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(01 july 2001)


Henk Stek
Velsen Zuid, the Netherlands

Welcome on my Homepage
Due to lack of time, (I am retired for 5 years now) my page is rather a skeleton


Year 1962, radio officer (sparks) on board s.t.v.Muiderkerk. (war time Victoryship) cargovessel.

QTH ?? Probably somewhere Indian Ocean - Persian Gulf

In the center of the picture the MT250 medium and shortwave transmitter. At my back the Automatic Alarm Device, standing by on 500 kc/s, reacting on 4 x  4 second dashes seperated by 1 second spacing.

On the table the main receiver BX925, the Juncker key, my personal sidesweeper, and the right side of the emergency transmitter.


At that time I was already for two years a fully licensed radio amateur