PA0O    Amateur radio station 

Updated:  Monday, 9 March 2012

Preferred QSL  LOTW

Previous call PA0OOS started July 1 1971   

PA0O    call sign started August 5 2003

Antenna and shack 2008

50MHz 9ele yagi ES season 2008  above multyband dipole 40 20 15 10m.

Antenna: Steppir 3 ele on 2nd Versa mobile mast 2011 until March 2012

Van Steppir

160m Inverted L 26M + 13m sloping top load 80M vertical GP parallel to mast and inv.-L 160

K9AY receive loop 100M remote from shack

Rigs: K3   +  ACOM1000

FT102 IC706 Drake L7 ( not used needs repair)

N1MM logger for contest and normal dx logging

Digimode MMVARI + N1MM logger

DXCC 50MHz #210

DXCC number 202  with TN5SN  at 50.100 in CW 8 June 2009 evening 17:16 UT 

 In 2008 after some years delay  mile-stone #200 50MHz was reached!

50Mhz dxcc#200 CY0X





Index of  audio recordings ra format

Index of  audio recordings mp3 format

Index of  audio recordings wav format

Recording program Recall

Vox  to skip pauses nice feature.   I would prefer the record  as toggle button.

Alt-r is record Alt-s is stop record some more Alt commands are possible

Recorded 2009

XU7ACY 160M 1 Jan 2009

Recorded from 160m 11 December 2008


audio/yc0low  11 December 2008 160m

26 November 2008


24 November 2008





Recordings 50Mhz 2008

CY0X 27 June

TO5E PJ6/K2KW recording 6 july


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