Subject: NET NOTES 16 January 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Very low activity on the 20 meter net... 

73 de Joe

Subj:    STATION ??
Date:   2/19/00 11:03:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dany B.)

Hi Joe , I'm here again with a question:I need the personal
address of HB9SV ,you can help me ?.
By the way, on Saturday 12/2/2000 (in the middle of the local
 storm) I was make contact with K2UYH and OE9ERC(ssb). K5JL,
HB9SV and OE5JFL(CW),40W on TX.

Best regards.

Subj:    de RW1AW
Date:   2/21/00 3:17:26 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Alex Boreysha)

Hello Joe !
I QRV EME 144&432 and my proekt 23cm EME is 80% ok / sri hi /
1. Dich - 3,8m : X-12 ECHOSTAR F/D = 0.34 with VE4MA feed horn
2. Home - made h.b dich 5.7m F/D = 0.54 - not good mesh ! 
/ I hope - in Apr - May 2000 h.b dich 100%OK /: LX1DB Willi send my
very good mesh 9x9mm ! 
3.42m TX line 7/8" only...
4. LNA : h.b cavity NE-324 / 0.3dB /+ 2xMGF-1302
5. PAs - all home made: 1st with GI-7B / max 320-350 W out /
    2 - with GS-31B / 540-560 W out / and in Feb - very good test GS-35B
    in same cavity - 740-760 W out
I send to you JPG file my 1296 PAs and hope starting 23cm EME 
in Jun-Jul 2000 
vy 73 Alex RW1AW

Subj:    23Cm EME
Date:   2/24/00 6:59:42 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Harry Price)

Dear Joe and friends,

I need to be placed in the QRT status for EME. I have some ice damage to
the dish and a variety of other small problems that need my attention in
the system. However, despite my best efforts I am unable to address these
problems right now due to heavy committments on my time as a caregiver.
Please do not place me on the schedule list. Thanks for some great times. I
hope to return to EME on 23CM as soon as I can, but it can easily be
several months from now. I'll stay in touch.

73, Harry K3HZO 

K4QI:   no traffic.. 

K5JL:   not much new.. worked WA4NJP on 23cm and 6 mtr EME ... 

W2UHI:  have not been active on EME due to moon position.. when it gets back
        in view .. will be on.... most of the snow is gone.. did work WA1JOF
        on ionisphere scatter.. would like to work Jay.. 

VE1ALQ: nothing new.. will be checking out all the systems this weekend.. 

WA1JOF: nothing for the net.. 

W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

W4AD:   still working with the dish on 23c.. going to remove some trees that 
        were bothering .. should be back on 23cm next month.. 

K0YW:   still working on 23cm hi power amp.. 

VE6NA:  good time last night.. blew preamp trying to get more power.. 

VE4MA:  pretty quiet .. recovering from a bout with food poisoning.. looking for 

W1VEH:  Satelite Beach... set sail Apr 4.. 

DK3WG:  back from holiday .. was not on last weekend.. 


11:17 AM 2/26/00