DXing on 144MHz - 10 GHz


Licensed since end of 1991 I have always been interested in VHF DX-ing and contesting with ON6ZT-OTxM.

During the last years I'm extending the station to the higher bands, now being qrv on 2m, 70, 23, 3 cm and almost ready for 13cm.

This is a view of my current shack location in JO10SS, it is located 150m ASL on top of a hill, which is the highest point in the region. Unfortunately nothing is perfect: as you can see on the picture I have to 'share'  the hilltop with a forest, which blocks heading 60-180 degrees. On 2m and 70cm it is still possible to work in that direction, higher bands are almost completely impossible.

The windmill located right next to the shack is ideal for extra setups during contests or for testing, on the photo you can see a 4.5WL DJ9BV for 2m, installed during perseids 2000. Until the 10GHz is ready for mounting on top of the mast,  I also place it on top of the windmill with nice WX. To work into PA and G, I just put the station on the ground, 1.5m AGL.

Equipment used 144MHz - 10 GHz 

Log overview of DX worked in 2001

Sound recordings of DX contacts