rabbits chewing through the
        control cables .. any ideas.???  8081EL 

N3MIQ/M:  Brian .. Baltimore.. 70cm tropo but not EME.

K3AX:   was on yesterday.. new call for K3HZO.. January was last time on moon..
        Harry has had many family health problems.. EME is back together ..
        worke G4CCH & W2UHI.. Harry was last to be in hospital and just got out.
        now seeing 13db of sun noise.. then had problem with elevation, but now
        fixed.. Hopes to be at Dayton for the first time .. also will be on 23c
        this afternoon.. #######

WA2WIM: Neil.. has a lot of ??? for 23cm.. has 10'dish, no feed horn, has 
        single tube KB2AH amp.. has radios and down converters.. looking for
        a used feedhorn .. 

VE6NA:  apologies to DJ5MN for missing sked, called lots of stations and no 
        one heard Brian.. 

W7QX:   will be on  after 1800z on 23cm.. only worked OE9XXI. did hear W1ZX & W2UHI.
        could tell LU8EDR was in there on sked .. needs resked with LU8EDR..*******
        Will be @ G3LTF on the 19th.. Missed JA skeds yesterday.. did make VK sked
        but heard nil.. looking for any skeds today.. 

W6HD:   comment on LW5DX 20'dish 40w .. will be guest op at LU8EDR.. 

K6IBY:  QRU .. still working on the system.. 

G4RGK:  on the moon on 70cm .. but not much activity.. F6HYE & DL8OBU..

CT1DMK: Heard NU7Z was good yesterday, but 1900z 5760.150 is ok.. looking
        for new stations on 10ghz, & 5.7ghz..

W1ZX:   no traffic..

VE7BQH: 12:08 PM 5/7/2000