Subject: NET NOTES April 30 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 


EME schedules, last update 30 Apr 2000, 13:29

Skeds for MAY  6
Time   432.040        1296.050       5760.050       
0100z  AL7OB -7M2PDT  
0130z  AL7OB -JA6CZD  
0500z  AL7OB -UA9FAD  
0530z  AL7OB -RW1AW   
0730z  OK1DFC-JA6AHB  
0800z  S52CW -JA6AHB  
0830z  GM0ONN-JA6AHB  
0900z  DK3FB -JA6AHB  
0930z  F5AQC -JA6AHB  
1000z  G4ALH -JA6AHB  
1030z  IK5WJD-JA6AHB  
1800z  AL7OB -G3SEK   
1830z  AL7OB -KU3T                   NU7Z  -CT1DMK  
1900z  AL7OB -OZ6OL   W7QX  -LU8EDR  
1930z  AL7OB -OH2DG   
2030z  AL7OB -KA0RYT  
2100z  AL7OB -KB0VUK  
2130z  AL7OB -W7CI    
2200z  AL7OB -K6JEY   
2230z  VE6TA -K9BCT   
2300z  VE6TA -KB0VUK  
2330z  VE6TA -K6JEY   

Skeds for MAY  7
Time   432.040        1296.050       
0030z  JA6AHB-N2HLT   
0100z  JA6AHB-KA0RYT  W7QX  -JH5LUZ  
0130z  JA6AHB-WA9FWD  W7QX  -JF3HUC  
0200z  JA6AHB-W7HAH   W7QX  -VK5MC   
0230z  JA6AHB-W0KJY   
0930z                 DJ5MN -JA8IAD  
1300z                 DJ5MN -IK6EIW  
1400z                 G4DZU -DJ5MN   
1430z                 DJ5MN -DC6UW   
1600z                 W1QC  -DJ5MN   
1700z                 DJ5MN -HB9BHU  
1730z                 VE6NA -DJ5MN   
1830z  K6JEY -DL9NDD  
1900z                 KD4LT -OH2DG   
2100z                 KJ7F  -KD4LT   

W2UHI:  had to stand up and be counted by census.. correction for W4OP e-mail
        <>   @@@@@@@@    did not get on the moon .. will try 
        to get on today.. 

WA8WZG/M: got some of the dish yesterday .. needs to do a couple more loads..
        Tom still has a few tickets left for the VHF/UHF dinner at Dayton.. 
        e-mail Tom for the Dayton dinner tickets.. 

WA9FWD: no traffic.. 

K5JL:   wx not looking too good.. no new traffic.. K4QI has replaced single 144
        yagi with 4 .. yields 5.5 db more sun noise .. antennas are for terrestial
K0YW:   what kind of coax does Tom has .. what is Lucky's status.. will be in Ok
        first week in June.. nearly ready to pour concrete .. will be delivered
        Monday .. 

WB4BKC: 2.5 min sequencing is normal.. 

K4QI:   sun noise at sunrise and sunset about 10db more than normal.. Looking
        forward to more forward scatter tests.. 

KA1BC/M3: In Pa..       

VE1ALQ: no traffic..  is web address..

K9BCT/M: needs info on grey code encoder.. (suggest PA3CSG page) .. working on YL-1050..              <>

W7QX:   looking for W5LUA .. no other traffic.. will send pictures to those interested
        of the internal structures of the following tubes: GI7B, 7289, & GI63B .. 

KD4LT:  been busy ..  hoping the wx will cooperate for next weekend..

KA1YK/M: in Ga .. Stu .. 

CT1DMK: no activity on 5.7ghz.. window is now better to stateside.. 

AL7OB:  passed new skeds .. see sked list..

VE4MA:  moon too far South to get on moon..

DJ5MN:  no traffic.

VE7BQH: ???? 12:05 PM 4/30/2000