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Current email address to enter info is "mycall"

Australia, VK. [Beacon]. VK3RMV Wannon Victoria in QF02wh is QRT and no more. I am told old and unwilling to risk climbing to repair antenna at height and the beacon was located too far from any other 6M enthusiasts who were prepared to assist. With SMART metering the minmum quarterly cost had escalated from the low $40 mark to over $58 per 1/4 year. I personally funded the beacon from 1984 with countless equipment changes, and antenna and power costs. A storm in 2009 stripped feedlines from both the 10M and 6M yagis and i am too old and tired to climb up a hundred feet.
There is no permanent location available or provision for me to continue to run this privately funded beacon which has been on the air since 1984 from Hamilton on 52.345  and from WANNON since 1992 on 50.053 and then 50.293. Complaints from WSPR users in VK/ZL last summer on 50.294 has seen its final demise. The only VK3 beacon is now VK3RMH 300km away and the next nearest 400km away at VK5RBV. 73 Steve VK3ZAZ
21 Aug. 2010

Kyrgyzstan, EX. 6m Beacon. Oleg, EX8MLT, in Kyrgyzstan, has activated the first constantly operating radio beacon for 6 meters in his country. The callsign for the radio beacon is EX1SIX. Beacon Parameters are: Frequency - 50026 kHz, Mode - CW, Power - 60 W, Antenna - vertical GP; will be replaced in the near future on a Halo. Grid locator - MN82sd, QTH - village Tamga, southern coast of lake Issyk Kul. (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #969) 25 Jul. 2010

Denmark, OZ. [Beacon]. 50.054 MHz. OZ6VHF/B Beacon on air again JO57EI. From Cluster(tm) via ON4KST Chat... (Andy N8OFS GOT6???) 23 Jul. 2010

Australia, VK. QSP from Peter VK6KXW via ON4KST: The beacon VK6RSX [50.304 nom actual 50.303.900] at dampier western australia is operational again it is in a prime location to nth hemi with a proven track record. (73 Peter G8BCG) 18 Jun. 2010

Trinida and Tobago, 9Y. 9Y4AT/B at 50.015 Beacon back up on repeater site in FK90  PSE check for it guys... (Andy N8OFS GOT6???) 29 Apr. 2010

Crete, SV9. Arne SM7AED has found some information fro SV9GPV; on 4m 70055 - SV9FOUR/B and in 6m 50046 -SV9GPV/B. Please report these. SV9GPV´s webpage 16 Apr. 2010

U.S.A., K. [Beacon] Paul Shinn, writes; Hello. Wanted to inform you of a new US beacon on the air on 50.08 MHz. K6FRC/B near Tracy, California. It is QRP now, but will be QRO by the end of the month. 73, Paul. 9 Apr. 2010

Australia, VK. VK3RMV WIA Beacon. Just be aware that the WIRELESS INSTITUTE is running a LICENSED BEACON VK3RMV on 50.293 CW located in QF02 is operational, running 15 watts to a ground plane 450M AMSL. It was going to be switched off after summer but the extended Es season and emergence of TEP necessitates its continued operation. It has been deleted from some Aussie records, but it is on rest assured FWIW. VK3SIX, Steve (UKSMG ann.) 20 Mar. 2010

Japan, JA. [Beacon] I have one information about our beacon JA6YBR as follow; JA6YBR beacon. On February 7-8, 2010, the equipment of JA6YBR/b was maintained by JR6GKT, JH6VZS, JP1LRT and JF6DEA. It was the first time maintenance since replaced equipment had been installed in 1989. The coaxial cable was changed and the equipment was cleaned out. Due to implication of some trouble at the attenuator for power control, it has not been transmitted the signal of 1W & 0.1W, tentatively.
JA6YBR beacon was received by VK3OT on Feb.21, the first time opening to VK from JA this year. You can get all information of JA6YBR/b at FB DX and 73's from Shirow JF6DEA/KE1EO 24 Feb. 2010

Faroes, OY. Beacon. According to Ivan OZ7IS, the Faroe beacon on 6 meter is now up running again. Call have been changed to OY6BEC to match the call of the other beacons at the site. The beacon still uses 50.035 MHz, reports/spot at the cluster would be appreciated to map its coverage. (OZ6OM) 6 Nov. 2009

