Controlling a Philips SF1216 or FI1216 tuner.
The Philips SF1216 and FI1216 tuners can be used for all kinds of interesting experiments. My main goal was to try to set the VCO frequency using the I2C interface and then extract the VCO frequency.
The VCO range of the FI1216 is 87.15 to 894.15 MHz in three bands.
The VCO range of the SF1216 is 1417.5 to 2547.5 MHz.

I have written two simple Qbasic programs to control these tuners. The frequency can be specified and as an option the VCO can be set to sweep around the set frequency.
The programs use the same I2C interface as is described in my XYdisplay.

SF1216 program
FI1216 program

I also have written a simple 16F84 assembler program to control the SF1216 tuner. The PIC (schematic) has a one-line LCD and two push-buttons to cycle the tuner through 8 preset frequencies and select two different IF frequencies to accomodate HRTP or PDUS reception of Meteosat transmissions. You could use this program as a starting point for your own experiments.

Here is a low-quality scan of the SF1216 datasheet