Subject: NET NOTES 16 January 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

*********Please send comments to regarding ARRL EME contest
dates.  **********

EME schedules, last update 6 May 2000, 13:56

Skeds for MAY  6
Time   432.040        1296.050       5760.050       
1900z  AL7OB -OZ6OL   W7QX  -LU8EDR  
1930z  AL7OB -OH2DG   
2000z  AL7OB -OE9ERC  
2030z  AL7OB -KA0RYT  
2100z  AL7OB -KB0VUK  
2130z  AL7OB -W7CI    
2200z  AL7OB -K6JEY   
2230z  VE6TA -K9BCT   
2300z  VE6TA -KB0VUK  
2330z  VE6TA -K6JEY   

Skeds for MAY  7
Time   432.030        432.040        432.075        1296.050       
0030z                 JA6AHB-N2HLT   
0100z                 JA6AHB-KA0RYT                 W7QX  -JH5LUZ  
0130z                 JA6AHB-WA9FWD                 W7QX  -JF3HUC  
0200z                 JA6AHB-W7HAH                  W7QX  -VK5MC   
0230z  AL7OB -JA2TY   JA6AHB-W0KJY   
0330z                 AL7OB -KB0VUK  
0930z                                               DJ5MN -JA8IAD  
1300z                                               DJ5MN -IK6EIW  
1400z                                               G4DZU -DJ5MN   
1430z                                               DJ5MN -DC6UW   
1600z                                               W1QC  -DJ5MN   
1630z                                               W1QC  -OK1DFC  
1700z                                               DJ5MN -HB9BHU  
1730z                                               VE6NA -DJ5MN   
1800z                 WB4BKC-DL9NDD                 WD5AGO-DJ5MN   
1830z                 K6JEY -DL9NDD  
1900z                 AL7OB -KB0VUK                 KD4LT -OH2DG   
2100z                                               KJ7F  -KD4LT   
2300z                                AL7OB -W7BBM   

Skeds for MAY  8
Time   432.030        
0430z  AL7OB -K6JEY   

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES APR 30, 2000
Date:   4/30/00 11:26:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Neil Sablatzky)


Could you add to the next net email notes the following:

Wanted a used 1296MHz feedhorn. KB2AH style or similar. Please email what might
be available and cost to
Thanks & 73 Neil WA2WIM


Subj:    Re: NET NOTES APR 30, 2000
Date:   5/1/00 2:17:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Johannes OE3JPC)

Hallo Joe,
thank you for the regular net notes.

Could you pleas change my e-mail address to           @@@@@@@

73 de Johannes OE3JPC


Hello everybody,
from 1.May 2000 I have new e-mail adress.                 @@@@@@@
Best regards Zdenek OK1DFC


Subj:    GRID EM72
Date:   5/3/00 8:39:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

 Hi Joe, the grid for the big dish is EM 72. 
 I will be there sat morning. I am looking forward to it. 
 This will be my first time on 1296 EME. 
 Talk to you on sunday on 20 meters. 

 73 Andrew WB4BKC 


Date:   5/6/00 12:37:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum, Mike)


Slight correction:

5/7/00 01:30    432.040 JA6CZD  CANCELLED
5/7/00 02:00    432.040 JJ1NNJ  QSL
5/7/00 02:30    432.030 JA2TY   QSL

I had NNJ and TY reversed and TY wants 030 instead of 040 due to birdies.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB     BP51dc  <>

432 EME - FT-736; DEMi 0.4dB;  16 X 12 NBS2.2;  700W


Date:   5/6/00 11:34:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe,

My two JA skeds were not able to make it.  Instead I tried with JA2TY and
JJ1NNJ.  I heard JA2TY at least M throughout and sometimes O, but no QSO.
Caught a couple traces of JJ1NNJ but that's QSO.  He was hearing me
the whole time.  My own echos were as strong as I have ever heard them.
NIL from UA9FAD, RW1AW and S52CW.

Used the new 432 module in the FT-767 for the first time and it was
FANTASTIC!  The Audio Peaking Filter on the FT-767 works wonderfully for
weak EME signals and down to 10 Hz on the dial is great too.