U.S.A., K. Beacon information. W4CHA/b(beacon) 50.079.83 EL88 back on the air. 73 de WP4O. (Andy N8OFS) 21 Oct. 2009

Portugal, CT. A QSP from Robin M1DUD says; looking at the dx cluster recently there seems to be a bit of confusion with the 'New' CT beacon calls. It would seem that CT0SIX and CT1ART/B are now QRT. For your information The new calls are as follows:
Rádio balizas existentes em Portugal
Freq.(MHz),  Indicativo, Locator, Polarização,  PWR
10 metros
28,225.0  CS5BTEN  IM58is  Vertical  10
50 MHz
50,003.0  CU8DUB/b  HM49kl    
50,013.5  CU3URA/b  HM68qm  Vertical  5
50,031.5  CS5BCP  IM59qm    
50,035.0  CS3BSM  IM12or  Horizontal  10
50,037.0  CS5BALG  IM67ah  Horizontal  40
50,076.0  CS5BLA  IM57px  Horizontal  2,5
70 MHz
70,166.0  CQ5BFM  IM59rd  Horizontal  10
144 MHz
144,401.0  CU2VHF/b  HM77dt    
144,406.0  CS5BALG  IM67ah  Horizontal  45
144,410.0  CS5BLA  IM57px  Vertical  2,5
144,419.8  CU8DUB/b  HM49kl    
144,421.0  CS3BRM/b  IM12or  Horizontal  5
144,441.0  CT0TWO/b  IN50om  Vertical  0,25
144,481.0  CS3BTM  IM12or  Horizontal  1
144,900.0  CU7VHF/b  HM58pn    
432 MHz
432,406.0  CS5BALG  IM67ah  Horizontal  10
432,425.0  CS5BLA IM57px  Vertical  5
432,900.0  CT0UHF  IN50ne    
1296 MHz
1296,900.0  CT0SSA  IM59qm  Vertical  0,05
9 Jun. 2009

Cape Verde, D4. Beacon. For those interested the D4 50Mhz beacon will be qrv in July 2009. (UKSMG ann.) 29 May 2009

Senegal, 6W. Beacon. I am sending beacon from 6W1SE (IK14GQ) every weekend, 1200 - 2000UTC, on 50097 20watts + 5element Yagi, toward Europe. Hope to see many European stations before I leave here in September. Hisanao Noda JK1UWY / 6W1SE (UKSMG ann.) 24 May 2009

Scotland, GM. Beacon. Robin M1DUD writes; Nice to hear GB3LER back on air again today. I copied some very long MS bursts peaking S7. 50.064 MHZ. 4 May 2009

Cape Verde, D4. Beacon. Arne SM7AED have sent a QSP in Italian, written by Vittorio I4YSS. Now I´m not particular strong in Italian. But as I (OZ6OM e.d.) read it, attention is drawn to a new beacon up at the Cape Verde station D4C. The beacon will run CW at 50.034 MHz. TX should be a Motorola radio with 40W, from the locator HK76MV. The antenna is a ground plane. Information in Italian can be found at 4 May 2009

Jersey Isl., GJ. Beacon. The GB3IOJ Channel Isles beacon QRT and beyond repair. Source: Murray G6JYB [email protected] (UKSMG ann.) 4 May 2009

Portugal, CT. A.R.L.A. - Associacao de Radioamadores do Litoral Alentejano, our regional Ham club, have just conclude the installation of new multiband beacon cluster in 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm Band. The call sign of is multi-band beacon cluster is CS5BLA (ex. CS1RLA/B). This Beacon cluster is positioned at the location of Aldeia de Chaos, near Santiago do Cacem city (IM57), about 92 Km in strait line South of
Lisbon,  the capital city of Portugal. More information can be get at E-Mail Address : cs1rla.arla"at" (MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-04-17)
17 Apr. 2009

Morocco, CN. From Said CN8LI: Hi Peter, Im vy happy to announce u that the CN8MC/b is agn on the air from IM63 since 16h00 (11Apr) with only 6w into the antenna wich is up 2 meters from the roof. The beacon is located in the CN8MC bathroom. Photos will follow. VY TNX FOR UR HELP PETER. (UKSMG provided the new antenna) 73s de CN8LI/Said. QSP Peter, G8BCG (UKSMG ann.) 11 Apr. 2009

