Subject: NET NOTES 18 March 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

NET BEGINSI cannot get to my old house today to run the net .. Tomorrow does not 
look good either.. WX is some of the worst we have had this year...

Subj:    Activity 3/12  70cm
Date:   3/12/00 2:26:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Doug Millar)

        Had a fairly good weekend. All the gear worked ok.
DK3WG-nothing heard
DL9NDD-nothing heard
K2UYH- OR's  qsl
DL1YMK-nothing heard
KD4LT- OR's      qsl
AL7OB-nothing heard
WE2Y-nothing heard
7M2PDT-m's no qsl
JA4BLC-m's no qsl
        I have a few more schedules this weekend and hope for success. And will be 
QRV for new schedules and rescheduling.
                        Doug K6JEY
Didnt make the net.  I listened alot on 432 March 11.  Heard HP3XUG
calling Al7OB, but mike couldnt hear him at all. My echos were strong
all this weekend.  Probably could have worked some stations had it not
been for the following schedule on that same frequency.  


Roger KL7HFQ

W2UHI:  all is well.. contest fun.. will be on the moon this eve.. 

KB8RQ:  hi winds .. hopes to be on 70cm contest next month... 

VE6NA:  lot of fun last couple weekends .. worked lots of Europeans..
        will be around for any skeds.. 

VE1ALQ: not QRV ... Iced up .. see e-mail.. 

W7QX:   had a great time ... worked 9 stations last night .. overslept the
        Asian window.. CT1DMK, F6CGJ, OE9ERC, OE9XXI, OZ4MM, ZS6AXT, F1ANH
        K5JL, F5PAU all worked... has a B/W monitor and camera for sale..

W7SZ:   worked 11 stations.. 

W5LUA:  was on last night .. big amp running  .. worked about 10 stations..
        will be on tonight.. seems to hear pretty well on the smaller dish..

K9BCT/M: not much traffic.. ran a few skeds during the week with Europe.. ok
        with quite a few .. will not be on this weekend .. looking for advice 
        regarding CCD camera tracking .. lens etc  .. 

WA9FWD: was on last night and worked 9 stations..K5JL, W2UHI, SM3AKW (INIT), F6CGJ,
        F5PAU, F1ANH, OZ4MM, OE9XXI, N2IQU.. went to hamfest and bought 1/2 inch
        heliax jumpers (5 to 15 feet) with DIN connectors.. call John if you need
        any of these.. will be on limited time tonight. 

K5JL:   heard no Gs, DLs, or HBs .. activity seems to be down .. was on JA window
        and only worked 3 JAs and no VKs.. many of the regulars were missing.. 
        will be on 70cm second leg .. W5LUA was sounding good .. will be on this
        evening .. 

WA4NJP: wx is not good.. not sure if wx will let Ray on the moon.. preparing
        for the Atlanta conference. 

W5ZN:   all is well.. raining .. repairs to 70cm array on hold due to wx.. will
        be around for the net.. 

K9ZZH:  worked 4 stations, had to be away for a couple hours.. only 100w out, 
        something wrong with xmitter.. K5JL, N2IQU, OZ4MM, K2UYH all worked.
        will be on tonight for a while.. 

NU7Z:   rcvd manual from FWD.. have not been on for a couple of month .. 
        still on 5760 but not active .. putting up 8 yagis for 903 with
        elevation and 600w.. sending LUA pkg.. looking for 1 or 2 HP-477 
        thermistor mounts .. Dad had some surgery so Rick is busy helping

W7SZ:   worked 16 since last Sunday  OK1KIR, LU8EDR, W3XS, F1ANH, F5PAU W1QC
        are all new initials.. heard W5LUA very loud & JF3HUC but not worked.
        will be on after 0300z.. needs VK for WAC.. 

VE6TA:  was on last night .. worked 13 stations.. thought condx were good but 
        nil from the JA window .. new init was W1QC.. will be on tonight 0100z.
        WA9FWD,VE6NA, W7SZ ZS6AXT, JF3HUC heard but not worked.. called W7SZ 
        for 1 hour.. 

WA9NGO: .... will be at Dayton .. 

N3TYE:  ???

N2IQU:  had some fun .. worked 20 or so on 23cm only.. 500w power again .. 
        WA9FWD, EA3UM, W1QC (GOOD JOB).. amongst others..  no new ones.. 
        hearing well and xmitting well on 70cm.. 

W7QX:   having a problem with line noise on HF .. found an AC strip to 
        generate noise on HF .. there will be a Monday night session
        for the VHF/UHF hams at NAB.. 

DJ5MN:  EA8/LA8LF will be on tonight .. as well as DJ5MN 

NET ENDS        11:42 AM 3/18/00