Licensing information for United Arab Emirates - A6

Prepared by: OH2MCN – Veke, VE6LB - Gerry
Status: Mar ‘10
Intro: Only a national of the United Arab Emirates is eligible for a license.

I get to operate as a "guest" of A61AD, the resident national and licensee. No foreign ham has ever been issued an A6 call or been given permission to operate in over 20 years.

Hope this helps.


Addition from VE6LB
Date 8.3.2010

The UAE now grants resident expats and visitor’s licences. Resident expats get A65xx calls and visitors get A6/homecall licenses. I operated as A6/VE6LB in Jan/Feb of this year (2010) from my daughter’s villa in Dubai.

 Licences can be applied for electronically. Contact:  

 Gerry VE6LB

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