My HAM equipment covers a range of frequencies and applications.
My activities run from 80 meters till 70 centimeters, so 'only' forn 3.5 to 440 MHz
No 'Lows' for me, nor 'Highs'

Therefore, the equipment is not overexiting, yet practical:

For use on HF:
Transceivers, Receivers
Kenwood TS-820 line (100 W SSB TRXand SSB/AM RX) (TS-820, R-820, SP-820)
FT-897D, with interface to my laptop for HamRadioDeluxe control
Yaesu FRG-7700 receiver [AM/FM/SSB]
Radio Shack HTX-10 (25W all mode 10 mtrs trx)
SEM35 army type receiver 26-70 MHz
Antenna Tuners: one homemade (now in use by Tom, PE1PIH)
one Kenwood AT-200 (asymmetric)
one MFJ-941D VERSA II tuner (with symmetric output)
one MFJ-993B IntelliTuner (automatic tuner with symmetric output)
Other Equipment:
Datong FL-2 multi mode filter (now in use by PA0HPP)
Fritzel GPA-30, in use for 20/15/10
Dipole antenna, 2x13m65, symmetrically fed by a twin feeder (chicken ladder).
Click here for the construction (page) and here for the expected behaviour (pdf)
A complete overview (pdf) of my antennapark is also available.

For use on VHF/UHF:
Transceivers, Receivers
YAESU FT227-RA (since 1978!) 2mtr FM trx
YAESU FT-8900 VHF/UHF 10mtr/6mtr/2mtr/70cm FM trx
YAESU FT60-E, 2m/70cm handheld
ICOM IC-04E 70cm FM porto

From dump/surplus:
Bosch KF-161 digX (surplus/reworked) 2mtrs FM trx, in use for APRS from my car
Teletron T813 (surplus/reworked) 2 mtr FM trx, collecting dust
Condor SE550, 70cm FM transceiver with PA4DEN EPROM
CONDOR 46, 70 cm FM transceiver
Antennae: Diamond VT2000 6mtrs/2mtrs/70cm vertical
2 mtrs open dipole (
still waiting for placement)
70 cm yagi, vertical
(still waiting for placement)
70 cm clover leaf
Other Equipment: Converted CB FM transceivers, modified from 11 mtrs to 10 mtrs.
Then with a transverter brought to 70 cm.
It is still 'somewhere', collecting dust.
Pictures of the GPA-30 on the roof since October 1995


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