United Kindom, G. Have been informed by personal email from Nick the Beacon keeper of GB3BUX 50.000MHz, (io83) that both this Beacon and the 70.000MHz one have been both shut down due to a failure which requires Bench work. Nick has advised me this may take some time to get both Beacons fully operational. I did first notice back in December 08 that the 50MHz beacon was down 6 db. I reported this to Nick when I checked with other stations. This was investigated by Nick at that time and found on visiting the site that the lower Dipole had damage. Anybody wishing updates on the Status of this Beacon then if you wish email me at the email address available via this site. 73 and gd dx Ian G6TGO io83 (UKSMG ann.) 5 Apr. 2009

Guatemala, TG. The TG9SO six meter beacon that normally transmits on 50.011 MHz is apparently off the air and has been temporarily replaced by TG9AJR/B. This temporary beacon is located in grid locator EK44sl. Juan Carlos would like to receive reports directly via email to [email protected] (The Daily DX Vol. 12 No. 131) 3 Jul. 2008

Aaland Isl. OH0. OH0SIX is back on-air. Broken antenna feeder was repaired by Peter OH0JFB. Beacon has 3W output into dipole. All spots are very welcome. More at vy 73 Tom SP5XMU (SM7AED´s notebook) 29 May 2008

Dodecanese, SV5. SV5SIX/b. I'm happy to inform that together with Mike SV5BYR we upgraded SV5SIX/b. SV5SIX is located in KM46ck 50.016MHz kicking 3Watt into a Dipole. In near future Mike is preparing to fix 3 element Yagi. More info at All spots via DX-Cluster are welcome. vy73 Tom SP5XMU (SM7AED´s notebook) 29 May 2008

Morocco, CN. The CN8MC Beacon is agn on the air with only 6watts into a jpole antenna @ IM63NX in the BATHROOM association (not in the toilet as said CN2WW). I changed the GJ3RAX's keyer with smaller keyer made by OZ2M. Tnx BO & all who made the CN8MC/b on the air.73s de CN8LI/Said. 28 Mar. 2008

Cape Verde, D4. Luca, IK2NCJ, was passing info to us that he opened an section for receiving the D4C Beacon at his website: Click on "BEACON" and than "HRD 6 Meter". If you copy the Beacon your own, please report using e-mail address beacon6m"at" or "Contact us" on this web site. All reports will be published on the D4C web site. 73s de Luca IK2NCJ (MMMonVHF Newsletter 2008-03-25) 27 Mar. 2008

Beacon maps. MMMonVHF will have 50, 144, 432 MHz & GHz Lists & Maps: Beacon UPDATES can be send to Erwin, DK5EW ONLINE: (MMMonVHF Newsletter 2009-01-16) 16 Jan. 2009

Beacon. Six Meter ops will note that as of 2030Z December 25, 2007 the V44KAI 6 meter beacon is back on the air on 50.053 MHz. (The Daily DX Vol. 12 No. 001) 2 Jan. 2008

New Beacon & Repeater site. - I am funding a project which if approval is given will see 2 new Repeaters (2m & 70cms) and 2 new Beacons (6m & 4m) on the south Essex Coast. Both beacons are planned to have between 10 & 15 watts output and use either dipoles or halos at the very top of the mast. The site is the Benfleet Water tower which overlooks the Thames Estuary, The English Channel, and Kent from it's 132m ASL site and 52m combined building and tower (mast is 22m) location. Should the licenses be approved for all, I am sure this will prove to be an excellent beacon site to the East, South and West being so high and overlooking the sea. there is a website at If you woudllike to support the project, all you need to do is signthe online guest book, include your callsign and pledge yoru support. That is all the licesning authorities are looking for at this stage. Thanks in advance, Justin G0KSC (UKSMG ann.) 2 Jan. 2008

Cape Verde, D4. D4C/B is qrv since last WE from HK76MV with 10w and GP. QRG 50.034 +/- drift due to transport / storage. Thanks to N3DB and group for the hardware and D44AC and IK2NCJ for QTH and installation! Spot it! 73 Joe, DL8HCZ/CT1HZE (UKSMG ann.) 1 Dec. 2007

