Subject: NET NOTES April 15 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

NET BEGINSSorry folks... I had to go to work during the net.. So did not get notes out till 
late evening..


Subj:    Busy
Date:   4/15/00 10:11:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Darrell)

Hi Joe & All;
Still around and kicking.  I got the new HF Beam home Yesterday (Friday) 
and hope to get it up early this week. Things have been very busy, but also 
very quiet on EME...WX kept off the DUBUS contest. Spring cleaning nearly 
done, Doctor hopping completed again for awhile so hope to become active 
again soon. Plans & Reservations are made for Central States VHF Conference 
& hope to see many EME'ers there.
Regards & Best 73, Darrell

10:11 AM 4/15/2000

W2UHI:  was on Oscar-10 last night .. was on 10ghz tropo.. but not on moon last
        night.. been a little skimpy on the moon..


WA8WZG/M4: headed for the Atlanta the Hotel.. 

VE4MA:  making power on 24ghz .. cascaded TWTs are running 16watts.. will be gone for most
        the week.. 

K9BCT/M: not much from Fla .. been raining .. will be active on 70cm today.. Sunday
        afternoon on 70cm was very good.. Saturday not so good.. was on last night
        but not good condx.. 

VE6TA:  will be on 70cm today... 19x14 last weekend .. 

VE6NA:  snowed most of the week.. been working on the system and now cannot hear echoes..

W7SZ:   Dubus 70cm .. 14x13 with 3 initials .. K5JL, HB9Q, ON4KNG .. 

W7CNK:  was on last weekend .. locked out for a while with polarity.. 

K9ZZH:  will not be on 23cm tonight.

AL7OB:  50 + initials now.. 11x? in Dubus.. now working on dish projects.. 

DK3WG:   38x? in contest..will be QRV today & tomorrow.. F6KHM & HB9Q

RW1AW:  low activity on 70cm.. calling for 45 min .. no activity .  26x? and 4 init..
        will be on tonight .. 

11:24 AM 4/15/2000