local frequencies

This page will show local frequencies for HAM's, as well as  for aviation and public radio,
all in the area around Haarlem/Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

First of all, I suggest that you check on my (word) file that I prepared for programming
my YAESU FT-90R. This word file of just under 200k, lists all interesting local frequencies,
at least, those that are interesting to me. Being an aviation guy, and having friends in the boating
world, I also programmed the main aviation communication frequencies, as well as the local Haarlem
maritime channels. File Frequencies FT-90R.doc shows them all. I added know local sub audio, as
being used on 2 mtrs and 70 cm repeaters. Please note the 'experimental' repeater  on 70 cm.
In addition I have a simple notepad file for you, containing an additional list of aviation
. The file was prepared in March 2004, and at that time it was up-to-date.

PA0SNY's opinion on 70 cm repeater shifts as used in Benelux and France

This is a nice subject. Why? Because the 'local' use of the -1.6 MHz shift shows once more that Europe
is just a collection of geographic and etnic groups, with no apparent drive to strive for commonality.
In Europe, most countries use the 'standard' repeater shift of -7.6 MHz. In Benelux (just for those who
have no idea what Benelux means: that's Belgium, Netherlands an Luxembourg) and France, however,
the +1.6 MHz shift is used. The problem, of course, is that once one is used to something, things are
hard to change. Yet I feel that standardization is in the benefit of all. Therefore it is encouraging to see
that experimental repeaters are developing, using the -7.6MHz (like 'ours' in Haarlem).
Please view 7point6repeaters.txt and 1point6repeaters.txt for exact repeater frequencies in both
systems ........... and see the incompatibility.

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