Tonga, A3. A35RK, Paul, is home again and QRV. He says, "I'll see you guys on 18.133 at 2300Z and 14.160 at 0100Z." A35RK has a temporary 6M beacon operational, A35RK/B, on 50.095, listening on 50.110 CW for contacts. This is not 24/7. Paul turns it on when he's around the hamshack, and when he has enough battery power to support the 10W transmitter. (The Daily DX Vol. 11 No. 223) 20 Nov. 2007

50 MHz beacon project. How about some help establishing some 50 MHz beacons? I need potential locations & hosts- please think ahead, it will help us all in a few years. Places we'd "do yesterday" include VP8, VP6 & virtually anywhere in Africa, as well as Oceana. All we require is a willing host, we provide the rest gratis. Past projects include CT1ART/b (TX), ZD7VC/b, PR8ZX/b, V44KAI/b (rebuild), KH6HI/b (rebuild), CQ3SIX/b, AL7QY/b, C6AFP/b (rebuild), J5SIX/b, V73SIX/b (various gear), CE3AA/b, AH2G/b & etc. Others are coming online soon but many areas in need of indicators are still "out of reach." Can you help by putting me in contact with the "right" person? Please let me know. 73 Dave, N3DB. (QSP de Andy 'NEON' Sargent N8OFS) 17 Nov. 2007

Guiné-Bissau, J5. After the J5SIX/b project well concluded, J5JUA have now permitions and conditions to install more 2 beacons in Guiné-Bissau. J5FOUR/b that will run on 70,010mhz CW with 20w on a Horizontal Dipole. and the J5TWO/b that will run 20W on a Diamond-X510 vertical antenna. This 2 new beacons will run soon from Bissau, the capital of Guiné. Thanks again to J5JUA/CT2GQA with is suport. Thanks CT1FJO suporting the Keyers. 73's all from Tony CT1FFU (UKSMG Six News) 11 Nov. 2007

Portugal, CT. Portugal's regional amateur radio club, has a new propagation beacon on 6 meters, Using the call CS1RLA/B, the beacon is located, near the city of Santiago do Cac,m which is about 92 Km South of Lisbon. It runs about 2.5 watts out into a 1/2 wave dipole antenna on 50,076 MHz. QSN reports go to AssociaØao de Radioamadores do Litoral Alentejano Rua do Parque, n 10 (Antigo Col,gio de S. Jos,) 7540-180 Santiago do Cac,m, Portugal (F5NQL) (Arne SM7AED´s notebook) 6 Nov. 2007

Scotland / Shetland Isl., GM. GB3LER is off the air, and has been for some time now. The Lerwick Radio club have a hut on Shurton Hill, just outside of Lerwick, which is used to house GB3LER and GB3LU (the 2m repeater). The hut had an electricity supply, Unfortunately there was a lightning strike back in December that blew fuses etc. When the supply was restored it suffer repeated fuse blowing incidents over a few months. In June the supply failed again, this time terminally. The cable itself must have been damaged by the lightning strike allowing water in, eventually leading to total failure. New Electricity Supply is needed and I believe they are working on it and hope to resolve it soon Stu, MM0BSM (UKSMG ann.) 22 Oct. 2007

50 MHz beacons. How about some help establishing some 50 MHz beacons? I need potential locations & hosts- please think ahead, it will help us all in a few years. Places we'd "do yesterday" include VP8, VP6 & virtually anywhere in Africa, as well as Oceana. All we require is a willing host, we provide the rest gratis. Past projects include CT1ART/b (TX), ZD7VC/b, PR8ZX/b, V44KAI/b (rebuild), KH6HI/b (rebuild), CQ3SIX/b, AL7QY/b, C6AFP/b (rebuild), J5SIX/b, V73SIX/b (various gear), CE3AA/b, AH2G/b & etc. Others are coming online soon but many areas in need of indicators are still "out of reach." Can you help by putting me in contact with the "right" person? Please let me know. 73 Dave, N3DB (UKSMG ann.) 20 Oct. 2007

Guiné-Bissau, J5.  I´m pleased to informe all Sixers that the new beacon J5SIX /b is allready running. it´s QRG is 50012mhz with CW keying and antenna is a vertical dipole. it´'s located in center Bissau the capital of Guiné-Bissau. the keeper is J5JUA / CT2GQA. this sucesfull project was only possible with the preciuse hellp of N3DB and the 6M beacon project group, wich i thank very much. hope this new beacon bring more activity on 6m from africa. best 73's all CT1FFU Tony 4 Oct. 2007

