Subject: NET NOTES 2 January 2000
From:     K1RQG 

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     KLaus, DL4EBY 

Happy New Year to all .. I have now moved to my new home (but no ham gear), so it
is a bit difficult to get to this QTH to run the net.. I still hope to continue,
but time is precious on weekends.. 

73 de Joe

Subj:    INPUT -  Dec 25 Netnotes
Date:   12/25/99 12:34:42 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe,

HF is flatlined here this morning.  Can't even hear Lionel!  Last
weekend was better for me than the SW.  I worked NC1I, WE2Y, WA4NJP,
W7GBI, K5WXN, W7SZ, and K0RZ for seven new initials.

Sked with DK3WG was nil, I heard UA9FAD "O" copy, but he didn't hear
me.  Worked JA5OVU 439/549 and VK4AFL random yesterday morning, right at
the horizon. 
Thanks & 73

Mike, AL7OB             BP51DC

Subj:    Netnote
Date:   12/26/99 12:14:19 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Melum, Mike)

Hi Joe,

I could barely hear the net this morning.  Your signal picked up at the
end, but I heard Lionel tuning up (ouch) ready to start so I decided not
to try to check in so late.  

I have a sked with UA9FAD at 1900z, and worked JA4BLC on sked this
morning at 1530z.
Thanks & 73

Mike, AL7OB             BP51DC

W2UHI:  not on at all.. busy with family during the holidays.. ALT L on keyboard and
        set the date correctly on Realtrak .. (For Scotty)  .. check W9IP website
        for most recent updates for Realtrak.. 

K3HZO:  busy during the holidays  .. worked I2MMB on 19 Dec for an an initial..
        visited briefly with Willie, W1ZX... looking for skeds with W4AD &
        WA9FWD in Jan .. ********

VE1ALQ: been away awhile.. no EME activity.. short time on net.. 

WA1JOF: HNY .. looking for info on flow indicator info for water cooling 7289s..
        with 2 tubes, the flow indicator spins, but when adding 2 more tubes 
        it seems as though there is flow, but the indicator does not spin.. 
        any ideas ??? the flow indicator is currently on the supply side.. 

KD4LT:  looking forward to visit from KU4F .. HNY to all.. 

W7QX:   HNY to all .. will not be on for Jan 15/16 weekend. 

W7CNK:  not too much happening .. checking echoes this morning.. no other

W0KJY:  ARRL HQ is on vacation till Jan 3.. last chance to get standings in..
        For WA1JOF, try running systems in parallel .. for water cooling..

NU7Z:   HNY to all.. looking for W5LUA.. almost back on 5.7ghz.. new horn and
        switches are installed  .. gained at least another db .. 

KA0RYT: HNY top all.. not much going on.. waiting for parts for hi power amp..
        waiting for silver plated parts..

DK3WG:  DJ5MN is not QRV 11-15 Jan .. will be on 16 Jan 1800z-2300z for 23cm..
        looking for N3FA & K8ISK  ..HNY .. Looking for info JA8IAD ??? 

W1ZX:   no traffic.. 

DL1YMK: HNY.. looking for sked 15/16 QRV on 70cm .. grid JO31 , Michael. 
        4x8.l BV and 1.5kw .. looking for Stateside skeds.. 

OZ4MM:  looking for sked 23cm WA1JOF.. *******

DF3RU:  HNY to all..  sked next sked weekend with K6JEY .. *******

VE4MA:  HNY to all .. back from vaction.. new HF rig..