Subject: NET NOTES 8 January 2000
From:     K1RQG 

     Most recent Schedules from Klaus, DL4EBY 

    Also submit your sked requests to Klaus:

     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Please check skeds below and send corrections/deletions/additions to
me before Sunday net.

73 de Joe

EME schedules, last update 8 Jan 2000, 12:14

Skeds for JAN 15
Time   432.040        432.045        432.055        
0430z                 JH0WJF-K2UYH   
1230z  OH2DG -JA2TY   
1300z  OH2DG -JF3HUC  
1330z  OH2DG -JA6AHB  DF3RU -JH0WJF  
1500z  YO2IS -JA6AHB  
1900z  G4ALH -OH2DG   
2000z  WE2Y  -UT3LL   EA3DXU-UA4API  
2100z  N3FA  -DF3RU   KA0RYT-EA3DXU  K2UYH -GM0ONN  
2130z  WB0GGM-DJ3FI   
2230z  K6JEY -DF3RU   W7SZ  -EA3DXU  VE6TA -DL7APV  
2300z  W7SZ  -DJ3FI   K6JEY -DL9KR   VE6TA -OE3JPC  
2330z                                VE6TA -PY5ZBU  

Skeds for JAN 16
Time   432.040        1296.050       
0100z  AL7OB -VE6TA   
0430z  K6JEY -K2UYH   
1200z                 OH2DG -JF3HUC  
2000z                 SV1OE -OH2DG   
2030z                 PY5ZBU-OH2DG   
2100z                 K3HZO -I5MPK   
2130z                 W1ZX  -IK2MMB  
2200z  WB0GGM-OK1KIR  W1ZX  -I0UGB   
2230z  WB0GGM-SM3AKW  K3HZO -G4DZU   
2300z  WB0GGM-LX1DB   K3HZO -9H1ES   
2330z                 K9ZZH -K3HZO   

Skeds for JAN 17
Time   1296.050       
0000z  WA9FWD-K3HZO   
0100z  WA1JOF-K2UYH   
0400z  W1ZX  -W7SZ    

Subj:    23 cm report from W5LUA
Date:   1/7/00 1:40:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (WARD,AL (HP-SanJose,ex1))
To: ('K1RQG')
CC: (WARD,AL (HP-SanJose,ex1))

File:  Unknown (2356 bytes)
DL Time (32000 bps): < 1 minute


Happy New Year Sir!

A short report..I will be camping with my boys this weekend but I will be
taking the HF rig and antenna so I will attempt to check in....

I did work I0UGB and IK2MMB on 23 cm for new initials on Dec 26. Misses sked
with JF3HUC due to being in the hospital while my daughter gave birth to our
second grandson of 5 lb 7 oz. All OK and both home

I am looking to sked JA8ERE and JF3HUC on 23 cm. Next month OK.
If W1QC shows up on the net and wants skeds please sign me up but only if he
requests skeds or is available.
I would also like a sked with VE6NA Jan sked weekend.

Thats about it


W2UHI:  not much going on .. morning moon these days, and will be checking
        things out. No Y2K problems.. 

K9BCT:  doing some work on the HV supply for the big amp.. 

K3HZO:  experimenting with DSP10 program .. a noise reduction pgm and selectable 
        audio filters, has moon and sun az/el displays.. lots of DSP funtions
        at fingertips.. looks like quite a pgm ..QST articles written by W7PUA 
        and works in conjunction with EZ-lite bd from Newark Electronics.... 
        Actual program is designed to control all funtions of xmit too .. 

K5JL:   not too much.. not been on the moon in 2000.. 

W1ZX/M: not much for the net.. 

W7QX:   had to cancel K3HZO sked.. will take skeds 19/20/21 .. 
        Looking for W5LUA.. (DONE)
W5LUA:  will be on 23cm next weekend.. still playing around on 24ghz.. 

W5ZN:   not much going on.. 70cm and 5.7ghz are temporarily down ...

WA1JOF: rcvd hybrids at 10 this morning.. looking for sked with W5ZN .. 

VE4MA:  no traffic..

VE6NA:  took system apart, tweaked a bit, and now back together ..

NU7Z:   will be on 5.76ghz next weekend.. (5760.100)

DJ5MN:  no traffic.. is 9H1ES QRV ??? Please 9H1ES send e-mail to tell us if QRV.

PA3CSG: will be on random next weekend .. skeds for 70cm on Sat and 23cm on Sun
        are OK.. 

DL9KR:  been away on skiing vacation .. all OK .. K7LNP ??? status ??? will be 
        around for sked weekend.. 

DL9NDD: looking for Stateside skeds on 70cm .. 

KJ7F:   made a few contacts on 70cm during contest .. K1FO, DL9KR, N9AB etc..
        still around on 70cm EME ..   @@@@@@@@  (Terry)

K5WXN:  please no skeds till June 2000 .. *******   Will only be on random..
        cancel EA3DXU.. 

WA3DRK: Mort.. Harrisburg, Pa .. 

VE7BQH: 12:17 PM 1/8/00