Jan Mayen, JX. The JX7SIX antenna is broken (top half is missing). It is very hard weather conditions at the QTH, and I am not sure what can survive there... :( The beacon is QRT until further notice. Per, LA7DFA (UKSMG ann.) 29 Sep. 2007

Congo, 9Q. Gus 9Q1D / SM5DIC when he left the country last end of June let us it's 6m beacon. As a prevision of the second part of the yearly propagation it has been reactivated since 1st of September. If propagation remains good at the end of October we will let it on an extra month. Bst 73's Phil 9Q1TB/F5LTB & Georges 9Q1EK/VE2EK/ZS1ii Beacon data: Call: 9Q1D/B Loc: JI75PQ Ant: 3/4 vert. or 3el Yagi (we're testing both) Pwr: 12.5W (SM7AED´s notebook) 18 Sep. 2007

Fernando-de-Noronha, PY0F. PY0FF, Andre, has beacons on six and two meters. PY0FF/B is on 50006.0 with 30 watts to a 5/8 wavelength Ringo vertical and on 144.298.9 with 50 watts to a seven-element horizontally polarized Yagi aimed at Europe. He is in grid square HI36TD. (The Daily DX] Vol. 11 No. 154) 15 Aug. 2007

United Kingdom, G. Today hrd on 40,050mhz and 70,050mhz the GB3RAL/b on Es. the interresting part is that this beacon also transmites is info on JT65B mode. wich makes it nice to pick on spectrum and identify under poor conditions. congratulations to GB3RAL keapers. 73's Tony, CT1FFU (UKSMG ann.) 15 Aug. 2007

Faroe islands, OY. OY6BEC 50 MHz beacon is now repaired and OY1CT will bring it back at the end of august. Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan. (F5NQL) (Arne SM7AED´s notebook) 15 Aug. 2007

Denmark, OZ. "Early propagation warning beacon". New 40 MHz propagation beacon QRV. OZ7IGY is now also QRV on 40,021 MHz from the location in JO55wm. (Ringsted) Please report via DX-summit. We need your reports as background for our report to ITST about this one-year experimental licence! More info on You can mail us here: [email protected] Anyone having a spare cirkulator/isolator for 40 & 50 MHz for the beacons? Vy 73 de OZ7IS, Ivan - Beaconkeeper. (UKSMG ann.) 29 Jul. 2007

Chile, CE. Keep your ears open for the new Radio Club de Chile (RCC) CE3AA beacon in Santiago, Chile. The beacon is transmitting on 50030 sending "CQ CQ CE3AA". The beacon is running 40 watts into a Halo up 12 meters. Beacon reports can be sent to either CE3SAD, Felipe, [email protected] or RCC President CE3PG, Dino, [email protected] (The Daily DX Vol. 11 No. 143) 27 Jul. 2007

Jan Mayen, JX. JX7SIX seem to be off air. No spots last 2 weeks, while JW5/7/9 has been spotted several days. Hope the problem can be solved asap. Per, LA7DFA (UKSMG ann.) 23 Jul. 2007

Canada, VE. New one, VE9AA QSP´s 50023.8 VE9BEA/B QRV again, FN65 (Got 6 - Andy N8OFS) 13 Jul. 2007

Twin Beacon Project. Together with Peter OH0JFB we finished Twin Beacon Project  - OH0SIX and SR5FHX. All details at or Spots via Dx-Cluster are welcome ! Tom, SP5XMU (UKSMG ann.) 11 Jul. 2007

Aaland Islands, OH0. A new beacon on 6m is now active from Aaland Islands (OH0). Call: OH0SIX, Loc: JP90xi, Qrg: 50.0175, Pwr: 3W, Ant: horiz. dipole. manager: OH0JFB. Best 73! Peter, OH0JFB (SixItalia) 2 Jul. 2007

Morocco, CN. Hi 2 all Finaly the CN8MC/b is on the air since 11h00 with 10w into a jpole antenna with a swr 2.3:1 .The location is the CN8MC association @ IM63nx. 73s de CN8LI/Said. (UKSMG ann.) 26 May. 2007

