Subject: NET NOTES 9 January 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Please check the sked list below.. There were a lot of requests that I could not
verify.. I did enter them but no guarantees.. For AL7OB, I did not enter the two
skeds for the 17th as this is a work day for Europe.. Feel free to contact direct
for skeds.. Many skeds entered for 9H1ES, and confirmed.. Also RV4AQ .. I believe
that JA8ERE is stilll QRT.. I need verification. For DJ9YW, I have not heard from
K9KFR for a long time, do not think he is QRV (need info from EME group).. Also 
had to change DJ9YW sked freq to 1296.060 .. 

73 es good echoes

EME schedules, last update 9 Jan 2000, 12:46

Skeds for JAN 15
Time   432.040        432.045        432.055        
0430z                 JH0WJF-K2UYH   
1230z  OH2DG -JA2TY   
1300z  OH2DG -JF3HUC  
1330z  OH2DG -JA6AHB  DF3RU -JH0WJF  
1500z  YO2IS -JA6AHB  
1900z  G4ALH -OH2DG   
2000z  WE2Y  -UT3LL   EA3DXU-UA4API  RV4AQ -PA3CSG  
2030z  K2UYH -RV4AQ   W8MQW -EA3DXU  
2100z  N3FA  -DF3RU   KA0RYT-EA3DXU  K2UYH -GM0ONN  
2130z  WB0GGM-DJ3FI   
2230z  K6JEY -DF3RU   W7SZ  -EA3DXU  VE6TA -DL7APV  
2300z  W7SZ  -DJ3FI   K6JEY -DL9KR   VE6TA -OE3JPC  
2330z                 K6JEY -DK3WG   VE6TA -PY5ZBU  

Skeds for JAN 16
Time   432.040        1296.050       1296.060       1296.075       
0100z  AL7OB -VE6TA   
0130z  AL7OB -N3FA    
0200z  AL7OB -KB8ZW   
0300z  AL7OB -WB0GGM                                VE6NA -VE1ALQ  
0330z  AL7OB -W8MQW   
0400z  AL7OB -K6JEY   
0430z  K6JEY -K2UYH   
0500z  AL7OB -KA0RYT  
0530z                 JF3HUC-W5LUA   
1200z                 OH2DG -JF3HUC  
2000z                 SV1OE -OH2DG   
2030z                 PY5ZBU-OH2DG   SV1OE -DJ9YW   VE1ALQ-IK2MMB  
2100z                 K3HZO -I5MPK   IK2MMB-DJ9YW   DJ5MN -9H1ES   
2130z                 W1ZX  -IK2MMB                 KD4LT -9H1ES   
2200z  WB0GGM-OK1KIR  W1ZX  -I0UGB   
2230z  WB0GGM-SM3AKW  K3HZO -G4DZU   K9ZZH -DJ9YW   W1ZX  -9H1ES   
2300z  WB0GGM-LX1DB   K3HZO -9H1ES                  VE6NA -W2UHI   
2330z  AL7OB -LX1DB   K9ZZH -K3HZO                  VE6NA -W5LUA   

Skeds for JAN 17
Time   1296.050       1296.075       
0000z  WA9FWD-K3HZO   W7SZ  -9H1ES   
0100z  WA1JOF-K2UYH   
0400z  W1ZX  -W7SZ    
2330z  K3HZO -9H1ES   

Skeds for JAN 20
Time   1296.050       
0030z  W6HD  -OH2DG   

Subj:    DJ5MN-plans for 10GHz-EME
Date:   1/8/00 3:27:15 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear EMEers,

Currently I am thinking about trying to become QRV on 10GHz-EME.
For this reason I am looking for a high-power TWT-PA. Has anybody
an idea where to get? Any infos about sources ?
I have already contacted Jeffrey, WA6KBL, but of course I
am also looking for additional sources.
Any help is very much needed here!
What kind of tubes are OK for 10GHz ? And what output power can
be delivered by these tubes? Needed high voltages?

What is the maximum output power on 10GHz (contious pwr, not pulse!!)
from a YH1198 and a RW1125 ?

All information is more than welcome!!

Many thanks in advance!

73 de Bernhard DJ5MN

Bernhard Dobler
Breslauer Str. 7
D-85435 Erding

Subj:    ALL: FAQ & Software
Date:   1/8/00 3:47:51 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Darrell)

Hello All;

In an effort to insure operating software I completely cleaned my WEB Site 
at and reloaded all files.

Also from the FRONT PAGE there is pointer to the Encoder/inclinometer FAQ 
(frequently asked questions), that are starting to surface 
again......winter is here and everyone is building again, hi.  ONLY on NOT

I have downloaded and checked all software packages there appears to be no 
problem with any on a Pentium 450Mhz machine, but ???????

Thanks & Best 73,  Darrell 

Subj:    still qrv.
Date:   1/8/00 3:52:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Fortunato Bonnici)

Hello Joe, how are you. after some days of illness now I have recovered a 
little bit ok. by the way I Heard you on HF. BUT COND. POOR. Please let me 
know when best conditions on eme and pse. arrange skeds  for me . any time 
you decide, note:not too much late.
   happy new year fortunato 9h1es.

Subj:    Back on-line msg #1
Date:   1/8/00 10:25:31 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Casas y Tierras)

Sorry for lack of communication.  Early Dec the computer started to lock up
and we lost some msgs in and out bound.  Then I came down with some serious
flu, which lasted nearly two weeks.  The computer went into shop on Dec
11th, and finally have it back now on Jan 8th.  Ergo, we hjad zippo comms
and as most of the addresses were (dumb mistake now known here!) in the
computer files.  Now making external address book!  We were in Panama city
30th to 8th, and had an interesting and safer New Year's and
brother-in-laws apartment overlooking most of Panama city.  Tons of
fireworks there in all quarters!

