Subject: NET NOTES 19 Feb 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 


Klaus, Scotty.. please check e-mails below for directory and e-mail address

EME schedules, last update 19 Feb 2000, 10:50

Skeds for FEB 20
Time   1296.050       
0200z  W1ZX  -WA4NJP  
0230z  W1ZX  -WD5AGO  

Subj:    Re: NET NOTES FEB 13, 2000
Date:   2/13/00 11:11:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Wayne Mueller)

Hi Joe,
Here is the data for W1QC

Wayne Mueller - W1QC                 ########
22 Hemlock Street
Londonderry, NH  03053
email:             @@@@@@@@

5 meter (16ft) TVRO dish,  f/d = 0.38
KB2AH (imu) feed horn with circularity screws,
KB2AH 500 W 4 tube amp, 350 W at feed horn,
approx.. 80 ft of 7/8" hard-line for both XMT and RCV
KB2AH pre-amp 0.5dB NF, 18 dB gain.
DEMI 1296-144 and 144-28 transverters, approx. 22 dB gain
FT-1000MP for IF
Camera tracking only at present

20 degrees above horizon looking east  to approx.. 10 degrees above horizon
looking west.
I have a tree (blocking) zone from approximately 200 deg to 290 deg.  I can
work through it when the leaves have fallen (I can hear my own echoes).

Having problems with receive gain or NF so can't hear as well as I should.
Hope to have problem solved within a month.


Wayne - W1QC

Subj:    Re: Subscription to sked list
Date:   2/14/00 7:26:47 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Sergio Bergonti)            @@@@@@@

Hi Joe,

thanks for prompt reply. So my station is composed by a 3.5 meters (about 12
feet) 0.50 f/d dish, a full size W2IMU feed, the tx'ing line is equipped
with a final stage TH308 tube; all is HB HM. For the sake of information I
can tell you that the PA can put out 600W but I operate it at around 520W to
keep grid current to a decent level; around 400w at feed.  Due to ridicolous
power limitations in Italy on this band (50w ERP Hi!) I'd ask you to put on
any public list only 'TH308' as out power or final stage. All hams will know
what's all about it. Just to avoid some headache. The rtx I normally use is
a FT847 but I am also looking into receiving with a good old R4C when I'll
find the 125Hz Cw filter.  So my name is Sergio last name Bergonti my grid
square is JN45PQ which is in very north Italy close to Milan. My home phone#
is +39 039 920 2938 good till 2000z  (young kids, mad wife...usual stuff) or
also cellphone at +39 335 617 4188.  Ok for skeds request, I'll do it thru
EBY as suggested.
Thank you very much,                                   ########


Subj:    Skeds for March 2000
Date:   2/14/00 2:12:44 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Klaus,
You was right. We got nice SW in February with 6 new call signs on 432 and the
same amount on 1296 as well.
Great achievement having in mind we lost 4 skeds on 432 MHz on Saturday due to a
fatal error beaming 5..6 degrees off the moon for a few hours.
Besides some 3..4 dB of loss VK4AFL was there with O/O, hi.
We would like to continue in March SW. So we ask for a sked with :


1296 MHz :    9H1ES, RW3BP, RW1AW, LU6DW, LU8EDR, WA9OUU, W7QX , W7SZ and W4AD.

Thank You very much !

Vlada & Tonda

Subj:    new email address
Date:   2/15/00 2:42:05 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bernd Wilde)

Hi Joe!
I have email at home now   @@@@@@@@
Pse send the netnotes to the new email address.
Wrkdlast weekend only VK4AFL #. Niul from UA4API & IK2EAD.
Was not on random, but started the hole for the concret block for the new tower. 
Hope to finish next weekend, that I can make the concret last weeknd in Feb. 
Wheather is fine, we have no winter this year but a storm period. We had more 
than 6 times >>80km/h here since christmas.
Will be not so active till the new antenna is ready but avaible for skeds.

73 Bernd DL7APV

Subj:    new e-mail and homepage adress
Date:   2/15/00 4:01:19 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Erich Rupprechter)
To: (K1RQG)

File:  newemail.mim (19012 bytes)
DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute

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Dear Joe
Please change my e-mail and homepage adress in the e-mail list. @@@@@@@@

vy 73, de Erich OE9ERC

Erich Rupprechter, OE9ERC
Loc: JN47VL <>
Homepage: <>  or

Subj:    Net notes
Date:   2/17/00 7:18:09 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Trevor Benton)

Joe - Hi & hope all is well with you. Have had some good
recent contacts including new initials OK1KIR, DL7APU.
W7SZ,SM3AKW, DJ6MB, HB9SU & EA3DXU. In almost
every case the polarity rotator had a good workout in order
to complete the contact - I have found that down here the
Faraday shift has been almost a constant 45 - 60deg over
the last several weeks.
Will be on this w/end [Feb 19/20] during both the EU & US

 Regards & 73`s, Trevor, VK4AFL.

