Subject: NET NOTES April 08 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 


Subj:    NET NOTES INPUT APR 2, 2000
Date:   4/2/00 11:49:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe,

I plan to be on for the contest 4/8-9.  I hope the weather/solar is kind to
us.  The system appears to be in top shape.

I have updated my 9.2 meter dish project on my web page at
<>.  I would really appreciate any comments.

Tnx & 73

Mike, AL7OB                     BP51dc

432 EME - FT-736; DEMi 0.4dB;  16 X 12 NBS2.2;  700W

Subj:    Ctest
Date:   4/3/00 1:43:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (f5sdd)

F5KDK will be on 70cm next weekend to F1CH place...JN23VF
Best regards de Dave F5SDD...

Subj:    RE: NET NOTES MAR 26, 2000
Date:   4/3/00 5:32:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (WARD,AL (HP-SanJose,ex1))
To: ('')


Please change my email adr to



Subj:    K7XQ Now QRV 432 MHz EME w/ Small station
Date:   4/5/00 3:18:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Just a note that I am now QRV on 432 MHz EME with a tiny station.
I would like to begin my FIRST 432 MHz EME station with the " W5UN's" of
432 EME.

My station is as follows:

Antenna- A Pair of M2 432-9 WL ( Like IK5QLO's )
Amp- A single 8930 400 watts AM-6155
Radio- Yaesu FT-847
Available- weekends just about anytime and 0500 - 1400 utc weekdays  utc

73 from Jeff K7XQ
Atwater, CA. USA Grid: CM97QI
Schedule proposals at:

Subj:    Guest station
Date:   4/7/00 9:31:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dany B.)

Hi Joe, guest station on my QTH , He's Jeorge LW5DX.
 Best regards.

Subj:    eme WEEKeND
Date:   4/8/00 9:48:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Tom Whitted) (Tom Whitted)
To:     k1RQG@AOL.COM

Hi Joe, another fine day in paradise..!!! Raining NOR' easter here and
Snow!!! Windy also you know the routine ..I will try to be on net late check
but I will not be on the moon on 13 cm today as advertised due to weather,,I
got the new amp from Ed K9EK..
Gs9B water cooled for 13 cm ..120 watts plus VERY NICE construction!!! 73's
and see ya on the net late check #2
Tom Whitted
WA8WZG  6mtrs - 47 GHZ from EN81om
ICQ 28362505

W2UHI:  Had a few inches of snow last night, also some sleet.. will be on if things thaw out..

K5JL:   worked 14 stations last night.. stayed vertical most of the time.. lots of QSB inits
        AL7OB, K6JEY, W7SZ.. 

K9BCT/M: heard a couple of stations just before moon went below the Palm trees.. worked K1FO.
        will be on today around noon..

N2IQU:  getting on the moon right now 10:20 AM 4/8/2000..

WE2Y:   reports VK4AFL very strong all eve.. worked a few last night ..

VE6NA:  was on DX contest last weekend .. will look for W5LUA later today, cannot make the sked
        at 1900z. working on watercooled 2 tube amp.. 

KB8RQ:  snowing .. high winds.. may be on 70cm later today.. heavy rains .. 11:57 AM 4/8/2000
        on 70cm and not hearing anyone.. 

WA4NJP: not much today.. bad wx moving in.. most likely will not be on today.. 

WB4BKC: wx is a bit nasty, but will try to get on 70cm .. looking forward to May weekend on 23cm
        if all goes well.. 

VE4MA:  continue to work on TWT stuff.. plans to be on skeds tomorrow.. 

W1VEH/MM: 20 MTR dipole on container ship.. been on ship since Wed.. leaving New Orleans headed
        to Houston.. 

WA9FWD: working on the 13cm gear .. bad day yeterday .. wx very bad.. dish loaded with snow & ice.
        have to leave town tomorrow, so will not be on .. will try today..

KC4JP:  Joe.. 

W7SZ:   was on 70cm last night and worked JH6AHB, & K5JL(init) .. will be on 70cm today..
        ant on 70cm is 4x42 xpole  (each ant is 21 ele in each pole) ########

WA8WZG: snow, rain, blow, lousy wx.. have a few tickets left for the Dayton Banquet..
        has tracer on pkg to K5JL.. 

N7EIJ:  Still looking into 70cm ant configuration.. looking for 30LBX .. or X pole.. had some
        fun on 2 mtrs this morn (tropo)

PA3CSG: ...

G4RGK:  still not QRV .. 

W5ZN:   Had some good wx, and started working on 70cm antennas.. not complete..

KD4LT:  needs to scratch 2 skeds today due to bad bad wx.. OH2DG & KJ7F ...

W7QX:   no luck on last night skeds .. will be on for LU8EDR sked.. looking for any 23cm
        skeds.. will be QRV after 1830z..will be QRT tomorrow..

AL7OB:  only worked 3 stations last night .. heard many Europeans calling.. will be on
        today.. SM3AKW had a very strange effect on his signal.. looked liked 2 signals
        and could copy them separately.. 

M5AGG:  ...Chris.. 

DL1RCJ/MM: .. 

VE7BQH: 12:01 PM 4/8/2000..