Subject: NET NOTES 5 March 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Please check out the sked list for time and station changes.. KB8RQ has a new
sked and K6JEY has different time slots.. Please advise if you cannot make the

73 de Joe

Subj:    For skeds
Date:   3/4/00 4:47:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Fortunato Bonnici)

Hello Joe, the past few weeks I was busy home construction.  some changes 
with 23cm p/s. still working fine .  next weekend 11th I be available for 
                      best regards  Fortunato  9hies.
EME schedules, last update 5 Mar 2000, 11:19

(432 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR 11
Time   432.040        432.045        432.055        432.070        
0230z                                               7M2PDT-AL7OB   
0730z  AL7OB -UA9FAD  
0800z  AL7OB -RW1AW   
1730z  N3FA  -IK2EAD  
1800z  N3FA  -DK3WG   
1830z  N3FA  -OE9ERC  WB0GGM-EA3DXU                 K6IBY -DK3WG   
1900z                 WB0GGM-RW1AW                  K6JEY -DK3WG   
1930z  KJ7F  -RW1AW   WB0GGM-SM3AKW  
2000z  AL7OB -HB9SV   WB0GGM-DJ3FI   
2100z  AL7OB -HA1YA   WB0GGM-ON4KNG  
2130z  AL7OB -WB0GGM  KJ7F  -W7CNK   
2200z  N3FA  -VE1ALQ  W7SZ  -PY5ZBU  AL7OB -G3SEK   
2230z  N3FA  -K2UYH   KJ7F  -KD4LT   AL7OB -EA3UM   
2300z  N3FA  -K1FO    AL7OB -HP3XUG  KJ7F  -WB0GGM  
2330z  N3FA  -KB2AH   AL7OB -PY5ZBU  

Skeds for MAR 12
Time   432.040        432.045        
0000z                 AL7OB -KB8RQ   
0030z                 K6JEY -KD4LT   
0100z                 AL7OB -K6JEY   
0330z  JA6AHB-WB0GGM  
2300z                 KJ7F  -WA4NJP  

EME schedules, last update 5 Mar 2000, 11:19

(1296 MHz listed only)
Skeds for MAR 11
Time   1296.050       1296.060       
1800z                 LU8EDR-DJ9YW   
1830z  OH2DG -KD4LT   LU6DW -DJ9YW   
1900z  W1ZX  -DD1XF   OH2DG -WA4NJP  
1930z  W1ZX  -9H1ES   LU8EDR-WA4NJP  
2000z  W1ZX  -I0UGB   VE6NA -WA4NJP  
2030z                 W7QX  -WA4NJP  
2100z  VE6NA -KD4LT   W7QX  -SM3AKW  
2130z                 W7QX  -SM2CEW  
2230z                 W7QX  -PY5ZBU  

Skeds for MAR 12
Time   1296.050       1296.060       1296.075       
1200z  PA3CSG-JF3HUC  
1300z  OK1KIR-RW3BP   
1400z  9H1ES -OK1KIR  DJ5MN -I5MPK   
1430z  DJ5MN -9H1ES   
1600z  PA3CSG-SV1OE   
1730z  WA8WZG-DJ5MN   
1800z  WA9OUU-DJ5MN   
1830z  K9BCT -DJ5MN   W1ZX  -I0UGB   
1900z  W1ZX  -9H1ES   WA9FWD-DJ5MN   
1930z  W1ZX  -DD1XF   WA9OUU-OK1KIR  
2000z  W4AD  -OK1KIR  LU8EDR-DJ5MN   
2030z  W7QX  -ZS6AXT  LU8EDR-OK1KIR  
2100z                 LU6DW -OK1KIR  
2130z  W7SZ  -OK1KIR  LU8EDR-KD4LT   
2200z  W7QX  -OK1KIR  W7SZ  -LU8EDR  
2230z                 W7SZ  -LU6DW   
2300z                                W7QX  -WA9FWD  
2330z  W7SZ  -PY5ZBU  

W2UHI:  did get on the moon this am.. called CQ and IK2MMB answered.. also
        demo of EME to K2OUB at KB2AH QTH... only 8 degrees from sun.. 
        N2IQU also called in.. weaky though..there is a web site (BBS) about
        computer related issues.. check with Frank if interested.. .. 

K5JL:   not much going on .. was not on 6 meters EME .. sun too close to moon..

WB4BKC: will know tomorrow if he will be on for Saturday from the 30' dish
        at Woodbury, Ga .. Georgia Tech radio club .. 

WB0GGM: all is ready for the sked weekend.. 

W1ZX/M: Will be on EME next weekend.. any skeds welcome.. 

WA9FWD: not much going on.. working on a few projects.. 

K9BCT:  just back from trip to GB.. 

KB8ZW:  nothing new to report.. open for any skeds .. 

KD4LT:  working on old John Deere tractor.. 

WA1JOF: looking for K9BCT .. ? on line stretchers..

VE4MA:  working on Varian TWT p/s .. 

AL7OB:  moved K6JEY to 0100 on Mar 12.. put KB8RQ at 0000 on 12th ..
        *K4QI -# .. Baby at 9:25 pm 
        Emma last night..  Gary  .. W4AF ...

W7EME:  has acquired a 7 meter dish via AL7OB.. 

DK3WG:  no news .. 

PA3CSG: been very busy. will be on 23cm next weekend.. 

DL9KR:  no new traffic.. Eldest son is going to be in Madison ..  Jan
        will be visiting in the Fall.. Son will be assistant professor
        in mathmatics.. was talking to VK3UM and is doing well .. 

VE6TA:  no traffic.. working on 6 meter ant.. 

W3EME:  12:00 AM 3/5/00

K0EME:  12:08 PM 3/5/00