Poland, SP. SR5FHX/b (old SR5SIX) is back on the air. Special thanks to Andy SP8XXN for technical modifications, Jarek SP4XYD keyer reprogramming and Pawel SQ6ELF for new professional Nemic-Lambda Power Supply. Frequency: 50.023 MHz, Mode: F1A, Locator: KO02LL, Power: 3 watts, Antenna: 3 elements yagi QTF 240. QSL via SP5XMU. 73 de Tom, SP5XMU. (UKSMG ann.) 22 May. 2007

France, F. A QSP from Arne SM7AED says, Hello everybody, this little message is sent just for info to be dispached widely:
Following its repair, the french 6 meters beacon "FX4SIX" is back on the air today 3rd of may, thanks to Claude F5GTW.
Frequency: 50.315 MHz, Mode: A1A, Locator: JN06CQ (West of the city of Poitiers), Power: 25 watts, Antenna: 5 elements yagi toward east. QSL via F5GTW. Thanks to all. 73 QRO de Bernard, F5DE.
7 May. 2007

USA., K. New beacon K8EB/B 50.066 reports EN73cb 20watts & loop 35'. 73's... (QSP de N8OFS Andy) 04 Apr. 2007

Finland, OH. OH1SIX was taken off the air a couple of months ago. Thanks to Seppo/OH1VR for hosting this beacon through the many years, and the RATS-gang (OH2NXX) for intermediate service/repairs. The hardware is now for overhaul at Arto/OH2BGN and its signal will probably reappear on the band from KP20BB with a new callsign ... We will keep you informed. "Zaba" OH1ZAA/OH0MZA (UKSMG ann.) 18 Mar. 2007

Namibia, V5. The well known V51VHF beacon is qrv again since January 22nd 2007 from a new QTH on Mt. Grossherzog Friedrich (>2000m a.s.l.) from JG87GN. A big TNX to V51SC & V51RS for bringing this most valuable beacon back on the air after many years of QRT. The beacon is transmitting on 50021.2 MHz in CW. 73 Joe, CT1HZE (UKSMG ann.) 08 Mar. 2007

Morocco, CN. Hi to all 6m Fanatics. I removed the CN8MC beacon for reparation. The PA was out since last summer. 73 de CN8LI/Said. (UKSMG ann.) 23 Feb. 2007

Bahamas, C6. The C6AFP 6 meter beacon located on Green Turtle Cay (FL16) has recently been upgraded. The beacon went from 1.5 watts to 25 watts and is now transmitting on 50040.5 KHz. The upgrade was done thanks to the help of N3DB, Dave. (The Daily DX Vol. 11 No. 036) 21 Feb. 2007

Italy, I. IW8RSB 50020.0 IW8RSB/B beacon active 1209Z 18 Feb 2007... No other info available... (QSP de N8OFS Andy) 19 Feb. 2007

Congo Rep., 9Q. I have installed a 6m beacon here in Kinshasa. 9Q1D/B 50021.0 Sending "Bip" in 8 sec, Carrier in 6 sec, de 9Q1D/B JI75PQ 10W to a Vertical dipole 20m above ground, 20m above River Congo. Gus, 9Q1D (UKSMG ann.) 11 Feb. 2007

U.S.A. WZ8D John, just put the beacon on a m square loop at 52 feet... Would like some reports ... 50.067 100 watts... you can email them to me at [email protected] tnx. The /Beacon has been heard by several people including myself... Andy N8OFS 10 Jan. 2007

Malaysi, 9M. 9M4SIX has been issued to the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter Society, for 6m  operation. The 9M4SIX beacon, supported by MARTS, JA1OCZ and JI1ETU, is up and running on 50005 kHz  from the QTH of Tex, 9M2TO. (425 DX News #818) 6 Jan. 2007

Hungary, HA. The fourth 6m HA beacon is on the air since October. HG7BVA: 5W RF power, vertical dipole antenna, QTH JN97QK and QRG 50031. The beacon was built by HA7CR Miki based on HA1YA design. The beacon location is the contest station HG5C QTH that has good take off in every direction. Tamas, HA5PT (UKSNG Ann.) 22/11 2006

Greece, SV. SV1SIX Athens beacon on 50040 is working from a temporary location in Athens with temporary antenna, due to RFI problems with RAAG station. Final location will be close but outside of city on top of nearby mountain and will be announced here. 73 Costas, SV1DH (UKSMG ann.) 29/09 2006

