OLE B. SKIPPER EDR Frederiksund

OX2K Kellyville Other Pics.


The red "Radio Shack" and platform. The "Radio Shack" and platform. The platform.
The platform. The HF beam on the 18 m crank up tower. The platform with the 50 MHz, two 4 el. yagis, and 432 MHz, 4x28 el., antennas.
The platform in final conditions. Ole, OX3OX, adjusting the 432 MHz array, Holger, OX3HI, and Bo, OX3LX, holding the latter. Claus, OZ1FDH, in the lower right corner. Uffe, PA5DD, working HF and hammering on the keyboard. View from the site looking west.
Just about to hoist the HF beam. Peter, OZ1PIF, controlling the 50 MHz station. Bo, OZ2M, controlling Peter. Steen, OZ3SW, and Frits, OZ2Q, "operating" HF.
Bo, OX3LX, working 432 MHz EME. Ole, OX3OX, and Per, OX3DU. The CDF. Real cute isn't it?
The 432 MHz and 144 MHz EME stations with Steen, OZ2TG and Frank, OZ1FQ. The HF stations with Knud, OZ1FIT, and Jørgen, OZ1JSH. Michael, OX3LG, and Benny, OZ5RZ, returning after a service trip to another site. They took some nice shots of both the OX2K site and the dish in Kellyville.


The Kellyville dish and OX3LX. Kellyville dish during winther. Nice aurora.
Kellyville overview. The Kellyville dish right before EME usage. Just one more of the boxes, and Søren, OZ1FTU, Noucha, PE5DD and Steen, OZ2TG.
No, this is not Super Mario, it is Michael, OX3LG, mounting a connector on the TX cable. When the dish is already there all you have to do is assemble this. Oh how proud they are. Steen, OZ2TG, Super Mario, OX3LG, Uffe, PA5DD and Søren, OZ1FTU.
The RX line. Believe it or not - this does work. Not sure about the last cable, though.    


A radio site during winther. THE shop in Kangerlussuaq The Kangerlussuaq harbour.
The British Airways Concorde visited Kangerlussuaq while we here. 1½ hours from Londor to Greenland - way to travel. A local musk oxe. You will find these guys right on your door step. The ice as seen from the radio site, due east, and the road to the site.
Sheraton - where we are staying. On a gray day. Must have - must have! Oh, how I love junk. Frits, OZ2Q, "disassembling" some old stuff. The ships come! This means new supplies after a long and dark winter.
Close to the radio site you will see this magnificent view showing the Kangerlussuaq "delta."