Still on tap for the following:

Date/TimeZ      FREQ            Call    Confirmed
-----------  -----         ----   -------
5/6/00 17:30    432.040 F6KHM   QSL
5/6/00 18:00    432.040 G3SEK   QSL
5/6/00 18:30    432.040 KU3T    QSL
5/6/00 19:00    432.040 OZ6OL   QSL
5/6/00 19:30    432.040 OH2DG   QSL
5/6/00 20:00    432.040 OE9ERC  REQUEST
5/6/00 20:30    432.040 KAØRYT  QSL
5/6/00 21:00    432.040 KB8RQ   QSL
5/7/00 01:30    432.040 JA6CZD  QSL
5/7/00 02:00    432.040 JA2TY   QSL
5/7/00 02:30    432.040 JJ1NNJ  QSL
5/7/00 03:30    432.040 KBØVUK  QSL
5/7/00 19:00    432.040 KBØVUK  retry if required
5/7/00 23:00    432.075 W7BBM   QSL
5/8/00 04:30    432.030 K6JEY   QSL

I TX first on all.

W7CI responded that he will try to be on this weekend, no specific time.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB     BP51dc  <>

432 EME - FT-736; DEMi 0.4dB;  16 X 12 NBS2.2;  700W

K5JL:   not on 23cm .. 70cm feed is still in.. will be making noise on 70cm.
        Just worked F6HYE on 70cm 11:04 AM 5/6/2000 EDT.. just worked F6KHM
        and nil from KB8RQ..

VE6NA:  hoping to be on 23cm a bit later.. 

W7SZ:   got the 3.7mtr dish up.. 14db of sun noise .. az/el is working .. no xmit
        at this time.. 

W1ZX/M: Looking for skeds .. 

KB8RQ:  got hit by lightening 2 nights ago.. got really whacked .. lost one 
        heck of a lot of equipment .. hopes to be be back on 70cm .. is back
        on 2 meters.. rotor & controller KR-2000.. Has RC2800P that does not work.
        For AL7OB, will send e-mail if cannot make sked..

W5ZN:   sent message to Reflector responding to comments for the ARRL EME contest.
        Is it going to be Sep/Oct or Oct/Nov .. ??? comments are that the Sep/Oct
        dates look pretty good, but needs input.. Dates have NOT been selected yet.
        Please send your comments to Joel ASAP..
        G3SEK --


VE1ALQ: got 8938 running on 70cm.. working for Charlotte.. may get on 70cm or 23cm

W5LUA:  Also had a lightening strike.. blew some 5760ghz stuff (hi cost).. also preamps..
        on tropo tower.. mainly relay protect diodes.. 

LU7DZ:  Canceled all skeds.. 

WA2PHW/M: Looking for info on WB4BKC operation .. Tom..

VE4MA:  QRU...

KL7HFQ: listening to AL7OB on EME .. did hear UA9FAD return call to Mike..
        may be on this afternoon .. problems with elevation ..

DL9KR:  no traffic.. will be on stateside window.. not much heard on 70cm 
        I5TDJ & F6HYE heard on .. hearing bad endless tape on cw on 20 meters
        concerning the JA conference at JA6NNS 46 stations attended..
        RW3BP sked tomorrow with very small dish on 70cm .. ????

CT1DMK: looking for confirmation of 5.7ghz NU7Z.. will be on tomorrow as
        well on 5.7ghz .. end of window is at 1845 May 6.. loose moon on May 7 
        at 1935z..

W8TN/M: no traffic.. 

W7QX:   will be QRV on 23cm after 1700z today.. sked with AL7OB/W7BBM ok ..
        1800z tomorrow is start time
PA3CSG: no info on WB4BKC..

AL7OB:  report on e-mail.. Using FT-767 w/70cm module and hearing quite well..

KA0RYT: standing-by for moon skeds. 

KD4LT:  will be on 23cm this afternoon..

KJ7F: cannot be on this weekend..

VE7BQH: 12:06 PM 5/6/2000