All sponsored equipment will be left indoor at expedition site for future use. Thus, making it a lot easier for other expeditions.

Dansk Mikrobølge Teknik (DMT) Pre amps for 144 MHz, 432 MHz and 1,3 GHz
OZ7YO OLE B. SKIPPER 432 MHz antennas and combiner
4 x 28 el. 9 WL, 23 dBd, M2
EA6VQ VQLog, 2.0h
EDR Frederiksund WWW 50 MHz yagi
Danish DX Group
Chris, PA2CHR e-mail
DX Group HB9Q
FORCE 12 4 x 20 elements, 5 WL, Elite Force
Svetlana 4CX1500A
UK Six Metre Group uksmg.gif (6652 bytes)


As you can imagine, it is very costly to set up this expedition. The budget is in total around 35 000 EUR/USD, and the team members off cource carry the "lions share". We are in contact with several official sponsors, who will supply with different things to easy the financial pressure.

The team will very much appreciate donations from radioamateurs around the world. It's so easy:

  1. You can work us on the expedition and send QSL to the manager, supplied with some extra "Green Stamps"
  2. You can send a letter (reg. mail) to the fundraiser with your contribution
    Frits Jensen, OZ2Q, Naurbjergvej 62B, DK-4622 Havdrup, Denmark.
  3. You can let your bank transfer your contribution (all currencies accepted) to:
    Unibank Denmark, Reg. no. 2261, account number 8965-874-144.
  4. If you like to be one of the "official sponsors", we offer you banner advertising on the web, printed logo on the QSLs and written articles with pictures for your own marketing use. We will submit articles to the major Ham Magazines. Please send an e-mail to Frits, OZ2Q.

Please be sure to state your call in all contributions. We will like to thank everybody by call on our web-page!