Subj:    Re: Friday Sked
Date:   2/18/00 11:15:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   alkatz@TCNJ.EDU (Alan Katz)
To: (The Rollens)
CC: (

Hi Bert:

Disaster just struck!  We had several inches of wet snow, but I was over

confident and did not consider the weight of the snow in my dish.  The
weld holding the elevation control just snapped.

Fortunately I do not think anything else was damaged, but I can not
elevate my dish and thus can not be on for our sked.  I hope to be able
to fix the mount soon and will let you know when I can operate again.

Sorry for causing this problem.

73, Al - K2UYH

Subj:    23/70cm activity
Date:   2/18/00 11:28:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Larry Liljeqvist)

Greetings Joe... Good conditions thru the week. On 70cm,
worked VK4AFL ( new continent) and KB8RQ for initials.
W1ZX was lone initial on 23cm but also worked W7QX,
N2IQU, K5JL (ssb/ssb) and OE9ERC (ssb/ssb). Plan to
reposition the 23cm dish this summer for earlier look at
the Euro window. Keep up the good work... CU in 2 weeks.
Aloha.... Larry  W7SZ

Subj:    To: NET NOTES FEB 19, 2000
Date:   2/19/00 6:23:20 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe,

I'm listening to JA6AHB (439) on 432.014 at 2/19 1120z as I write this.  He
isn't hearing me.  W7CI wasn't hearing me earlier this evening, although he
was weak here.  I worked OK1KIR and LX1DB last weekend for two new ones.  I
plan to try to check into net, but with the solar flare, odds are against me.


Mike, AL7OB

Subj:    Re: To: NET NOTES FEB 19, 2000
Date:   2/19/00 12:03:31 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum, Mike)


Ironic that I finally hear the net when you don't have a beam!  Its been
months since I have heard anything at all.  For anyone who hasn't seen it,
again, my webpage is:


I am working on the foundation design, and also the feed support design.  I
will put updates on my page soon.  I may work on a diagonal feed for 1296
this week (unless somebody has an extra 1296 feed for a .45 that they would
part with reasonably).



W2UHI:  Ice storm last night.. looks to thaw out today.. but not on EME..
        worked one new initial last weekend .. IK2MMB .. 

K5JL:   tried again to run with Ron, W9ZIH, heard him M/O copy ... Ron could
        only detect a signal.. 

KB8RQ:  worked W7SZ the other night .. new init.. iced up.. 

WA4NJP: working on antennas and foing yard work.. hopes to be on random in      
        the evenings ..

WA1JOF: ???

WD5AGO: still waiting for good wx to change out the dish .. will be on 222 in
        March .. 

W4TJ:   Doing some work on new tower and mount.. 

WA9FWD: can get on tonight if moon +10..  on the web is a 
        good source ..

VE6TA:  was on 70cm last weekend .. 10 QSO and 3 new inits.. work K6MYC last
        night on 222 EME .. 1kw 16' dish.. 

VE4MA:  not much new.. busy at QRL.. 

W1ZX:   will be on the moon tonight.. looking for skeds from Europe tonight..

KB8ZW:  waiting for the big thaw..

W7QX:   not much new.. will be QRV after 0300z .. any skeds welcome.. 
        was not on for W1QC .. ******   LOOKING FOR wa4njp & wa4ofs
        has a Sperry wavemeter/detector.. calibrated from 2400-3400mhz with
        all cables, adapters, connectors, etc.. anyone interested, get in 
        touch with Jerry.. can be had for s & h .. 

W7CNK:  checking oin via phone (W7QX).. LX2DB is son of LX1DB

WB0GGM: last weekend.. completed with VE6TA for inits #73 on 70cm.. 
        looking for skeds in March.. SM3AKW, DJ3FI, DL1YMK, RW1AW, ON4KNG,
        EA3DXU, AL7OB.. JA6AHB, *******  Looking for other JA skeds.. 

K2DH:   status report.. putting station back together .. should be on by 
        next month..

K5WXN:  called RW1AW for about an hour last night .. will try again tonight..

VE1ALQ: purchased the DSP unit that K3HZO has been talking about.. looks good..
        Analog Devices is the make.. cleared away about 5cm of snow.. 

DJ5MN:  not QRV tonight.. 

PA3CSG: rcvd pkg all OK.. grid for JH0WJF PM86WJ .. UA3PTW KO93bs..
        SKEDS FOR MAR .. on 23cm JF3UHC, SV1OE, ...

DL9KR:  no traffic.. lots of snow .. had a headon in car .. no one hurt, but car
        is very bad but driveable .. heard LX1(2)DB calling CQ !!!!

CT1DMK: switched to 23cm  ..few QSO ..  will accept 23cm skeds. will call 
        CQ on .010 till moon loss.. missed OK1KIR because out of window.. please
        OK1KIR wait till CT1DMK gets back on 70cm . 

AL7OB:  will be on this eve.. called many stations and no reply.. worked JA6AHB..

WE2Y:   completed with LX1DB 569/449  last week.. 

W5UN:   12:13 PM 2/19/00

VE7BQH: 12:13 PM 2/19/00