Subject: NET NOTES 30 January 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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Subj:   1296 brick amp
Date:   1/29/00 1:35:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:   W6WE
CC:     K1rqg

In Dubis, so I am told, is an article for a Solid State 150w brick amp written by DJ9BV. Someone is making the boards and/or selling kits or assembled units. Price unknown. Do you have any access to DUBIS articles? I do not. I am still looking for a MRF15090 device to replace the one I smoked in the K9BCT brick amp that many of us built some time back.  Mike Goshay W6WE

Any info .. please respond to Mike ..    @@@@@@@

Date:   1/29/00 8:43:54 PM Eastern Standard Time



The Official Home Page Of The Greenland EME DXpedition..
29 May - 5 June 2000
The intention is to use this 32 m dish for EME on 23 cm
On 2 m we will use 4 x 5 WL
On 70 cm 4 x 28elm 9 WL
We will also be QRV 24 hours on 6 m and HF


W6WE:   looking for a solid state 23cm amp 100-150w and or MRF15090
        to replace the burnt out one in K9BCT amp.. Any studies on
        polarazation from Europe to West coast.. reason is, is it 
        feasible to install the 70cm ant in Vert configuration.. 
        K0RZ has some info for Colorado to Eur.. 

W2UHI:  nothing new.. all is operational.. 

K5JL:   green tractor would not pull truck out of pond, but the blue 
        one did !!!! 

K0YW:   getting ready to fire up TH-328 driver! .. 

N4GJV:  looking for DL9KR for info on JH1KRC ... looking for ATF-33143
        device.. info on HP/Agilent web sight  via HP RF web site 

K3XF:   has a KB2AH 6 tube amp for 23cm for sale ... e-mail is best way to contact Art ..

KA0RYT: not much new .. will be in and out.. 

W7QX:   nothing new.. got spectrum analyzer going last night .. will
        be making measurements on preamps today.. 

W7SZ:   high winds over 60mph.. all is still in tact.. 

W1ZX/M: no traffic.. 

W0KJY:  working on the polarity system .. wind tore cable apart.. new
        23cm xvtr seems to be workiing well .. 

KB8ZW:  looking for any skeds on 70cm .. see above for Greenland EME..

W5ZN:   no traffic..

CT1DMK: just checking in .. no traffic.. 70cm feed is still active..

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

DL9KR:  does not have any knowledge of JH1KRC.. 

DK3WG:  no traffic.. will be on next sked weekend .. looking for 

WB0GGM: will do sked with KB8ZW ******  Needs new sked RW1AW.. 

VE1ALQ: still iced up.. 

KD4LT:  no traffic.. 

W3EME:  12:00 PM 1/30/00  2 meter EME net..