Australia, VK. The VK8VF Beacon PH57 from the Darwin Amateur Radio Club N.T. Australia is back on air on 50.310 cw with 10watts into a 1/4 wave omni, this antenna will be upgraded to a 3el yagi pointed towards the S/E and will be re-directed when propagation picks up in the future. please dlete the old frequency 50.056 cw from your beacon lists, would appreciate reports to my-self or to D.A.R.C. The club website and follow the link to send message to the club. Mark VK8MS / VK8SIX. (UKSMG ann.) 21/09 2006

Poland, SP. SR5SIX is QRT for technical maintenance until April 2007. New callsign SR5FHX is issued by Polish PTT. Further information at OM's which spotted SR5SIX via DX-Cluster will receive QSL via Bureau. vy 73's Tom SP5XMU (UKSMG ann.) 19/09 2006

Hungaria, HA. The next Hungarian beacon HG5BVC is on the air on 50060 from JN97PL with 1W power and collinear vertical antenna. The project was managed and its operation is supervised by Gyuri HA5AK. 73 & DX de Tamas, HA5PT. (UKSMG ann.) 01/09 2006

SouthAfrica, ZS. ZS6TWB/B on the air again with 8 W at the antenna (5/8 vert). We intend replacing the RG 213 with .5" Heliax to get a bit more power at the antenna. Freq 50.044 loc KG46rc 73 de Paul, ZS6NK (UKSMG ann.) 30/07 2006

USA., K. 6 meter ops take note of a new beacon on 50.0658 MHz. It is K1MS/B, in FN42gm, on Nashoba Hill, in Westford, MA.  The beacon runs about 15 watts output into a three element beam, vertically polarized and at an azimuth of 50§ (beaming Europe), 70' AGL (above ground level) on top of the hill, 550' ASL (above sea level). (The Daily DX Vol. 10 No. 138) 21/07 2006

Hungary, HA. New beacon in Hungary. HG8BVB is operational on 50.022 MHz, using 5W and GP antenna. Loc: KN06oq Beacon is operated by HA8BS, who requests reports to the e-mail address ha8bs (at) Chris, HA5X (UKSMG ann.) 11/07 2006

Poland, SP. Hi, Warsaw Beacon SR5SIX is back on 50.023MHz from KO02LL. Full story at Please send reports via DXCL or [email protected] vy 73 Tom, SP5XMU (UKSMG ann.) 25/05 2006

Qatar, A7. Just to inform you, A71A/B (the Qatar Amateur Radio Society beacon) on 50.006.0 Mhz is transmitting now with 110 Watts output power instead of 8 Watts. After 10 months of uninterrupted transmission, the beacon operators have increased the output power for a considerable level. Hoping to listen it here. 73 de Enrico IW3FZQ. (UKSMG ann.) 24/05 2006

Sao Tome and Principe isl., S9. Six meter ops take note of the new beacon in the Sao Tome and Principe islands. S9SIX was installed and is now QRV with 3 watts on 50.079.5 MHz. The antenna is a horizontally polarized doublet up some 600 meters above sea level. (The Daily DX Vol. 10 No. 092) 18/05 2006

Argentina, LU. New 6M beacon, LU4HH. We have a new beacon in Córdoba Argentina, grid square FF78up, on 50.060 Mhz. The power out is 1 watt at 36 Mts above ground with an omni 3db vertical antenna  Gustavo A. Andrada LW3EWZ Pse. watch a map of the Argentina Stations on 50 mhz at Gus, LW3EWZ (UKSMG ann.) 29/03 2006

Kazakhstan, UN. We are glad to inform you that 50MHz beacon UN1SIX has resumed its operation today, Sept 6, 2005, at 10.00 GMT after extended period of silence. The beacon was kindly donated by Valeriy, UN3G. Basic beacon parameters: callsign - UN1SIX QTH locator - MN83ke Freq - 50023 kHz Output power - 7 W Modulation - CW Antenna - GP (GH-62, 2-5/8 wave, gain 6.0 dB) Altitude over the ground - on the roof of a 9 storey apartment building located in the upper area of Almaty. ASL - 870m On-air time - 95%-100%. Please send your beacon reports, comments, wishes and ideas to 50Mhz(at) Good luck and 73! Andy, UN7QX Mike, UN8GC (UKSMG ann.) 09/09 2005

