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Hans zelluf

My name: Hans Poelgeest

Born at the age of 0 on August 28, 1954. Guess for yourself what my age would be now....

Speaking the Dutch language everyday, and keeping up with English during many office hours.
The workspace for me is an office in Hangar 11 at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam, the company is KLM.

My function is Type Project Engineer. The type is the Airbus A330 (10 flying for KLM)

And as a HAM: In 1975 I obtained my "C"-license. After passing my CW-exam in 1982, the
"A"-license was
a logical step. I then obtained an FT-200 by YAESU, but I now use
a KENWOOD line (TS820)
. Please view my Equipment page for further details

N 52º 23' 03"        (+52,384)
E 04º 38' 03"         (+4,634)
JO22HJ (jo22hj)
VERON Region:
A20 (internal Netherlands)
IARU Region:
ITU zone:
CQ zone: 14
Nr. 383   -    Region 12

The beautiful city of Haarlem, the capitol city of the province of
North Holland. To learn more about this QTH, click the links!

e-mail addresses: every HAM should know them!!!!!!!

The purpose of this site:

To give you background info on my HAM-radio activities, interests and hobbies

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