Updated : 29-10-2013
Curriculum vitae
After my initial activity from Belgium as ON8DG back in 1983-1986, I have been posted again in the year 2000 to a position within the NATO organisation to Belgium.
As of that day I was eager to get an ON licence. The Belgian authorities allowed me to keep the suffix "AXU". How to get an ON-license ? See
http://www.qsl.net/oh2mcn/on.pdf . OH2MCN has a website with a lot of info of licensing 'abroad' !!!

On September 1st, 2003 the Queen of the Netherlands allowed me to retire from the military at the age of 55.

In 2003, during a short fall-break to Tenerife (EA8), I participated as EA8/ON4AXU in the WAE DXC RTTY and became "Continental winner Single Operator" for Africa.

In May-June 2004 French Polynesia gave me the opportunity to activate 3 different DXCC entities, FO, FO/A and FO/M , as FO/ON4AXU.

Every Belgian ham should be a member of the
UBA the Belgian representative with IARU. As an expatriate from PA0 I am still a member of VERON.

A DX-er should be member of supporting organisations like the European DX Foundation or the German DX Foundation . Yes I am a member of these two.