St. Helena Isl, ZD7. There's a new 6M beacon on the air. The ZD7 beacon, St. Helena Island, is on 50.007 as of 2109Z Sunday. ZD7VC, Bruce, thanks N3DB, Dave, for his help on this. (The Daily DX Vol. 9 No. 165) 30/08 2005

Syria, YK. Omar YK1AO reported me that he is about to activate a 50-MHz beacon from his QTH. He did not give me further details, so let us wait to know more... 73 Tony, I0JX (UKSMG Ann.) 28/07 2005

Qatar, A7. Since 09:20 pm is active: A71A/B, the Qatar Amateur Radio Society beacon. The frequency is 50.006,0 MHz, mode A1, power output 8 Watts, ant. J-pole, QTH Doha, WWL LL55SH, status 24/24 hours. 73's de Enrico IW3FZQ (UKSMG Ann.) 28/07 2005

Qatar, A7. The next days the A71A 6 m beacon (frequency 50.006.0 MHz) starts the transmission. The beacon is built by Enrico, IW3FZQ, for Qatar Amateur Radio Society. The power output will be 8 Watts RF and the antenna is a J-pole. QTH is Doha, grid square LL55SH, and the beacon positioned on eleventh floor (roof) of the Sheraton Hotel. (Thanks for your effort and info Enrico) (SM7AED notebook) 13/07 2004

Israel, 4X. The operation of the 4X4SIX beacon on 50,080.20 Mhz has been re-established after more than a year of silence. It is now located some 700 meters higher (Jerusalem area) and still uses 5 watts into a J-pole antenna. The text is :"VVVVV DE 4X4SIX 4X4SIX KM71NU, 5W, JPOLE. 4X4SIX".Also the beacon has now an additional mode of operation to support special messages. Currently it will transmit an announcement about the 17th Maccabiah Games Special-Event- stations. Please see for 17 Maccabiah Games activity. Thanks & 73 de Isaac, 4Z4TL I.A.R.C Secretary & V. Chairman. Isaac, 4Z4TL (UKSMG ann.) 28/05 2004

Japan, JA. 7J6CCU beacon in Okinawa (PL36) is now transmitted on 50.037 pointing EU with 6el beam, but the callsign will be changed to JR6YAG in the near future. Hope this can be a good pilot this season. Thanks, Eric. Hatsuo, JA1VOK (UKSMG ann.) 28/05 2004

Italy, I. A new 6m beacon has been on the air since January. The callsign is IT9X (WWL JM78SG) and transmits 24 hours a day on 50,057 KHz CW with 10 watts. Further information can be found at; reports should be sent to [email protected] [TNX IW9CER] (425 DX News #725) 02/04 2004

Italy, I. The new I8EMG/B beacons are running from Cozzo Cervello (JM89BJ, Cosenza), at 1400m a.s.l. and operate on  the following frequencies: 28185, 50056 (to be activated), 144482, 432442, 1296900, 2320900, 5760900  (under construction), 10368900, 24048900. Reception reports can be sent to Franco Guglielmelli, I8EMG ([email protected]). Further information is available at [TNX I8EMG] (425 DX News #725) 26/03 2004

Beacon News. A QSP from PY2ZX says; Just a short note to advise that today while on 28.490mhz while in contact with Larry an expatriate American USN contractor on Diego Garcia at the naval base; he advised that there is currently a 50.065mhz beacon under the call letters VQ9SIX operation able and he is looking for 6mx + 2mx contacts. He is a very keen vhf'er when back in the states. 73's Peter VK6KXW

USA, K. New Beacons FM28ei. Two new beacons recently installed in FM28ei (Ocean City, Maryland three miles from the ocean) 50.072 10 watts to a vertical array at 275' Beacon transmits every 30 seconds with a 30 second pause using the call W3DOG Please e-mail me a report if you hear them. I am looking for a 10M, 2M and a 222 beacon for this site if you can help please let me know. Please visit the International 6 meter beacon project page at 73, Al K3TKJ 31/01 2005

Italy, I. Mauro I4JEE, writes; Hello, just to inform that we (Ferrara ARI branch) have a Beacon at 50,028 CW 1-5 Watts (JN54TU) IQ4FA/B. Magnanini Mauro I4JEE 22/12 2004

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