Sites whith Slow Scan Programs and related Items:

Updated: Feb 1999

John Langner, WB2OSZ, has written an excellent manual about SSTV, introducing Slow Scan Television .
Rick Lehman, WB4EJC has a very comprehensive Site with lots of information. Try it !!
Roy LaRive KJ5QC's Ham Radio HomePage (mainly SSTV)

CromaPIX, my favorite, visit Jim N7CXI 's Home Page.
WinPix Pro, a Windows 3.1 or higher based SSTV program for Sound cards

Pasokon program versions 2 and 3 for the internal SSTV PC-board by John Langner, WB2OSZ


EzSSTV, free limited version for the simpel 741 opamp - interface

MSCAN. written by Mike Versteeg, PA3GPY, very versitile SSTV program with drivers for almost any known SSTV interface, look up the WEB Site.
Logo Loading VE3ESZ, Pierre, modifications for the MFJ1278.
Brian 9H1JS's web site introducing SSTV for sound cards.
Gene Harlan, WB9MMM, Sound Blaster SSTV (422K).
by Leif Lundskov, OZ2LW for the Viewport VGA Interface.

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