Second Hobbies

One of my second hobbies is photography, and at a time it was a living as well. But mainly as an airphotographer (from airplane, photographing ground objects).

A side of my photography hobby I proud of relates to amateurradio as well, as I have been so lucky to have a number of my photos used as covers at the OZ magazine, the magazine of Experimenterende Danske Radioamatører.

My cover pages are shown here as thumbnails, please click on ... for a full size photo.

OZ Magazine cover October 1985.

OZ Magazine cover September 1987.

OZ Magazine cover October 1988.

OZ Magazine cover September 1995.

10 GHz transceiver (FM) build by OZ5NM.

OZ1EXZ operating OZ3FYN at HF FD.

OZ1ETP and OZ5TT with TH6 at OZ3FYN.

OZ1ANA and OZ1LQH operating VHF FD.

OZ Magazine cover April 1996.

OZ Magazine cover July 1997.

OZ Magazine cover August 1998.

OZ7M contesting at 432 MHz from JO55GL

OZ1LQH operating OZ3FYN at VHF FD.

OZ1EZG with 50 MHz driven element.

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