I'm sending this to most of the source senders of more than 200 msgs just
downloaded - took over an hour!  If you get this msg more than once, sorry,
it's probably due to your multiple msgs.  I'll weed myself thru the
answering of the huge pile msgs over the next days.  Sorry for delays, as
see plenty in mid to late Dec.
Trust you had a great New Year's and may this year be the start of your
best years ever!

Louis and Yari

Subj:    For NET NOTES JAN 9, 2000
Date:   1/8/00 11:04:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe,

I would like to attempt the following ambitious skeds:

>Skeds for JAN 16
TimeZ   FREQ            Callsign
1:00    432.040 VE6TA   (already on your list)
1:30    432.040 N3FA
2:00    432.040 KB8ZW
2:30    432.040 W8MQW
3:00    432.040 WB0GGM
3:30    432.040 W7CI
4:00    432.040 K6JEY
5:00    432.040 KA0RYT
23:30   432.040 LX1DB

>Skeds for JAN 17
TimeZ   FREQ            Callsign
0:00    432.040 OK1KIR
0:30    432.040 DL8OBY
                        And anyone else!!

I doubt that I will hear the net but I plan to try.  
I have a NEW WEB SITE <>  
I have sketches of my new 9.2 meter dish and pictures 
when it was assembled years ago, and lots of other stuff.
I welcome any comments to <>.

Tnx & 73.

Mike, AL7OB

Subj:    net-notes
Date:   1/9/00 7:46:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Heinrich F. Reckemeyer)

Hello Joe, al the best for 2000
Please arrange me a 23cm EME sked on 1296,075 MHz
for Su,16 jan.2000
                    20h30Z SV1OE-DJ9YW
                    21h00Z IK2MMB-DJ9YW
                    22h00Z K9KFR-DJ9YW
                    22h30Z K9ZZH-DJ9YW
best 73 Heinrich,DJ9YW

Subj:    EME skeds Jan arrl contest
Date:   1/9/00 8:48:23 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Tom Whitted)
Reply-to: (Tom Whitted)

Hi Joe and Happy New year to all... Been working on dismantling the 10 mtr
dish and bringing it home plus putting up some new tropo antennas for the
Jan. contest, so have not been around for the net. We, the WA8WZG ( B F the
B contest crew) , ~~WA8WZG, N2CEI , W5ZN , W5LUA ,N5QGH, K1WHS and WA8RJFam
looking  432  1296 and 2304 skeds for the Jan ARRL VHF contest. WE get good
moon after 0230 on the 23rd of Jan. so PLEASE help us OLD guys out ands set
up a sked via
    Many Thanks and best of moon in 2000 to all 73's Tom Wa8WZG
Tom Whitted
WA8WZG  6mtrs - 24GHz from EN81om
ICQ 28362505

W5ZN:   no traffic of importance.. still temp QRT on 6cm and 70cm..

K3HZO:  for WAC is JA Asia or Pacific .. VK5MC is only one available on 23cm
        in Pacific.. looking for QSL from W0KJY .. DSP board is completely 
        assembled from Newark .. check QST Sep/Oct/Mov articles.. will have
        the DSP (EME) program availble in a week or so.. basic program is now availble
        re: QST articles.. 

K5JL:   not much going on ..Eric TI2NA called to wish all a HNY.. Will not be back on 
        70cm.. reports that he will be working with TI5KD to activate 5 meter dish
        on 23cm and 70cm .. 

KD4LT:  EME slow going.. did have a visit from KU4F.. Thorton is anxious to get 
        back on EME .. Will add KU4F to net notes .. (DONE)

W2UHI:  ready on 23cm .. anyone needs a signal, call Frank..VE6NA ******* (DONE)

W5LUA:  looking for WA8WZG for ARRL VHF Sweeps.. looking for any skeds on 23cm 
        and 70cm and 13cm .. grid is exchange.. JA8ERE dish still dammaged ?????

W0KJY:  tnx to Frank for RTC file.. has new 23cm xvtr.. seems to be all ok.. will
        be back on 23cm.. 

VE1ALQ: looking for IK2MMB and VE6NA sked for sked weekend on 23cm.. ********(DONE)

VE4MA:  working on 24ghz .. a little pwr out.. more to do .. 

DK3WG:  RV4AQ looking for big stations .. 20 to 50 deg elevation.. 15th 1600-2030
        16th 1830-2200, 22nd 0000-0330z, 23rd  0030-0400z  .. 

PA3CSG: no traffic.. 

DL9KR:  looking for K4AR address.. 

K4QI:   Rusty.. just listening .. will be on next weekend .. will also be
        on during the contest looking for grid squares.. 

WA4NJP: now has weekends off. hopes to be back active more.. will be on random
        on 70cm and 23cm.. 

W7QX:   will not be on next weekend .. will be on during the ARRL VHF Sweeps.. 

WB0GGM: no traffic.. 

SM2CEW: will be QRV next weekend .. looking for K6JEY  & KB0VUK on random.. 

DJ5MN:  needs sked for 16 with 9H1ES  *******(DONE)

9H1ES:  passed all skeds .. needs to see skeds for 10ghz.. (to listen)

9H1PA:  no traffic.. 

ON4BCE: 5/9 .. 

DH1GRA: ???

W1ZX:   LF KD4LT... 

W5LBT:  KD4LT email list on web site..