Subject: NET NOTES 19 March 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

See DUBUS info at the end of the NET NOTES..(TNX W2UHI)

Is there anything that the EME NET can do to help get the word out for EME 2000.
We do not have a lot of recent information.. See W5LUA below..

EME schedules, last update 19 Mar 2000, 11:31

Skeds for MAR 20
Time   1296.050       1296.075       
0100z  DJ5MN -WA9FWD  
0230z  DJ5MN -VE6TA   
0300z  DJ5MN -W7SZ    VE6TA -WA9FWD  

Subj:    dl3ias
Date:   3/18/00 1:59:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (guenter wertich)

dl3ias-p was guest operator by df4pv   vy73

Subj:   Re: NET NOTES MAR 18, 2000
Date:   3/19/00 8:20:13 AM Eastern Standard Time
To:     K1rqg


DUBUS   MAR 18/19  23CM - 144MHZ ...   70CM - 2304 and up APR 08/09

W2UHI:  activity very good last night .. total for the weekend .. 24X16 .. wx was ok..
        23cm .. no new inits..

K5JL:   good time on moon.. was raining with high rain static.. lots of JAs on .. 
        they were calling W7QX ... Jay switched calls, so for JAs, Jay was using W5ORH..

WA4NJP: no traffic.. bad wx.. 

W5ZN:   Nothing changed since yesterday.. wx still bad ... waiting to repair antennas..

KD4LT:  was not on last night .. wx was pretty bad .. building a barn .. framed up..

WB4BKC: could not get into the dish.. all was closed down for spring break.. will 
        find out when access is available.. Next activity weekend in April ..
        70cm array is now assembled.. will be running hardline and control ..

W5LUA:  was on last night .. 17 contacts.. worked 3 JAs .. JF3HUC, JA8IAD, JH5LUZ..
        Did not call CQ.. concerned about EME2000 activity.. for Don, PY5ZBU, we
        would like a list of potential attendees and an update on the status of the

VE6TA:  was not on for the JA window.. count 19x13  .. looking for WA9FWD sked..

W1QC:   was on the moon and worked 19, 36 initials.. no skeds for next week or so..
        may be on tonight but no skeds.. 

VE1ALQ: still down.. bad wx took down 20 meter beam..snow starting to melt... 

DK3WG:  was not on 70cm ,, only a little on 2 meters.. 

W7SZ:   15X11 for contest .. 19 for week and 6 initials.. 

W4AD:   great time on EME 11x9 on 23cm  .. window still limited.. 

DJ5MN:  wants sked before 0300z.. VE6NA, VE6TA, W7QX, WA4NJP, W7SZ.. no window W7QX, 

N2IQU:  33X? on 23cm .. 

WA1JOF: ...

WA9FWD: was on EME and 10x8 for contest.. looking for W4AD tonight.. snowing now..
        ? about length of cathode line GI7B amp .. 

W7QX:   hi QSB last night .. worked 2 .. K2UYH & OE5EYM  .. total 11x7 for contest. 
        32 inits on 23cm  .. heard Jay on a lot.. did not hear the JAs .. 

VE4MA:  NO TRAFFIC..still working on TWT p/s

WE2Y:   was on 70cm last night .. met with W7CNK .. K6JEY no go.. needs skeds for next
        sked weekend .. K6JEY, VK4AFL, KL7HFQ, & PY5ZBU *******

PA3CSG: did anyone hear EA8/LA8LF ??  will be on tonight .. about 4 kilos.. 

LX1DB:  worked LU8EDR last week, W7SZ, W7QX, DF3RU, SM2CEW, IK2MMB  .. Son will be
        operating the station tonight LX2DB until 0200z .. working on the 10ghz
        equipment and will be on for next contest weekend on all UHF bands.. 

SM2CEW: ??? W5DXL  .. worked on 23cm ..need info.. will be on 2 meters and maybe 
        23cm later..

VE7BQH: 12:18 PM 3/19/2000

>                                                  Sponsored by REF and DUBUS
>The EU WW EME contest is intended to encourage worldwide activity on
>moonbounce. Multipliers are DXCC countries plus ALL W/VK/VE STATES. This
>equal chances for stations from North America, Europe
>and Oceania. The rules reward random QSOs, but do not penalize skeds on
>or above.
>1. Contest Dates & Periods
>The contest happens during two full weekends: 144 and 1296MHz on the MARCH
>weekend, and 432MHz, 2300MHz and above on the APRIL weekend. Each weekend of
>the contest begins at 00:00 UTC on Saturday
>and ends at 24:00 UTC on Sunday.
>2. Bands and dates
>First weekend: 144MHz and 1296MHz 18/19 MARCH 2000.
>Second weekend: 432MHz, 2300MHz and above 08/09 APRIL 2000
>Note - only 3 weeks between the two weekends! 18/19 March is chosen
>particularly for low sky noise on 144MHz. 08/09 April is chosen for perigee
>and longer operating time.
>3. Sections
>144MHz <100kW EIRP
>432MHz <400kW EIRP
>1296MHz <600kW EIRP
>>= 2300MHz no separate QRP/QRO categories
>On 144, 432 and 1296MHz, stations with EIRP equal to or greater than stated
>Non-amateur equipment or antenna. PRO stations will have scores listed
>There are no separate multi-operator classes. Multi-operator and QRO stations
>will be highlighted in the general classifications.
>4. Exchange
>Callsigns + TMO/RST + R.
>5. Scoring
>100 points for each random QSO completed.
>10 (ten) points for each sked QSO completed on bands below 2.3GHz.
>100 points for each sked QSO completed on 2.3GHz or higher bands.
>6. Multipliers
>Each DXCC country (except W/VE/VK), or EACH INDIVIDUAL STATE worked in
>W/VE/VK. Multipliers count only if worked by RANDOM (except on 2.3GHz or
>above). States and provinces can be determined after
>the contest using address lists in recent Newsletters or in DUBUS.
>7. Total scores
>Single band entries: sum of points multiplied by sum of multipliers.
>There will be one QRP winner and one QRO winner on each band.
>Multiband entries: (Total sum of points on all bands) * (total sum of
>multipliers on all bands) There will be one QRP multiband winner and one
>QRO multiband winner. Multiband stations will also be listed as an entry
>on each separate band worked, and can also win single-band awards.
>8. Reporting
>Copy of the log for each band with details of points, multipliers and total
>The following information MUST also be included for each band:
>1. Output power, transmit cable loss, antenna type and gain.
>2. Working category: QRO/QRP single/multi operator
>3. Name(s) of all operators
>4. Locator/State.
>Other information is welcome: Comments, conditions, grid locator, other
>station details, photographs, etc...
>9. Awards
>A certificate will be sent to each entry. All QRP/QRO band winners and
>QRP/QRO multiband winners will receive a trophy. In each section, the
>highest-scoring station in the southern hemisphere will receive a special
>10. Logs
>Log entries MUST be postmarked no later than 30 days after the end of the
>second weekend (i.e. in the mail or e-mail by 9 MAY 2000), to the following
>Joachim Kraft, DL8HCZ
>EME Contest
>Gruetzmuehlenweg 23
>22339 Hamburg
>You can also email your log directly to:
>All e-mail entries will be acknowledged within one week.
>11. Referee
>Responsible for rules and general questions is:
>Ian White, G3SEK
>52 Abingdon Rd.
>Oxon OX14 4HP
>Tel.: (+44)1235-531559
>ADDRESSES! Good Luck in the Contest !
>For REF: Patrick magnin, F6HYE
>For DUBUS: Rainer Bertelsmeier, DJ9BV
>Referee: Ian White, G3SEK